How to Insert and Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint

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Microsoft PowerPoint helps a lot of people to create visual presentations for multiple purposes. With the help of countless graphics available, the presenters would surely catch the attention of their audience. Hence, it is a trend nowadays to add a YouTube video to a presentation to make it more interactive. Additionally, videos are way better than movable slides and pictures since they are accompanied by sounds making users can understand the topic better. This is also a great alternative since YouTube contains endless numbers of educational or business videos. So, if you are finding ways how to insert YouTube into PowerPoint, continue reading the post below to find the most effective options to do it.

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Insert YouTube Video to PowerPoint As An Online Video

The first feasible option to add a YouTube video to a PowerPoint presentation is to insert it directly using its default way. Since the PowerPoint version 2010, Microsoft added a button that allows users to add a YouTube video into the presentation slide instantly. However, one major drawback of using this option is that it will not work if the device is not connected to an internet connection. Also, this feature is only available to PowerPoint version 2010 and above, and users have no option to edit the video. Check the steps given below to know more about this reliable method.

insert video

User Guide:

  • First, go to YouTube to browse and select the video you want to insert to the presentation. Next, copy the URL of the video.
  • After that, launch your Microsoft Powerpoint to access its main interface. From here, go to the “Insert” tab to select “Video”. Next, select “Online Video” and a new window will appear.
  • From that window, paste the URL of the YouTube video to the search box. Click the “Search” icon, and a list of videos available to insert will appear.
  • Select the particular video you want to upload and finally, click the “Insert” button to put the YouTube video to the presentation.

paste the video

Use the Embed Code to Add YouTube Video into PowerPoint

A more reliable option to put YouTube video to a PowerPoint presentation is to use the Embed code of the YouTube video itself. The reason why this is better than the first one because advanced users could make some configurations to the YouTube video before they transfer it to the presentation. Aside from YouTube, this embed option could also insert a different video from another website. However, this method also needs a reliable internet connection, and it will take a little more time to enter the video, unlike the first one. So, if you are more interested in using this, follow the guide provided below to learn it.

get embed code

User Guide:

  • Using a web browser, access YouTube to search for the specific video you want to upload. Then, click the “Share” button to open a new window.
  • From the new window, click the “Embed” button to generate the code. Next, hit “Copy” to get the code.
  • Next, launch PowerPoint then access its “Insert” tab. From here, click the “Video” option then select “Online Video”.
  • Another window will appear then, now, paste the Embed code to the “From a Video Embed Code” option. Click the “Arrow” icon to insert the video to the slide.

insert embed code

Download YouTube Video And Add It As A Local Video

Are you worrying in case an internet connection is not available anytime? Well, we have a quick solution for this is to download the video beforehand. AceThinker Video Keeper is the perfect fit for this job since it can grab YouTube videos or playlists without breaking a sweat. It is equipped with a multi-threading technology that maximizes all of your internet connection’s bandwidth to make the download speed faster. Meanwhile, it proposes two options to download videos. First, it can grab videos by using the URL of the video itself. Aside from that, it can download videos automatically using its “Detect” function. One good thing about using this software is that it can also convert the downloaded video into a WMV format, which the PowerPoint supports. So, continue reading the easy guide below to learn more about this excellent solution.

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Step1 Download and Install the Software

Click any of the “Download” located above to get a copy of the software to your device. Next, run and follow the installation process and launch it to access its main interface of Video

download video keeper

Step Download YouTube Video

Next, visit YouTube to select the video you want to download. Copy the URL of the video then go back to the main interface of the software. From here, click the “Paste URL” button and let it download the video. Once done, go to the “Completed” section of the software to check the video. Right-click the file name then select “Add to” then “Convert”. Now, click the “Dropdown” button next to the “Profile” option. Select “WMV” as the desired format then click “Convert”.

download youtube video

Step Insert the Downloaded Video to PowerPoint

Once the conversion process is finished, open your PowerPoint, then go to the “Insert” tab. From here, click “Video” then select “Video on My PC”. Now, the downloaded YouTube video is entered into the presentation slide.

insert youtube video


And those are the reliable options to embed a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation. All of those solutions mentioned above can finish the task without a sweat. However, it is still recommended to download the YouTube video first using AceThinker Video Keeper. Not only it can download and convert the video quickly, but it is also beneficial in case an internet connection is not available. If you have any more suggestions, feel free to drop your comments below. Thank you!

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