The Best 5 Websites Like LiveLeak

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The Best 5 Websites Like LiveLeak

sites like liveleak LiveLeak was founded by Hayden Hewitt 11 years ago. It is a site that shares a similar concept with Youtube that allows people to share videos. However, the goal is to uncover reality footage of important events concerning world issues, politics, war and more. The site stands for freedom of Speech with a non-biased belief of certain issues that is why often times the website is facing controversies about the videos or live broadcast being published. For example, back then the website uploaded some videos about “Panorama” which is a very sensitive topic to talk about because it is about physically assaulted young people. Despite of the delicacy of the topic, videos were released to unveil the truth. Likewise, more and more sites like LiveLeak are becoming popular these days. Being that said, here are some of the most popular websites similar to Liveleak nowadays.



EngageMedia is non-profit website that aims to create change though media and technology by emphasizing human rights and exercising freedom of speech. It is an open video sharing site for everybody. Years after its launch the site announced a collaboration with Canadian TV, strengthening the usage of Social Justice and democracy in media and continually making progress up to this day. Just like other video sharing sites you have to register an account to be able to upload and share videos.

Xfinity Video


Xfinity is another websites similar to LiveLeak. The site is one of the most popular sites in USA. This site was founded by CEO Dave Watson from Comcast one of the most popular TV cable providers in the USA. Likewise, this site will allow you to watch the latest news about politics, sports, entertainment, TV, Lifestyle, or finance. In addition to that, you can also find informative videos like General Science, Astronomy, Weather and Technology. Thus, the site has a direct search bar powered by Google that you can use to search for videos that you cannot find on the list on the website.


metacafe webpage

Metacafe is also a video sharing site where you can find the most popular videos roaming around the internet . Unlike the aforementioned sites, this site focused on what is trendy no matter what genre may it be. When it comes to the website interface, it is very simple and direct. All videos are categorized in three tabs; “Latest” “Popular” and “Trending”. Similarly, you also need to register an account to make use of all access available.



One more similar sites to LiveLeak is TooShacking. Upon hearing the site name you already have an idea what might be the content of the website. Yes! What you are thinking is right, it is a video sharing site that distribute the most shocking events caught by the camera. For example,there is a trending video in the site right now, the was scientist attacked by the alligator while doing a research. Someone was able to take a shot of the event and later on was posted in this site. For those people who like to watch this kind of videos, this site is for you. You can also follow their Official Facebook account to share each video directly on your SNS accounts.


main webpage

Ebaumsworld is kind of similar with Tooshocking. If you like watching heart-pounding videos of extreme activities or shocking events, you can consider bookmarking this site. You will find random videos from the community around the world. The website is packed with the newest and the most popular videos and photos that you can share with your friends. Simply click the video that you want to watch on the page read the introductory part have an idea what is the video all about. There are times that the videos in this site are buffering and may take a while to load. Make sure that your internet connection is stable.

Download Online Videos with Video Keeper


All the sites mentioned above are websites like LiveLeak where you can watch the most interesting videos online. Most people commonly use YouTube since it is the most popular site nowadays. Anyway videos on these sites are downloadable just in case that you want to download videos that you consider important. Being that said, Video Keeper is perfect for this job. This tool can download videos on almost every video sharing site. Though there are several web-based downloaders available, not all sites are supported. Unlike by using a stand-alone app like Video Keeper you can download on all sites. Not only that, you can also convert each video to the format that you prefer and supported by your device. If you are curious how this tool works, check out the step by step procedure below.

Step1 Download and Launch the Application

To download the application visit Acethinker Official Website or use the shortcut download buttons below. Then, follow the set-up wizard until the application is launched. Note: To fully maximize the tool register using your SNS account or Gmail account.

Try It Free

Step2 Copy the URL

Supposed that you are going to download a video from one of the sites listed above, simply copy the URL of the video that you want to download, and then open Video Keeper.

Step3 Paste the Link

There are two ways to download videos using Video Keeper. The first one is by using the “Paste URL” button under the “Download” tab. Once clicked, the tool will download the video in no time. This always works with more than 300 video sharing sites online. See picture below for a demonstration.

paste the URL

The other way is by using the “Detect” tab. From “Download” switch tabs to “Detect”. Use the built-in browser to visit Ebaumsworld then, play the video that you want to download. Note: Toggle Enable detection to “ON” located at the bottom left –hand side of the interface to initiate the download. Once detected, the tool will do the entire job for you.


Step4 Check Downloaded File

To check the download queue switch back to the “Download” tab to see the progress. Once the download is complete, look for “Completed” Section and look for the file name in the list. To play the video, use your mouse, right click then choose play. See the clear illustration below.

Get Free Trial Now


All sites mentioned are all informative. You can maximize all of these sites if you want to know more what is going on around you in and out of your country. In event that you find some important videos, download it immediately using Video Keeper before it will be erased. Some important videos being published on some of these sites were being erased because of several reasons. Most especially if it’s about revealing the truth to people. If you have questions and suggestions please drop us a message our comment section.

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