How to Download Entire YouTube Playlist

It is among the world’s most popular video-sharing platforms. The free service allows users to view, share, comment, and even upload their own videos to YouTube. Founded in February 2005, the video-sharing service now has a library of over 5 billion videos. Consumers of any age group or occupation use it for their daily needs and intentions, whether teachers use it to give a video demonstration in the classroom, or students use it as study material, musicians can use it to demonstrate their talent or even just for casual entertainment. The user-friendly interface allows you to save videos to the “watch later” section, and even allows you to make playlists of the video you want or group them into any category you want.

Recently, Youtube announced its very first “Premium” version which gives users access to the ad-free viewing experience of Youtube music. It’s designed to entertain you with a collection of convenient discovery and search features that no other streaming service can top and keep you listening and viewing with the same catalog full of live shows and covers by unknown artists that aren’t accessible on Spotify or Apple Music. If you don’t have a dollar to spare, don’t worry, as these steps will allow you to download Youtube playlist to your mobile device or computer.

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Things to Check

Now before we start using third party video downloaders, we’re going to figure out how to recognize a good downloader.

things to know

Features that you need to have:

  • Many video downloaders come with minimal software and hardware requirements, a good video downloader should have a software installation process that doesn’t allow you to spend more and upgrade your hardware or software
  • Not all downloaders are free of charge and require you to spend a little cash, but there are free downloaders and they tend to be convenient and safe to use
  • A good video downloader should contain guided steps that have an easy and fast installation process.
  • A good video downloader will have a user-friendly interface that will allow you to download and save the video to the file location of your choice with very minimal trouble.
  • Support for browsers and apps is very critical as only a few downloaders are given access to download videos from certain pages.
  • A much sought after function is the ability of the application to convert the downloaded video to a format that you want.

Now once you have figured how to identify a good video downloader, we recommend you try out the listed out sites as they have been tried and tested to the job in the most efficient and convenient way possible. Here is the list of the best-reviewed video downloader sites:

AceThinker Video Keeper – Where Speed Matters

Video Keeper brought to you by AceThinker performs unlike any other video downloader, this application offers video download speeds unparalleled by any other video downloading software, coupled with its convenient and easy- to- use interface and features make this application take first place on this list. The lightweight software is designed to help you work on all major video formats such as 3GP, AVI, and other formats without compromising quality.

The built-in screen recorder provided by AceThinker is a useful tool that allows you to professionally record your PC screen directly. It also helps you to capture HD images in real-time using a webcam, caption, and music. The software also comes with a built-in video player to play formatted files to test if the conversion has been done correctly.

Its features allow you to download high-resolution videos from over 100 sites. The downloaded video can be converted to any format you want, a useful feature not available in most video downloaders. This software’s paid version has much more features than the trial version or free version. Follow the given steps for easy installation and usage of the software:

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Step1 Download and Install the VideoKeeper Software

You can see the download link on the AceThinker website. To complete the installation and configuration process, a setup.exe file will pop up in your downloads, click on it and follow the instructions as shown on the screen. Once the software has been installed onto your desktop, launch it and you will be met with the interface that looks like:

download video keeper

Note: Make sure your device has the necessary prerequisites to download the software.

Step2 Download Video

Now launch the web browser and search for the clip to be downloaded. On the top right-hand bar you will see the “Download” option or just copy and paste the link onto the “Paste URL” section and the download will start automatically. Once the video has been downloaded, you will find it in the “Completed” section on the left side of the interface

download clip

Step3 Convert the Video

Navigate to the “Convert” section on the top left side of the application. You will see an option called “Drag Files” over there, or simply click “Add Files”. Once the file appears in the application, click on the profile and a drop-down menu will appear to allow you to pick a selection of file formats to convert to. Select the file format to be converted to; click on “Convert” and the conversion process will begin.

convert clip

Step4 Check the Converted File

The converted file will be saved in the location you choose. This should help you use this software to its maximum potential.

open convert


  • Compared to other downloaders, VideoKeeper is the cheapest alternative.
  • The download speed reached with this app is greater than that of its competitor.
  • It lets you convert the downloaded file into whichever format you desire.
  • It has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


  • The free version of this application is extremely limited.
  • Video editing capabilities are inadequate.
  • It is not possible to download more than one Youtube playlist at the same time .
Documents by Readdle: for your iOS needs

The usability of the iOS app is sometimes limited, but Readdle’s Documents help you navigate your way out of it. This tool, which is available for your iPhone and iPad, is a one-stop solution for all your document needs, whether it is storing and displaying PDFs, opening Zip files or downloading and listening to mp3 files. It has a very instinctual interface but manages to maintain the beauty and simplicity of the iOS program. Compared to other third-party iOS applications it boasts high download speeds at the highest possible resolution and the best part is that it is free! The Documents app allows you to do amazing things on your iPhone and iPad. With all of your files organized in one central location, you can sync them safely across all your devices and access them anytime, anywhere. Everything you need is in this one place! It is the best application for you.

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