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Way back, when the technology is not dominating and dictating the standard of living, from transportation, the way of communication and media. Everything can be referred to as “Analog.” That you have to ride a bicycle to go from one place to another, likewise when sending messages you need to mail and wait several months to get a response. When watching TV shows or movies, you have to wait for the scheduled airtime to view it. On the other hand, for movies, you have to go to the theater to do so. Compared today, in one click, you can now watch any TV shows or movies without having to leave your house. Since, these days the internet became an ocean of information and source of leisure for many, most notably for Movies and TV shows. That being said, we listed some of best TV show download sites that have an extensive catalog and you can download TV shows in no time.

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The Best 8 Websites to Watch and Download TV Shows for Free

1. AllTVshows


AllTVshows is a non-profit TV show download site organization that provides free access to Free Movies and TV shows. The TV shows download series allows you to stream for TV Shows and Movies. This site does not store any of them in a server. Data are fetched from different websites that provide the same server. Also, subtitles are provided for those people who do not understand English. So, on your busy schedule, you can now watch all the TV episodes you have missed. On top of that, if you want to download each episode that you have watched, it is possible. The site incorporated a built-in browser from the site. Below the title picture, you will see the download button if it is available. That means you can watch anytime and anywhere without being restricted.

2. Grabthebeast

get the best site

Grabthebeast is a website to download TV series that shares the same goal as AllTVshows. This best site to download TV series allows users to be able to watch and download shows online. Yes! You can also download them. That way, even if you are away from any internet connection, you can still watch movies. What s good about this tool compared to the previous one mentioned, this site sees the importance of updating and improving the performance of the website. Equally important, that everyone might know this site also can search for documents online, whether it is a PDF, WordDoc, or PPT. The only thing that you have to watch out for this tool is the Ads on click. There are certain parts of the site that when you click them, it will show another tab for apps being advertised.

3. DirectTV

Direct TV site

DirecTV is one of the best TV series download sites in America. It is one of the prestige yet the most expensive also in terms of plans offered. Not only it allows its subscribers to watch not only on their TV screen, but even those people are also on the go. Stay at home no more with the website created to enjoy watching TV series straight right on your computer and mobile devices. This started when ATNT bought DirecTV way back in 2017. After the company was acquired, it began to expand and provides more options for its use on top of that better customer service 24/7. However, you can only watch online if you have a DIRECTV account. Also, all recorded TV shows from the DVR box can be viewed online.

4. JustWatch

just watch webpage

Next on the list of best sites to download TV shows is JustWatch. Among the sites on the list, this has the most number of catalogs. Not only has it allowed users to watch TV shows online, but also Movies. The site provides more options. The website does not store any of them; instead of when you search videos here, the site will crawl for you and find it from sites they have partnered with. For movies, the site had a direct link from other movie sharing sites. The tool updates now and then, so, if there are new movies available. Look all the way down of the site to see TOP 5 of each category.

5. TubiTV

tubi tv

TubiTV is a free movie and TV streaming service which is available in the United States and Asia. The streaming service was released in 2014 and has become one of the popular ways to watch free movies and TV series. Unlike the regular subscription-based services like Netflix, TubiTV is free because it is ad-based. For those who find ads distracting, then they should think twice before using TubiTV. However, for free viewing, a couple of ads before and while watching won’t be an issue. These ads are the reason why TubiTV is free and continue to stay that way. TubiTV does not require any account registration, which is why means you can immediately use it at any given time.

6. TV Land

tv land

TV Land is another top site to download TV series online. The site hosts popular TV series like “Younger” and “Teacher,” which are both award-winning series. TV Land stays true to its name because you can find tons of TV series episodes within its library. Also, the site provides various resolutions for its videos, if in case the viewer wants to watch it in high-definition. TV Land is more of an online TV channel than a website because it shows TV episodes according to their schedule. They even have a TV schedule guide for users to know what time they should watch their favorite series.

7. HotStar


HotStar is the largest streaming service in India and is regarded as the best website to watch Hindi serials online. This site contains mostly Bollywood TV series and movies in their native language. For those who like to watch foreign films, especially Bollywood films, then they should definitely try HotStar. HotStar offers its Bollywood contents for free, but for those who want to watch their other content like western films and TV series, they have to subscribe to the premium service of the site. There are several award-winning TV series in the library of HotStar like “Band of Brothers,” and “Escape to Dannemora.” All these and more are available with HotStar and its premium service.

8. TV Box

tv box

Last on the list of excellent TV show download website is TV Box. The site offers various western TV series and movies in high-definition, and above all, for free. TV Box is known for updating its library every hour, which ensures that users will get the latest episode as soon as possible. If you get tired of watching TV series, then you can switch to the movies section of the site. The only downside of using TV Box is that you can’t directly watch the videos from their website. This is because it only provides links where you can watch the actual episode and open it on a new tab.

How to Download TV Series to Your Computer

Most TV series websites don’t have a direct download link for you to save the video. But you can use a third-party app to do so. Video Keeper is a professional tool that you can rely on when talking about downloading TV series. Click the download buttons below to try the suggested tool that works perfectly with Just Watch. Then follow the rest of the instruction to download any TV series from online to your local computer for offline watching.

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Step1 Download TV Episodes Either Way You Like

1. Manually Download TV Shows Videos

This tool can download videos in two different ways. Let us talk about the first one. This feature of the tool downloads video via links. All you need to do is get the target video link. In this case, we will copy a video link from JustWatch then go back to the main interface of the tool. Under the “Download” tab, click the “Paste URL” button. That way, the video will be added to the download queue.

paste the link

2. Download Via Auto-Detection

The other way is by using the “Auto-detection” of the tool. This will make your life easier. You don’t have to do anything extra. To do that, go to “Detect,” then use the built-in browser to visit of JustWatch directly. Aim for the target video and play it. Just watch than the tool will do the entire job for you. To know if the video was detected, you will see a notification bar at the bottom right side of your computer.

Auto detect the video

NOTE: Just in case the video is not detected by the tool, make sure the detector is “On.” It is located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface. If you see “Disable Detector,” it is on; otherwise, it is off. Just click it using your computer mouse to enable it.

Step2 Check Downloaded Video

All videos downloaded by the tool are compiled under one folder on your computer. However, you can find them collected under “Download” then “Completed.” You can also play the video for a preview. Double-click the file name using your computer mouse. The built-in player will play the video.

check the downloaded video

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