How to Download and Convert Facebook to MP4 Online

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How to Download and Convert Facebook to MP4 Online

convert facebook to mp4Without a doubt, Facebook has already reached millions of people all around the globe. Numerous people use this social media network almost every day, and for some, it is a part of their daily lives routine. These days, sharing videos has become a big hit in this platform. Most of the time, we get so interested in these videos and want to share them or just keep a copy. However, not all videos are in MP4 format. As we all know not all devices support different formats, most of the time people use MP4 for it can keep larger files without compromising the quality of the video. Plus, it is a format that works almost on all devices. That is why it is highly recommended to download and convert all videos downloaded from Facebook to MP4. Being that said we listed some of the best Facebook to MP4 converter for your downloading and converting needs.

Acethinker Free Online Facebook to MP4 Converter

One of the best free Facebook video to MP4 downloader is AceThinker Free Online Video Downloader. This smart application makes it convenient for you to download videos online without any restrictions. You can download any short or lengthy video simply by using the link of the video. What is good about this tool is, it does not stick with providing one format. It can give you several formats you can choose from. That is why it kinda works like a converter. Aside from that, it is very easy to use. We also made it a little convenient for you, you can now try the tool by using the download bar below. So, you don’t have to go to the official site to go back and forth.

Step1 Copy and paste the video link

First, go to Facebook and scroll for the video that you have to download, and then copy the video link from the address bar. Go back, then use the shortcut downloader below to fetch it. Please read the important tip below.

When looking for a video on Facebook, do not copy the link when seen the video from your timeline or from the newsfeed. It will difficult for the tool to recognize which video should be downloaded. To get a fast result, play the video directly then that is the time you copy the link.

Step2 Choose a format of the video

Next, this tool can give you multiple formats into MP4 with different file size and quality. Just choose the one that you think you will need the most.

choose a video format

Step3 Download the video

Finally, to get the video, hover your mouse to the download button next to the format that you want to download. Then right-click to see, “Save link/target as” to initiate the download of the file.

get the video

Video Keeper - Professional Facebook to MP4 Converter

Free online downloaders are good most especially if you don’t want to pay extra just to get videos online. That may be right, however, we cannot disregard the fact that not all websites can work with them. Free downloaders have certain limitations. That is why Video Keeper was made to cut all of those restrictions. Video Keeper makes it easier for you to get videos online by incorporating a built-in browser together with an auto-detection feature. That way you just have to stream and the tool will do all the job for you. On top of that, an additional feature was added just in case you need to convert videos to match your device video format. The converter supports many popular formats commonly used for mobile phones. So you have everything you need in one tool. Check out the steps below to get started.

Step1 Download and install the app

Download the application by clicking the download buttons below. Follow the set-up wizard until the app is launched.

Try It Free

Step2 Download the video

Next, from the interface of the tool go to “Detect”. Use the built-in browser infused by the tool to directly search for the Facebook video you want to get. From there play it, that way the tool will automatically recognize the video being played and downloads it in no time. In any case that the video was not detected, make sure that the auto-detection is enabled by clicking the “Enable Detector”, located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface.

Detect the video

Step3 Check the Acquired Video

To check the status of the download and acquired download, switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download”. From there you will see the download queue. On the other hand, if you want to the downloaded file, under the same tab choose “Completed”, find the file name and double click to play it.

download the video

There is another way to get videos online using this tool. Although this is only applicable for some sites, it is still good to know information. You can use the URL of the video to acquire it by going to “Download” then click “Paste URL” button to fetch the video successfully.

Get Free Trial Now

Flash Video Downloader - Chrome Facebook MP4 Converter

The third way to download Facebook to MP4 is to utilize a browser extension like the Chrome Flash Video Downloader. It’s a chrome extension wherein you have to have a Chrome browser to use it. The tool is integrated into the browser for fast and safe downloading experience. This tool also supports download from thousands of different websites, of course include Facebook. The method of acquiring videos using this tool is similar to Video Keeper, that means it is just easy to use. Here is the step by step procedure on how to use it to download Facebook video to MP4.

Step1 Add to Chrome

First search for the extension from Chrome Store. Next, integrate it by clicking “add to Chrome” then click “add Chrome” for the final touch.

add as an extension

Step2 Detect the Video

Once the app is integrated on your browser, the icon or logo of the tool will be in the extension bar, all through the end of the address bar. Next, stream the video you want to download and play it. Afterward, the tool will give you a list of several formats to download.

detect the video

Step3 Download the video

After deciding whick format to download, click the format chosen. Another tab will opened where the download button is located. Click it to acquire the video.

download the video


Indeed, it is now easier to get and convert Facebook videos online. Thanks to the never-ending technology innovation for all things are getting possible and easier for us. The above-mentioned tools are all helpful to whatever computer platform you may have. You can now easily download and convert Facebook videos to MP4 with no worries. Simply right fit which tool will suit you the best. If you have suggestions or questions, please don’t hesitate to leave us a message under the comment section.

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