How to Download Udemy Courses for Offline Viewing

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Are you ever in a situation where you have slept in class and go home to log in to Udemy and go through your study material again? Well then you’re like most college students, Udemy is a place that provides more than one million courses with the most skilled teaching professionals and as always if you want to access the videos for future reference or research at the last minute, you can learn how to do just that through these undermentioned ways.

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Download Videos Straightly from Udemy

Udemy gives its users the option of downloading any video; provided the lecturer grants permission for downloading his lecture. If you want to save the concerned lecture, you can follow the guide below.

download udemy courses

User Guide

  • After starting the video, shift your cursor to the gear icon at the bottom right of the playback tab.
  • You need to check and see if the “Download Lecture” option has been greyed out or not, if it hasn’t been greyed out then the video is downloaded. Greyed out is the instance where the clickable alternative is not available.
  • The video you download will be saved to your computer.

Note: The video you downloaded will have the same resolution as the video you had viewed in Udemy.

Record Udemy Videos with AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper has all the resources you need to import videos from almost every educational website. This tool helps you to download videos at a pace which no other video downloader can match. Using the app is quick, allowing you to edit and save your videos easily to the maximum convenience. The following steps will direct you through the video downloading process using Video Keeper.

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Step1 Download and Install AceThinker Video Keeper

You will be redirected to the product page where you can download the Video Keeper installer by clicking on the link given below. Once the setup.exe file has been downloaded, click it on and follow the steps until the program is successfully downloaded to your desktop.

install the tool

Note: Your desktop should meet the necessary software and hardware prerequisites.

Step2 Start Recording with Video Keeper

Once you have installed the app, launch it successfully and you will be presented with the main-interface. From there, you will need to open your browser and use your login credentials to sign in to Udemy. Search for the course you want to download and copy the URL. Click on the “Paste URL” button on your video keeper app and the video will instantly start downloading.


Tip: You can also use the video keeper’s auto detect function, just click detect and use the built in software. Copy the Udemy URL and press the “Enable Detector” button at the bottom left corner of your screen. Once you play the video you will be informed that the file will be downloaded from the download tab to the “Completed” section. Additionally, the video will be saved automatically in a folder of your choosing on your desktop.

start course

Step3 Edit the Video (Optional)

From the “Completed” section, you will be able to do other things to the video, like watch the video, locate the file location, delete, rename and transfer the video to a mobile device.

completed tab

Step4 Convert the Video (Optional)

In Video Keeper, you can drag files or move files from your desktop to this section when you are navigating to the “Convert” section. Change the video by adjusting the video trim, changing the brightness and contrast, the rotation, etc. You can also change the file type to whatever you want and you can choose the video size to convert. Once you have made the necessary changes, select “Convert” and the converted video will be saved in the file location of your choosing.

convert the video

Download Udemy Videos with Ease Using iGrab Downloader

The iGrab Downloader helps you to download any video that you have in common formats. The most prominent thing about this downloader is its usability; it provides support on any device, whether it is your mobile phone, laptop or PC. The installation method is the same, quick and easy as any other. Once you have downloaded the app, it’s just one click away from uploading your favourite videos or Udemy lecture in this particular case. All you have to do is login to Udemy with your login credentials, copy and paste the URL to the top bar and it’s quick and easy to access. Another benefit of this app is the ability to open the Udemy page from within the built-in browser, once you click on the link, it will get all available video sources and you can choose the video you want to view. The downloaded videos will be stored in the file location of your choice in your PC.

igrab downloader


  • Easy to use
  • Fast download speed
  • Support a number of educational sites


  • Limited video editing abilities
  • Video conversion abilities are limited
Conveniently Download Videos with aTube Catcher

When it comes to downloading and converting your video files, this free and easy to use downloader is your choice. Compared to other downloaders, it lacks functionality but its simplicity is what effectively does the job. It is a simple two-step process that requires you to copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download onto the downloader. aTube Downloader will then do the rest, and alert you once the download is complete. This app also provides the ability to convert your video files into any format you want. The performance profile can be highly modified, and supports the addition of new export profile. For those not willing to install a separate app just for streaming images, it’s a good choice.

atube catcher interface


  • Several video sharing sites as well as educational sites is reinforced
  • Let’s you record live stream videos as well
  • Supports a whole range of file formats


  • ADs will be present
  • Compatible only with Windows
Capture Video Easily with 4K Video Downloader

If you want to go out all the way, then try 4K Video Downloader, you can download videos in really high resolution up to 8K. It’s interface doesn’t differ from the others as it has a very simple video transfer process in which you copy and paste the URL from the website into the downloader and the download process will begin. A distinguishing feature of this downloader is its ability to remove audio from the uploaded file. Eventually, you can pick the file format, and set the resolution to 8K. This downloader lets you download as many as 24 videos simultaneously.

4k video downloader


  • Supports up to 8K resolution downloads
  • Grabs whatever video or playlist is available in the copied URL
  • Extract audio from video
  • Supports multitude of sites


  • Video editing capabilities are limited
  • Free version is limited
  • No mobile app available
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