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When it comes to streaming quality Movies and TV Shows, Kodi may come first into mind. This program lets users access it Add-ons and builds to which are very useful if you want to extend its functionality and reap its full benefits. Users can customize the interface and has a lot of skins and themes to choose from. Through the help of these Add-ons, users would also be able to access tons of Premium Channels, Live Sports, TV series, and movies of your favorite. However, many users find it a bit difficult to navigate and requires a little learning curve to exploit Kodi to the fullest. Hence, we round up the best Kodi alternatives that offer great Movies and TV shows as Kodi and are user-friendly apps. Feel free to scroll down and take a look at the selection of great apps similar to Kodi.

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Stremio qualifies as a great alternative to Kodi. It has a lot of similarities with Kodi. It is a cross-platform video streaming service that is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Also, it offers support to utility add-ons, yet they are not installed on the Stremio locally. You need to install them online and will be tied to your account. The good thing is, you don’t need to look up for these addons manually. Stremio provides a section containing the list of supported addons. Furthermore, the “My Library” section in Stremio is synced across all your Stremio devices provided that you used the same account to log in. Thus, you can easily manage your library whatever device you are using.

stremio app interface




The next excellent alternative to Kodi is Plex. This application supports official and unofficial video streaming known as Plex Channels. This is the counterpart for Kodi’s addons or plugins. Unofficial plugins come with unlimited movies, live TV, and series to watch. But the strength of Plex really lies in its client-server design. This feature makes it easier for users to watch or stream locally downloaded media from the central server to the client device of your choice. The client device can be Android, iOS, computers and TV boxes. Besides, Plex is capable of running even on low-powered computers. Basic services are offered for free, yet if you are willing to access extra features like mobile sync, media download on the client device, and more, buying the Plex Pass is recommended.

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Another good program similar to Kodi is MediaPortal. This is like your control media center that allows you to watch, listen, and even read in a more user-friendly navigations systems for free. It also comes with plugins and skins that enable you to do anything from streaming to customizing. This lets you view local movie showtimes or sports scores, download web TV, YouTube videos, Internet radio as well. Aside from that, you may use this program to record live TV and play them from DVDs or from your hard drive. However, MediaPortal is exclusive for Windows users. This is an excellent option if you are looking for a Kodi alternative for Windows OS. Moreover, you don’t need to have a high hardware specification as the program works even on basic hardware.

mediaportal interface on tv

cinema hd


Cinema HD

Cinema HD is also a nice alternative to Kodi. This app is completely free and does not have hidden charges either. Through this software, you will enjoy uninterrupted and unlimited streaming; however long you want. And giving justice to its name, Cinema HD streams videos with high-definition quality. As a matter of fact, it offers a handful of available links for streaming HD TV shows and movies. As for its usability, you can trust Cinema HD to not compromise with its minimalistic user interface design. The navigation is straightforward without having to deal with any distractions. Besides that, it supported platforms, including Android and computers. Yet it would be better to use it on streaming devices like Firestick TV or Android Box to get the most out of the app.

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Considering the client-server setup offered by Emby, there’s no doubt Emby is an incredible alternative to Kodi. As mentioned earlier, this feature allows you to access your media files from any of your preferred client devices. Likewise, it offers various official and unofficial plugins giving you access to a huge collection of online media. Its newest update lets you enjoy some nifty features. This includes Cloud Sync or Folder Management system and many more upcoming updates to improve your viewing pleasure. If you want to tweak the UI to your desired specifications, just like in Kodi, Emby shares this advantage. Also, if you have a little knowledge about web development, you can even apply your own CSS to its web app, adjust the theme, login screen, and a lot more.

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If you are into watching movies on the go, Infuse is a perfect solution for you. Unlike Kodi, Infuse enables you to save movies and shows on your local library for offline viewing. It does not need any plugin or addons in order to access this feature because it is capable of moving content from FTP(File Transfer Protocol) to cloud storage. It can transfer almost everything using Infuse from the cover art, metadata, and even organizes your entire media library. You may also utilize various views, different sorting methods for the refinement of the arrangement of your collection. For anime lovers out there, you can also stream lots of anime with impressive management features allowing you to adjust subtitles and soundtracks. Subtitle fonts can be changed, audio channel and subtitle timings.

infuse movie app

universal media server


Universal Media Server

You may also go with Universal Media Server if you want a simple alternative to Kodi with a user-friendly interface. But this is a more diverse way of streaming media. This is a media server that detects DLNA streaming devices like gaming consoles, TVs, smartphones, and other DLNA-supported devices. It supports PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and 360. TVs like Samsung, LG, Philips, Sharp, and more. Moreover, this program supports a wide range of video formats, so you don’t need to download and use a converter to play them on different devices. In addition, it comes with auto adjustment of bitrate, which copes up with your internet connection speed for a smoother streaming experience.

universal media server user interface

exodus live tv


Exodus Live TV

The next Kodi alternative that you should give a try is Exodus Live TV. This app lets you watch videos from tons of channels for completely no cost. It’s got your favorite videos from local to international TV channels offering support to nearly all languages. Also, the software has a wide array of categories ranging from Sports, Religion, Entertainment & Kids, Music, Hit Movies, Educational, and a lot more interesting categories. Along with that, it also comes with contents from popular channels like HBO, Lifetime, CNN, Fox, and NBC News. Furthermore, you will enjoy an HD and buffer-free shows and movies without any ads. Watching from your Android is even made easy as this program has an installer designed for Android devices. For users who enjoy streaming on a larger view, Exodus Live TV has a tutorial provided for setting them up on Amazon fire TV.

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Another Kodi alternative app that deserves a go is SPMC. This is the fork version that works perfectly for streaming media as Kodi. This allows you to play locally stored content on your device, remote location, or media server. You can also use it for live TV and lets you change channels way faster than Kodi. SPMC also plays content from online through the help of addons that can be downloaded from different sources. Actually, you can install the same plugin repositories for both SPMC and Kodi. If you are will at the functionalities of both platform, you will see that there’s a lot of similarities. They only differ in the compatibility. SMPC is an app solely designed for Android and has a minimal user-interface. Nevertheless, if your smartphone is your main entertainment device, this should be a great alternative.

spmc addons

popcorn time


Popcorn Time

You will definitely want to take a look at Popcorn Time if you are looking for Kodi alternatives. This third-party software enables you to stream and watch movies and TV shows unlimitedly without worrying about the payment. Popcorn Time is originally an Android-only application. But the new update now supports Windows, Mac, and iOS. In addition to that, it has a Windows version that is available from the Windows official website. You may browse through the latest movies and hits featured by the program and browser through the upcoming movies. Yet for instant access, you may utilize the search function within the app to look up for the movie you’ve meant to watch. However, since this is a third-party service, it safe to use a reliable VPN for you to enjoy it much longer.

popcorn time interface


There are tons of video streaming service that works almost the same as Kodi. Some of them even outstand Kodi because of the usability they provide that even beginners and non-computer savvy users can easily navigate through the app. Thus, we listed here the best Kodi alternative apps, which require less learning curve due as most of them has a minimal design user interface. You just have to choose wisely which app really fits your day-to-day streaming routine. Yet you may explore more from the other solutions like Universal Media Server if you are the type of user who likes discovering new things.

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