How to Easily Download Videos from VideoBash

Last updated on June 1, 2017 by Cindy Smith

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How to Easily Download Videos from VideoBash

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VideoBash is an innovative video platform which offers fabulous comedy and funny footages made by people. Since there’re many video clips on this platform, it’s a nice place for amusing yourself in a long travel or when you’re waiting in the queue. People who share their funny daily events can also see what’s happening on others with same interest, that’s why VideoBash has been prevalent constantly. VideoBash is such a nice site for exchanging life’s joy with others, but it does not let you download some VideoBash video clips for private collection. If you’re wondering how to grab videos on this platform, please continue reading as we have searched savvy solutions for you.

Comprehensive Solution for Downloading Videos

By utilizing Video Keeper, you can smoothly grab clips from VideoBash, it’s also a few clicks away to install this tool on your computer. Get a free trial from below and then follow the instructions to do the trick.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

First and foremost, activate the program once it’s installed completely, and then you will see the main interface.

Now just stream a video you like on VideoBash and copy the URL from your browser’s address bar. And then resume to the program interface, click “Paste URL” button on top-left. Wait a short while till the program detects the source of video and it will be added to download list then. You may repeat this step to grab as many clips as you wish.

video keeper download video

Whenever a video clip has been downloaded completely, you can check it in the “Completed” tab. Right-clicking on a finished video will pop-up a menu for you to play it or check it in the output folder. Also, by clicking the “Convert” button along with a video, you can go further to convert it to other media formats, for instance, MP4 for watching on portable players, etc.

video keeper convert video

Take one moment to configure outputs in profile dialog and you can confirm the conversion by clicking “Ok”. Videos will be turned to desired media formats for using on other devices or editing properly.

Download Videos on VideoBash with Online App

There’s also an online tool that you can adopt for downloading Comedy videos from VideoBash. This tool works directly on the webpage and only requires a URL to download what you need. You just need to visit the page of video downloader app, stream a video on VideoBash to copy the URL, resume to the downloader’s page. Paste the URL into the download field, and then hit “Download” button by the right-side. Wait for the app expands a list of media formats, choose one from them by right-clicking the smaller download icon besides it and selecting “aSave link as”. After that, just wait a short while till the video has been downloaded to your browser.

Simple Solutions to Record VideoBash

An extremely simple way to download videos from web is to adopt a web video recorder, such application works dependently on your browser but requires no installation. You can directly record the whole playback of a video on desktop and to save the screencast to local media formats. Some proficient online downloaders also go advanced by providing multiple output formats and other functions. Here we recommend using free screen recorder to do the trick.

From here you just need to click the record button and wait for the application loads properly. Mind that you need to ensure your Java Script is up to date. Once the app is loaded, you can then click start and drag an area around the playback window of VideoBash video. The screencaset will be carried on in 3 secs, ensure there’s no noise and don’t let other tasks intervene your recording. When the show is over, just click stop on the toolbar to end it, and you will then receive a recorded video in desired format.

recording on computer screen

Still, this approach is not as convenient as video downloader, but there’s no webpage video downloader that supports VideoBash so far. However, you may utilize the video downloader software to handle these videos, find next solution after the jump.

Screen Grabber Pro is the desktop version of this free online screen recorder. The desktop recorder offers much more features and is more stable in recording. You can click the button below to get the proper version accordingly and capture your VideoBash videos with ease.

red-download-btn-winbutton mac

Tips for Streaming VideoBash on Mobile

VideoBash has released official apps for users to stream the videos on their mobiles. You’re able to find both iOS version and Android version of this app on web. Once installed on your mobile, you could enjoy VideoBash without any hassle. The app works in the way by providing a built-in browser, from which you could stream any videos hosted on VideoBash. You can easily pick up the clips you like by going through the categories, most recent videos shared by users, or mostly liked videos.


To summarize, we have discussed two solutions to either record or download the videos we like on VideoBash. In recording a video, you need to play it all over again, but it’s also a guarantee of “what you see is what you get”. On the other hand, downloading a video takes only a few mins regardless of the duration, the video downloader also allows you to handle multiple clips simultaneously, it will be a better solution if you’re willing to learn the software step by step.

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