Access and Download Youku Videos with Ease

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Access and Download Youku Videos with Ease

This article talks about the most popular video sharing site in China which is Youku. This site has a similar concept to Youtube that is why it is considered as its counterpart in China. That being said, since it is a video sharing community site, it is easier to download videos from this site even just by using video links. Today we listed several downloaders you can use to acquire videos from Youko. Try the best among the downloaders listed. Click “Try it free” to use Video Keeper today.

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youku downloader

As the most prevalent video sharing website in China, Youku is regarded as China’s YouTube. Like most mainstream video sites, Youku allows you to stream video clips without limits, and you can also register for a premium account to eliminate ads and enjoy more privileges. Youku provides TV episodes, music videos, films, live shows, and many other types of content. If you prefer, you can also upload your favorite videos to this platform without length limits.

Due to copyright issues, people who’re outside China may not be able to access this website. Also, it seems impossible to download Youku videos for watching offline within the built-in settings. However, this article will discuss ways to gain access to Youku and download videos with ease.

Download Youku Videos with Video Keeper

Video Keeper is a program that is available both for Windows and Mac users. It enables you to download Youku videos conveniently and quickly and is recommended as the best Youku video downloader. With it, you can either download from Youku manually by copying and pasting the video URL or let the program automatically grab Youku videos when you play them by enabling the video detecting feature.

Aside from Youku, this video downloader also allows you to download videos from other websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TED, Lynda, and many more. Moreover, you can use this tool to convert videos, record your screen, and even edit video files. A useful and powerful all-in-one video downloader, converter, and screen-capture software, right? Why not give it a try and save your favorite videos from Youku right now?

Step1 Download and Install Video Keeper

To start with, download the program from the button below and install it on your computer. Once done, activate the program, and you will see the interface as illustrated.

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Step2 Copy and Paste YouKu Video URL to Download the Video

Now you can surf Youku videos (use the methods in part 3 of this article to unblock them on your browser, if needed), copy a video URL, and paste it into the program. Repeat this step to download as many clips as you want and then head to the program’s interface to check the download progress.

video keeper download video

Once done with downloading these clips, you can navigate to the Completed tab on the left to check for local files. You can right-click on a clip and select Play to view it right away or select Open Folder to locate all files.

video keeper add to convert

Step3 Convert the Video to Play Anywhere

You can click the Convert option and choose the desired output formats from given list. There’re also pre-configured output formats for portable devices such as iOS, Samsung mobile, PSP, and so on.

video keeper convert video

With just a few clicks, you can easily download the video you want in any format from Youku and other sites.

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Download Youku Videos Online for Free

online Youku video downloader

If you don’t want to install any program and don’t want to pay for the Youku downloading program, you can opt for a Free Online Video Downloader to grab Youku videos. This tool only requires a URL to download the video you want from Youku, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and many other similar websites. Simple and easy to use. You can refer to the steps below to download your favorite Youku video in a few clicks!

Step1 Copy and Paste Youku Video Link

First of all, visit Youku and find the video you want to download and copy the video URL from the browser address bar. After that, go to the main page of this URL downloader and paste the URL to the field that says “Paste the video link here”.

free online video downloader

Step2 Download Youku Video as You Prefer

Next, click the Download button on the right side to start downloading the video. The app will then expand a list of media formats from which to choose. Once a format is selected, right-click the small Download icon beside the format you choose and then click Save link as to preserve the clip in the chosen format.

choose video to download

Access Youku on PC outside China

watch Youku outside china

If you want surf Youku on your browser, there’s nothing more convenient than installing the Unlock Youku plugin on your browser. Provided by UKU, Unlock Youku is an extension for Chrome, so if you do not have this browser on your computer yet, install it from the official site before accessing this extension.

In the Chrome browser, visit this address in the Chrome Store to install Unlock Youku. It provides three modes with which to surf Youku and other video sites like Tudou, AIqiyi, and so on. Just keep this extension active, and you can view as many videos as you like on Youku seamlessly.

  • Find Unblock Youku in Google Chrome and click on the + ADD TO CHROME button to the top left to install the extension to your browser.
  • unblock youku

  • After successful installation, you’ll find there is a green tick in a red and blue circle in the Chrome address bar.
  • Now when you visit Youku on your Chrome browser you wil find that Unblock Youku means you’re not blocked from watching content on Youku!

Access Youku on iOS Outside China

Access Youku on iOS Outside China

Despite the plugin method, which is not suitable for mobile, the most common way to unblock Youku site is by using VPN. It helps you change your original IP to one in China so you can browse videos conveniently. To do so, go to Settings on your iPad or iPhone and then to Wi-Fi.

Youku iPad VPN

From there, fill in the Auto field of HTTP Proxy with one of the following addresses:

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3.

Once done, click Renew lease and confirm with OK. That is it!

Watching Youku Outside of China on Android

Android devices have a unique IP addresses, which a website uses to determine where the device is located. If you want to unblock Youku outside of China on your android device, then you need to use a VPN service that is compatible with Android, such as Cyber Ghost, Pure VPN, and PrivateVPN.


Just download your chosen VPN from the Google Play Store and install it, launch the application and log into your account, and then access a Chinese VPN server. After connecting to the server, you’ll be able to enjoy Youku content as much as you want.


In this article, we have discussed the ways to download Youku videos for watching offline. Also the solutions to get access to Youku on different platforms outside China are illustrated. Just enjoy YouKu video anywhere you go!

If you have some better methods to download videos from Youku and the solutions aren’t listed here, you can share your opinion in the comments and we will consider adding your suggestion to the article. Any idea will be highly appreciated.

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