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Tumblr is an essential social media platform that helps people to share anything effortlessly. People can very quickly post text, quotes, photos, links, videos, and music from either their browser, desktop, email, phone, or wherever they are at any given point of time. Tumblr is a cross between powerful social networking sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) and a blog. Tumblr is described as a “microblog” as people mainly share very short text snippers and even quick snaps as compared to longer diary-style entries seen in traditional blogs. The user demographic using Tumblr is even quite younger in comparison with more prominent social networks. People who need to register for a Tumblr blog, they need to more than thirteen years old. At the moment, Tumblr is hosting 217 million separate blogs that consist of 420 million users. Tumblr got introduced in 2007, and Yahoo purchased it in 2013 for $1.1 billion. The users have the option of embedding videos from various other sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. People can even upload their videos on Tumblr’s website. There are specific requirements for downloading videos from Tumblr. An app needs to get installed from the Google Play Store on the Android device in a smartphone. Another option that the users have is to download videos from the Tumblr Account. It can take place with the help of an online source like Thus, in this way, the video can be downloaded on the PC from the Tumblr website.

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Video Keeper – Best Tumblr Video Downloader for Win/Mac

The fastest and easiest way is to get a professional Tumblr video downloading software and AceThinker Video Keeper is such a solution. Downloading videos on Tumblr will be just as easy as three clicks of your mouse. The tool can download videos almost on all sites. Most especially those open-source sites like Facebook (all the same wavelength) Youtube( and the same kind) and movie sites. Also, this Tumblr video downloader enables you to convert downloaded videos into different formats so you can watch them anytime and anywhere you like. Just download the Windows or Mac version according to your needs and follow the steps below to grab videos using this software.

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Step1 Downloading and Installing the App

In the first case, it is necessary to download the application with the help of the shortcut button above. The selection of the right platform can take place on your computer. In the second phase, it is essential to select the right platform for your computer. The users should then install an application with the help of the setup wizard.


Step2 Automatic downloading of the videos

Automatic detection is useful for downloading videos. The first step will be to go to the “Detect” tab. The usage of the built-in browser will be essential to search for a valid site from where the user can get videos. The option of “Detector” is by default available on the installation. Once the recognition of the tool takes place, you can automatically download the tool. The file will also appear in the queue of the downloading option. In case you would like to download more videos, you can surely stream videos as per your wish.

auto-detect feature

Step3 Checking the acquired video

Once the downloading of the video would complete, you can click the “Completed” under the same tab. If you will have more than one video, then all the list of downloaded videos is going to appear. In the case of any downloaded video, it will even appear in the same tab. If you need to play the video, then use the mouse for double-clicking the file or also right-click with the help of the mouse and then choose the option of play. Below is the example of this option:

play the video

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Download Tumblr Video Online with TubeOffline

Another vital option for downloading videos from the Tumblr account with the help of online application or source known as TubeOffline

online downloader

User Guide:

  • A user must visit the Tumblr website first and then copy the URL of the selected video.
  • The second step is to visit the Tubeoffline website.
  • The user should paste the URL of the Tumblr video into the given box on the website.
  • After pasting the URL of the Tumblr video, the user should then tap on the GET video button, placed on the right-hand side of the page. Below is the reference to the image. User must wait for a while once the video is automatically analyzed.
  • It is important to note for the user on the screen when he will click the download button. The user first sees the preview of the video. In case if the preview of the video is not available, then it is necessary for him to click the download button on the right, i.e., the arrow button.

If the need would be there for downloading Tumblr videos with the help of the tablet or phone, then you can surely make use of an app. It would help you in saving all the necessary videos on your mobile device. Tumbloader is even quite useful in downloading videos from another social media platform that is Instagram. There is no difference in the whole process. Below are the steps needed to follow in this regard.

tumbloader app

User Guide:

  • If there is an Android device, the first thing you need to do is install a Tumbloader app on either your phone or tablet.
  • With the help of an official Tumblr app, you can easily browse Tumblr. Whenever you need to download any video, click the Share button, and then you can choose Tumbloader as the share option. The video file would then open in the Tumbloader app.
  • The next step for you is clicking the Download button that will prove useful for downloading a video on your phone.
Pros and Cons of Tumblr


  • Simplicity: Tumblr is very much useful in starting the blog on an immediate basis and with minimum preparation time.
  • Cost: Using Tumblr does not involve any cost, as it is a free platform.
  • Community: Any user can have a significant advantage by joining Tumblr, as they can have access to the built-in community, and they can grow the audience without depending on platforms of blogs. It is a user-friendly social media platform for users.
  • Self-sustainability: Tumblr provides the most significant advantage in scheduling the posts, and there is no need to access third-party apps like Hootsuite and Virtue.
  • Mobile-optimization: Tumblr is optimized for all sorts of versions such as Android, IOS, and even Windows apps. A blog can be mobile-optimized automatically.


  • Limitations of the Design: The designs are limited for Tumblr, which is a disadvantage for many brands and businesses.
  • Limitations of the Functionality: Since Tumblr is very well-known due to its simplicity, thus it is not the best option if the user will look for widgets and plugins.
  • Dependence on the Server: Since the blog of Tumblr is hosted on the server, so if it would experience a downtime error, then the blog would even suffer.

The best way to experience success on Tumblr is having an understanding of the overall community. They can even find a niche and then assess where the brand fits. Thus, the videos need to be managed accordingly by following the best platforms such as the Video Keeper, Android device, and online application. This factor can help users in making use of Tumblr in the best possible way.

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Software Review of Tumblr

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