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Top Killer Sites for Free Online Education

onlinecoursesFor many find themselves busy to sit in a conventional classroom to learn more about their career. Most especially if you are employed, but you want to improve on your respective career chosen. However, formal education is not the only way to improve your skills or hobby. As our technology innovates, people find ways to easy and comfortable living just like when the Internet and computers are invented. Irrespective of your age, there is a lot to learn from the Internet. Especially when it comes to the field of education, the Internet resources at your disposal are limitless. Even better, a good number of high-quality sites are absolutely free. So, regardless of the field in which you find yourself into, enjoy free education available. You can now study during your available time wherever you are. That is why we collected some of the best education oriented sites that can be useful for you and career growth needs. Check out the list below and have fun learning.

Coursera is an educational website that partners with organizations and universities all over the globe. This provides users with a single searchable database for a vast array of topics. Ranked among the best free online learning tools, this website features courses from a good number of top universities, trusts and museums. This allows the site to feature a very wide array of in-depth courses. If you seek a chance to learn various topics, or want to learn courses from a variety of schools and organizations, then Coursera is just what you need.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is yet another online educational platform that partners with several post-secondary school andoffers its users a well-organized and user-friendly interface. In addition to the many courses it offers from around the world, this website also offers an expert depth on a variety of subjects.Khan Academy is an incredible educational tool that makes it unchallenging to keep track of learning objectives and progress.

Open Culture Online Courses

onlinecourseopencultIf you are having problems getting the information you yearn for, consider using the free online education courses offered by Open Culture. This page features over 1000 lectures, podcasts and videos from universities around the globe. It also displays a great deal of information found exclusively on private university sites, all in very easy-to-browse groups. This makes it possible for you to explore hundreds of university courses, without having to spend time on the university’s own site. Courses from universities in England, Wales, Australia, and the US can be found on Open Culture’s list. It could be a very useful resource for those searching for courses pertaining to a single area of study.


onlinecourseudemyWhile Udemy’s free courses share some similarities with Coursera’s, Udemy gives the user the option of building custom courses from lessons. Operating in close collaboration with a number of top schools and professors, this site combines high-quality content with the customizable platform derived from other sites. This site combines both free and paid content.

Academic Earth

onlinecourseacadearthAcademic Earth like the aforementioned sites features courses from various schools. It seeks to assemble high-quality courses from various sources, while focusing on offering a vast array of subjects. Their method of listing courses by school and subject makes it easier for users to find what they seek.


onlinecourseedxEdX is another noteworthy free online educational tool. With courses from various schools, this site has expert and quality information for all. Also, it covers a wide range of topics.


onlinecoursealisonUnlike the aforementioned sites, Alison offers certification in some areas in addition to free education. The site offers course in fields like business, health, and technology with some language learning courses. Alison is ideal for users who need some form of certification for their learning, including some school curriculum courses.

iTunesU Free Courses

onlinecourseitunesiTunes U, this free online learning platform is very convenient as it seamlessly integrates with your iPod, iPhone or iPad. Users of Apple simply need to download the iTunesU app. iTunesU can also be accessed using a laptop or desktop by clinking iTunesU on the upper right-hand corner of the iTunes store. It’s convenience also stems from the fact that its categorisation is basically the same as iTunes. Also, users can access learning materials by searching via topic or genre. However, courses could be offered as a combination of free videos or podcasts, including paid content. iTunes also includes courses on various topics but doesn’t integrate with Windows, Google or Android mobile devices.

Stanford Online

onlinecoursesstandfordStanford Online, which is the hub for all of Stanford University’s online courses, is an online learning platform that offers self-paced and session-based courses. While Stanford courses feature on Coursera, most of the classes can only be held through other hosts. Most can be completed via the use of a browser; however, some require other tools like iTunes. For high-quality courses, consider Stanford online but understand that the topics on the website will be less than those websites that are partners with more than one school.

Harvard Extension

onlinecourseharvardSimilar to Stanford online, Harvard Extension features free online courses exclusively from Harvard. Of course, this is yet another great source of high-quality course material, though there is the issue of limited variety. Also, by allowing users to search for courses by professional certificate,Harvard Extensions makes it easier for those users seeking certification for their online education.

Open Yale Courses

onlinecoursetyaleOpen Yale Courses works exactly like the last two online education resources as it only offers courses from Yale. While variety on this site is limited as with the Harvard Extension and Stanford Online, the site features a good number of genuine campus lectures. So, if you are searching for top quality courses but wish to learn by watching, then this site would be great for you.

UC Berkeley Class Central

onlinecourseberklyUC Berkeley Class Central is yet another educational resource like the three previously mentioned. The site features UC Berkeley’s free online educational courses. It has fairly fewercourses than the aforementioned schools but features supplementary lectures, RSS Feeds and webcasts, increasing the ease of keeping up with chosen topics.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Freecoursemelon MIT also offers a number of free courses. The number of courses offered by the school can be compared to those above. Also, it features expert course material on available subjects. The site also offers free RSS Feeds, making the learning process more convenient.

