Top 11 Ways to Download Tumblr Video Clips

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Top 11 Ways to Download Tumblr Video Clips

download tumblr videosDo you have a Tumblr account? If your answer is yes, then you already know how fun it is to share your experiences with your friends while also checking out their photos and videos. Sometimes you may be wondering how to download Tumblr video for entertainment later when you have time or anywhere where there is no Internet access? Or you might as well wonder how to save Tumblr videos for future reference or preservation. Thankfully, there are many tools that allow you to download videos from Tumblr within a few clicks. Here the solutions to download Tumblr videos on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android are provided. Just check to find the way you prefer.

Download Tumblr Video on Windows/Mac

The best way to download and save Tumble videos is to get a professional video downloader and AceThinker Video Keeper is such a solution. It lets you download Tumble videos for offline access in just a few clicks by following the intuitive interface. Apart from Tumblr, it also supports hundreds of video sharing websites including YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Lynda and more. Also, this Tumblr video downloader enables you to convert downloaded videos into different formats so you can watch them anytime and anywhere you like. Just download the Windows or Mac version according to your needs and follow the steps below to grab online videos from Tumblr with ease!

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Step1 Copy Tumblr video URL

Open your web browser and visit Tumblr website to find the movie or video you wish to download. After that, right click on the video and choose Copy Video URL to copy the Tumblr video link for downloading.
copy video URL

Step2 Run Video Keeper and click Paste URL to download video

Now launch Video Keeper and you will see the friendly and clear interface as below. Simply click the Paste URL button and the program will start to analyze the Tumblr video URL you’ve just copied and the downloading will begin in seconds.
paste URL

Step3 Convert Tumblr video (Optional)

After the downloading completes, you can find the downloaded Tumblr video file by clicking Completed on the left. If you want to convert the video into other formats like MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, MP3, etc., you can switch to the Convert tab to change the format easily and quickly.
video keeper convert video

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You can also use the Detect function to download videos in a more convenient way. Just go to the Detect tab and use the built-in web browser to navigate the video on Tumblr. When you play a video, this video downloader will detect it and add it to the downloading list automatically.
detect tumblr video

Dredown - Online Downloader to Save Tumblr Video

Dredown does a great job by offering a simple way to download Tumble videos immediately without having to install any software on your computer. All you need to do is getting the Tumblr video link and then pasting it into the main window. One good thing about this app is that it even works with private videos. So if you want to download private videos from a friend, you can do that with DreDown. Below are the simple steps to use DreDown to save video from Tumblr via URL.

Step1 Copy and paste Tumblr video URL

First of all, visit the Tumblr site and search for the video you want to download. Once you have found the video, right click on it and select Copy Video Link. After that, you can go to DreDown website and paste the video link you’ve just copied from Tumblr and hit the Dredown button to continue.
Dredown paste URL

Step2 Select to download the video

Download will then start to analyze the video link and offer you some available downloading options in different formats and sizes. You can just click the one you prefer from the list to save it to your computer.
select to download

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader offers complete support for a multitude of social sites while also making the entire process very easy to follow. The only thing you need is selecting the platform you want to use, getting the video link from Tumblr and pressing download. You will be able to access the video in just a few seconds or maybe a little longer, depending on how long the video is. You have to keep in mind the fact that Orbit Downloader is an app which has to be acquired from the web before installation, but since it does offer support for multiple sites it can help you quite a lot afterwards.

CamStudio Screen Recorder

If you are tired of looking for downloaders online and just want a way to record those videos you always wanted to have in a natural manner, CamStudio Screen Recorder definitely provides you the right solution. What Camstudio Screen Recorder does is that it offers you the best, free screen recording capabilities that you wish for within the form of a very reliable and professional package.

The best thing about it is that you can create as many screencast as you need without any restrictions. You won’t need any downloader tool for your Tumblr videos, however you will have to position the capture window above your Tumblr video. Although there’s an annotation tool for you to add watermark, highlights and texts to your video, it’s not very convenient to use. In addition, apart from them, any further editing will have to be performed within a dedicated video editor. Still, this is a very good and fast solution if you don’t want a Tumblr video downloader on your PC.

Download Tumlblr Videos from Browser Directly (Win/Mac) using Download Helper

download video
Download Helper is a nice downloader extension for Firefox/Chrome users. It’s available on its official site, and works as adding a small download icon to the address bar of your browser. Once its installation is ready, you can go any video stream on Tumblr while this extension will detect the video and remind you to download it. You could also add several video clips into the downloading queue as well as manage the progress within its task list.
Another great extension for downloading Tumblr videos via the Chrome browser is the Keepvid extension. Below are the steps to use it to grab videos from Tumblr.

