The Reliable LiveLeak Alternative in 2020

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The appetite for video has never been stronger. With humans being more drawn to engaging and memorable videos than any other type of content, it’s not surprising that more than 82% of online traffic will come from videos by 2022. But aside from the general craving for videos, people are also increasingly looking for raw videos of important—and sometimes barbaric—times around the world, and this is where sites like LiveLeak got its immense popularity.

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What Exactly is LiveLeak?

LiveLeak is a controversial video sharing website founded on October 31, 2006, in London. With its slogan “redefining the media,” this website shows raw footage of the war, politics, and other events around the world, all with the aim of promoting citizen journalism and freedom of speech.

It isn’t your average company either. With no CEO, PR team, or capital funding, LiveLeak only has one face to its name, founder Hayden Hewitt, the only public speaking figure behind the company.

liveleak homepage

Most of the videos featured in LiveLeak contain graphic content of shootings, terrorist activities, and even fatal accidents that gained the interest of online viewers around the world.

Of course, the controversial footage also made LiveLeak a hot target for both governments and terrorists, and even other media outlets. The website was even mentioned by both White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and Prime Minister Tony Blair.

What are the Pros and Cons of LiveLeak?

LiveLeak’s main selling point is “authenticity,” which is both a good and bad thing in videos depending on how content is presented. In the case of the website, raw footage of beheadings, wars, and other political issues along with accidents caught on cam were both accepted and rejected by audiences.


  • You get raw videos that capture the real action during wars, political turmoil, accidents, and terrorist attacks, while a lot of content from the news is already edited to fit specific viewing standards.
  • You get to upload your videos on a section called “YourSay” that allows you to post content like a vlog, which could be up for debate depending on the topic. Not a lot of sites similar to LiveLeak offer this feature.


  • Since LiveLeak is considered an open platform, there may still be opportunities for people to spread fake news.
  • Some content is too graphic and disturbing that they are not suitable for a younger audience.

How to identify a good news video website?

There’s a lot of fake news circulating online, whether on LiveLeak or other media platforms. But you can identify a good news video website with these tips:

Go beyond shock value. Credible news video websites are not just about producing content to creating “shock” value, but they’re about the details of an event. Try to keep your emotions in check, and you’ll instantly see which websites are creating information-filled content.

Go for credibility. More than content, you can quickly identify a credible website by its URL alone. If you look at good news video sites, you’ll see that they mostly end in “.com” or “” and they also have professional sounding domain names.

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What is the Best Alternative to LiveLeak?

If you’re trying to look for LiveLeak similar sites, YouTube is still the best alternative to LiveLeak out there. The American video-sharing platform has over 2 billion subscribers and millions of videos and viral content, making it the largest video-oriented website in the world.

youtube homepage

YouTube allows users to create or subscribe to a channel, upload and rate videos, and share them on different platforms. Its paid option has more features, including no advertisements and exclusive access to the latest content. Youtube also strongly regulates its content blocking aggressive, graphic, and adult content.

What Are Other Alternatives to LiveLeak?

1. Engage Media

Engage Media shares the same non-profit cause of promoting press freedom and citizen journalism as LiveLeak, making it one of the best LiveLeak alternatives you’ll see online. Focusing most of its content on Asia, Engage Media is popular for projects like CrossRoads, MovieMento, and Camp Sambel.

engage media homepage


  • Users are allowed to upload videos, events, and news
  • Videos can be shared and downloaded in original qualities.

Cons: Videos are not properly organized.

2. Xfinity Video

Another alternative to LiveLeak is Xfinity Video for its wide range of options. You can find anything here from funny, informative, or adult content, all stored in one platform.

xfinity homepage


  • A dashboard that offers various customization options.
  • Users can watch videos from big media houses and popular platforms.

Cons: You need to pay $49.99 a month to enjoy both internet and TV services.

3. DTube

Being the first Blockchain-based video platform, DTube looks more like YouTube but functions like LiveLeak when it comes to freedom of speech and transparency.

dtube homepage


  • There are no bans and censorships on videos because the platform is completely decentralized.
  • There are no ads and strict policies on videos. Users can just “upvote” or “downvote” to determine the accuracy of the videos.

Cons: Commenting, liking, and uploading videos require a registration.

4. Metacafe

One of the closest LiveLeak alternatives is Metacafe, which is famous for its clean layout and a wide range of categories with good quality videos. This video sharing and hosting website is absolutely free to use. All you need to do is create an account, and you already have access to all its content.

metacafe homepage


  • Users have the freedom to watch as many videos as they want without worrying about restrictions.
  • Videos are categorized according to the latest, popular and trending content, and further organized according to different interests like video games, sports or animation.

Cons: Some videos may have low quality.

5. Break

Although not a lot of people hear about it, Break is actually one of the best sites similar to LiveLeak, especially when it comes to funny content.

break homepage


  • You can watch all the high-quality funny videos you want with sub-categories like pranks, fails, animals, sports, and entertainment. It also allows users to upload their own content.
  • It has an archive option where users can watch videos from previous years.

Cons: None

These are just some of the many alternatives to LiveLeak when it comes to video quality, versatility, and of course, freedom of speech.

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