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

onlineopenlearningAgain, comparable with the other schools on this list, Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative features a limited range of topics. However, topics available have first-class in-depth material available.


FreecoursecodecademyCodecademy is meant for those seeking to learn coding. While other coding websites use an example/practice session approach, Codecademy features a live practical window. This makes it possible for you to practice coding while reading the lesson material. Courses here are well-written and easy to comprehend plus the nice organization of the site makes it easy to navigate. It features a centralized dashboard which can be used to track your progress. Also, lessons are organized into modules making it easy for you to learn an entire language without the need to manually choose the next course.

University of London Podcasts

onlinelondonUniversity of London Podcasts is yet another excellent source of free education. While courses on this site are exclusively podcasts, the podcasts on the site include those from the university itself as well as from eleven other universities in and around London. This furnishes learners with a wide range of lectures and topics, while ensuring expert material.

University of Oxford Podcasts

onlineoxfordThis works in the same way as the previous site but pertains to the vUniversity of Oxford( Most podcasts here include lectures from visiting lecturers and public lectures, with a good number of recordings available. One of the main benefits of this site is the organization of the different podcasts into series, making subscriptions to topics easy. Also, a good source of high-quality lectures.

BBC Podcasts

onlinecoursebbc1BBC Podcast offers a range of podcasts on various topics. Usually, these podcasts are updated on a weekly basis and lay emphasis on different topics such as sports, finance, politics and other current events. The World Service line of podcasts makes podcasts in different languages available to its users. These podcasts are generally theory-based and less expert, but still, they can be accessed by anyone.


onlicecoursetededTED-Ed is another great online site for more general education. This site is chocked full of educational videos. Most of the videos on this side feature expert animation, with most videos not exceeding ten minutes. In addition to the fact that it is an amazing site for the curious, it features additional quizzes and material on videos. This makes TED-Ed very useful in both formal and informal education milieus.

Download Online Courses with AceThinker Video Keeper

Downloading educational videos from sites like the above-mentioned ones can be beneficial in a number of ways, the number one being that you can replay lectures anytime, anywhere without needing an internet connection. With the help of AceThinker Video Keeper, you will be able to download videos from virtually any site with a couple of clicks. Videos are detected and downloaded automatically, so you won’t need to spend time copying and pasting URL links, but if that is easier for you, you also have the option to save videos via URL links. The downloaded videos are high-quality and can be converted to any of the most popular video formats using the built-in converter, so you will have no trouble playing them no matter what device you own.

Below is a detailed guide on how to download online courses from sites like Udemy using Video Keeper.

Step1 Download and install Video Keeper

Download a copy of AceThinker’s Video Keeper by clicking the button below. After downloading the program, install it and launch it from your computer.

Try It Free

Step2 Log in to your Udemy account in Video Keeper

In Video Keeper’s main interface, click the menu icon in the top-right corner, symbolized by three dots. Select “Settings” and in the left panel, click the “Accounts” tab. Now click the plus icon and scroll down to “Udemy” in the “Domain” drop-down list and click on it. You can now enter your login information.

log into udemy

Step3 Browse Udemy

Browse any video from the site. Before you can download video from the lecturer, click the video description then click “Enrol Now”. That way you will see all the videos offered by the lecturer for free. Play one of the video.

use detect to download videos

Step4 Enable detection

While the video is playing, turn on the detector by clicking the “enable detector” button at the bottom left-hand side of the interface as shown in the picture.

enable auto detection

Step5 Start download

As soon as you start playing a lecture video, in the bottom-right corner a pop-up message will indicate that a media file has been detected and the downloading of the file will start automatically.

detect udemy video to download

Step6 Track downloads

Switch to the “Download” tab in the menu across the top and click the “Downloading” tab to view the progress of videos currently being downloaded. Once a video has been downloaded successfully, you can view, rename and convert it by navigating to the “Completed” tab and highlighting the video you want to manage.

track downloads

Step7 Convert video (optional)

At times, videos that we download are not compatible with the device we are using. Good thing that Video Keeper added a converter to easily change the format of your file. That way you can turn it into the most commonly used ones like Mp4 and Mp3 format. To do it simply look for the file video you just acquire from the “Completed” option under the download tab. Right-click and choose “add to” after that click “Convert”. The tab then will automatically change into “Convert.” To start the conversion process, choose your format by choosing “Profile”,> “Video/Audio”, “Choose a format and quality and size that you prefer, finally click “Convert”. After the conversion process, another window will show up where you can find the file location and preview.

Convert video

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To conclude, all websites mentioned above are all helpful to get an online education with ease. If you are a busy person and do not have time to sit in a conventional classroom set up then some of them provides online classes to like Udemy. But nothing beats the ability to watch each course offline. You can also consider downloading Video Keeper. It is a downloading software where it supports auto-detection to download videos while streaming them.

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