Step1 Install the Chrome browser

Use the Chrome browser to open the URL and click Try to Install Now followed by Add to Browser. The Chrome Web Store requires you to use the Add Extension button. Once the install is complete, you will see a green button saying Added to Chrome.
download tumblr video in chrome

Step2 Download Tumblr Video

Look for the videos you want in Tumblr and play them in Chrome. A Download button will appear when the video is playing. Click that button, which will be located at the bottom of the screen. Clicking the Download button will take you back to the KeepVid website. From there, you can select the format you want to use when downloading the video. The completed file will be located in your Downloads folder on your PC.
save tumblr video

Tips to Download Tumblr Video on FireFox Manually

If you’re working with Firefox, you could also try downloading videos without third-party tools, although this method is a bit tricky. To start with, go the site where your video is being streamed on Firefox, right-click on that video frame and select Page Info (or a similar option depending on the browser edition). You will then see that a window pops up with information about each element of the current Tumblr page:
video source
At this point, scroll down in the “Media” tab until you find a file in your video type. Right-click on this row to copy the link of video, close the “Page Info” window, and then paste the link into the address bar of your browser:
paste url video
When you stream the video this time, you will see a playback window with nothing else there, from where you could simply download the video without any limitations. In order to do so, just right-click on the video and select “Save Video As” and it will download it for you.
save video

Phone Screen Recorder (No need for Jailbreak)

Grab Tumblr Video on iPhone

The iPhone Screen Recorder is a desktop software capable of projecting your iPhone/iPad screen to your computer and recording Tumblr videos with no hassle. There’s no need to install any apps on your mobile, you’re able to connect it to your computer by utilizing the AirPlay function which is available for iOS 8 and above versions.
Here are the fundamental steps to use iPhone Screen Recorder:

Step1 Download and install

Click the buttons below to get the application on your computer.Note: That the application must be downloaded on your phone prior to casting.

Try It Free

Step2 Setup Settings

Once the program is installed you may specify your settings dependent on your needs. You may find the settings in the “Settings” menu where you will be able to find each tool needed to create the best recording according to your needs.

Step3 Establish a connection

Check if both your iPhone and computer have successfully been connected to the same network.

Step4 Start Airplay

The next thing to do is to swipe up at the bottom of your iPhone screen where you shall be offered the “AirPlay” option. Different connection options will pop up and from these you need to select your computer’s name.

Step5 Your computer screen will now show the screen of your device

Enjoy viewing your Apple iPhone’s screen on your computer and feel free to record anytime using the Screen Recorder to start capturing the display.

Step6 How to record?

If you need to do a screen record, feel free to click on the red icon. Once you are ready with your recording you may end it by clicking on the “Stop” button.
Having completed your record, the file will be available at the exact location you have previously preset for your downloads. Going to this location you will be able to play the video. What most people love about iPhone Screen Recorder is that the resulting videos are super smooth and you can get them without putting your iPhone to dangers such as jailbreaking or having to deal with annoying ads.

Social Video Downloader

Download Tumblr Videos on Android

Social Video Downloader for Android is convenient application you can have to get videos saved on your device from Tumblr, Vine or Facebook, just to mention the most popular social media sites. Video downloading might be different for each of the sites but with Social Video Downloader you shall not come to any difficulty with any of them. For example, to download Tumblr videos to your Android device, search for the desired video on your phone. Having selected a video, tap on “play” then you shall get the “download videos” option.

Download Video

Download Video is a free and helpful tool to help you download videos to your phone, from Tumblr. The app itself is available at Google Play Store. Note that Download Video cannot be used for downloading YouTube videos, unfortunately. However, you can use it to get videos from most of the popular sites. It works great with Tumblr, as for videos, but for downloading images you will have to find an alternate option. As for videos, Download Video is a simple and effective tool which you can use to get your videos saved quickly.

iTube Studio

A great solution for Tumblr video downloading is iTube Studio. With the help of this Android program you can easily get the desired Tumblr video saved on your computer’s local directory. This opens the possibility to transfer the downloaded clips to your mobile device and edit it later with KeepVid Pro. iTube Studio is completely free, safe and available for Mac and Windows. The software itself supports HD format as well.

Kastorsoft All Video Downloader

Kastorsoft All Video Downloader is a powerful software for downloading Tumblr videos. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. Kastorsoft All Video Downloader supports more than 280 video websites. Get them easily by searching for the video in the program’s interface with the help of a built-in search engine. Moreover, the program will let you even preview these videos to double-check what you are downloading.

Tumblr Downloaders Conclusion

There are many tools that can help you download videos from Tumblr, regardless of what platform you generally use. As you can see in this article, you can download videos to your mobile phone your Windows PC or Mac from online whenever you want. It’s all about finding the right tool that offers convenience and professionalism in one complete package. We recommend you to check out each individual app we listed here and give them a try, as one of them might be the one you are looking for. Just try them out all, you will not regret spending your time in the end when you find the perfect one for you.

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