How to Easily Download TubeChop Video

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How to Easily Download TubeChop Video

Stuck after editing videos on Tube Chop? Find solutions on how to get your edited videos online. Use a professional tool that can do more than just a downloader, but a screen recorder and a converter too. Try Video Keeper to get your videos online. Hurry get your free trial now!

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“I have used TubeChop to trim a video I was creating, but I have no clue how to download it to my computer. It looks like embedding and sharing works, but I really want to save it. Help!”

Yeah, TubeChop allows you to share the video clip you make on a website, blog or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, you can’t download TubeChop video directly. If you want to save the videos to your computer for use on other projects or presentations, you will need a video downloader that can help you download from TubeChop. Here are several different methods to save TubeChop video clips.

Download TubeChop Video with Video Keeper

download tubechop video

Video Keeper is a perfect one. It not only allows you to download videos from TubeChop, but also videos from other popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Lynda and many more. Thanks to the intuitive software interface, even beginners will know how to save TubeChop video immediately with this program.

Step1 Download and install the program

You can download the program from the links below in case you have developed an interest in trying it out. After the launcher is on your computer, just directly install it and then proceed forward.

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Step2 Download your favorite TubeChop video by using the video link

When you want to download a video from TubeChop, all you need to do is to find that video which you want to grab, copy the TubeChop video URL and click on the Paste URL on the main interface under the “Download” tab.

use link to download

Step3 Download your favorite TubeChop video by using the auto-detection

The other way to download videos is by using the auto-detection of the tool. This time you have to be under “Detect” tab, then use the built-in browser to download the video. Stream the video you wish to download once the tool recognized that there is a playing media, it will download it. To download multiple videos at the same time open a new tab from the built-in browser and repeat the same procedure.

download using detect

Step4 Convert your TubeChop video to compatible format

This video downloader can also be used as a video converter. After the videos have been downloaded, you can convert them to MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MP3, WMAetc.for different platforms. With this, you can convert TubeChop to MP4 and even extract MP3 tracks from TubeChop videos.

vk start convert

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Convert TubeChop to MP3 with Online Audio Recorder

If you enjoy the background music from the video clip trimmed by TubeChop and want to save TubeChop video to MP3, you can rely on free online audio recorder to record the audio track. To start with, check that you have closed all tasks that may interfere the audio recording, click “Start Recording” on this page, and then select “System Sound” as your audio resource. When it’s done, enable the app’s launcher and wait for the recording window to appear. Click “Start” to activate the recording, you could then stream the TubeChop video with desired music. Click “Stop” when the music is over and you could save the MP3 file to your computer.

Note: This app does not require Java Script to run, but first-time users need to install a quick launcher before you using the record audio function. Once done, you don’t need to install anything else. In case you wish to try out this tool, refer to the method below.

Step1 Star Recording

To start recording, use the shortcut button below. That way you can use the tool without switching from the main site of the tool.

Click me to start recording 🙂

Step2 Pick the preferences

For the first point you need to select the System Sound as it is the major audio device for your TubeChop recording where the sound will come from your speakers, otherwise, you will produce the muted video.

free audio recorder interface

Step3 Record the audio track from TubeChop video

Now you can do your audio capturing of your TubeChop video, such as a favorite music clip by starting the clip and then also starting the tool, which will eventually process all the incoming sound and create a new audio file about your music clip in the widely used and compatible mp3 audio format.

record audio

Step4 Check the audio track

Lastly, to check the file, click the three lateral bars below the interface. From there you will see the list of the tracks you recorded. Click the play button once you hover your mouse to the file to play it. See photo for clear understanding.

Playback the audio

Download TubeChop Videos Online (Without Installs)

The Free Online Video Downloader app requires no download itself and no installing. People with any level of skill can grab videos with ease. This is a very simple process which you can use in conjunction with TubeChop.

You can use this tool straightforwardly by following the steps mentioned here.

Step1 Input your TubeChop URL into the tool

First, go to Tubechop and look for the video you wish to download. Next, click “Fetch” to initiate the process.

Step2 Pick the most suitable video clip option

Eventually it will extend a longer list of available media formats (AVI, MP4, MOVetc.) At this point choose which format you want to save the video file to. Hover your mouse to the “download” button with your preferred chosen format and pick “Save link as”. Then wait for a short period until the video is downloaded and saved in your computer.

Save the video Link

Record TubeChop Video on Mobile

There are very few or even no downloader apps that support TubeChop on mobiles but you do have some options. Android users can use AZ Screen Recorder, which is a highly-rated app on the Google Play Store. It does not require you to root your mobile for accessing it. Within this tool, you’re able to capture your screen and save videos in HD quality. When the screencast is ongoing, it will place a floating window which always stays on the top of your mobile screen. You can then stream the video on Tube Chop and to record the whole stream along with audio. Moreover, this app also features a built-in editor for you to cut off unwanted parts or edit your video. By following the guidelines below to use the tool, you can learn its main functions directly.

Step1 Prepare the installation of the recorder

In order to take the first leap for recording your TubeChop video with this tool, locate it and install it from the Google Play after browsing for it in the app.

Step2 Utilize the application

Once the AZ tool is installed, you can commence with its recording function directly as after its opening you will see that a toolbar with a small size will appear on the display of the smartphone that is there to control the capturing of the display activities. Now you can just play your favorite TubeChop video clip from the hosting website and then use the control bar to initiate the recording.

record with az screen recorder

Step3 Wait for the recording

Now all you need to do is to wait until the recording is going on and once your clip is over then you can use the control panel to similarly stop the recording. Then your video will be directly processed by the app and saved on your smartphone where you can try to open it internally from the app.

az screen recorder

On the other hand, iOS users may use Pro Recorder for recording Tube Chop videos. This free app provides several capture modes ranging from audio stream to video stream, camera roll and web screen. You just need to stream the desired video on your browser and also turn to full-screen, then you can record it.

Another TubeChop Website Downloader

mainpage of the site Last but not least is Video Download This tool is similar to Free online downloader by Acethinker. However, this tool is very simple. It is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. Since it is simple, the process of acquiring videos is very easy, yet it has lesser features. Moreover, it can also use links to download videos online. The simplicity of the process makes its news users comfortable. That said, here is a simple guide.

Step1 Copy and Paste the Video Link

Simply copy the link of the video you wish to get. Next, go to the official website of the Video Download. Next, paste the link to the given field. See picture below for the clear demonstration. From there click the “magnifying glass” icon to initiate the process.

paste the link of the video

Step2 Download the Video

Once the video is detected by the tool, it will show the video you wish to download. Unlike other downloaders, most download are separated. However, with this tool, the download button is on the video it self. See picture below for clear demonstration.

download the video


TubeChop videos are nowadays becoming popular and many tools have been developed to assist you with their recording and eventual downloading for further offline viewing. These tools are very different in their operation, and you can find the most suitable to your need if you try them out and see which is the best. In either way we recommend you to try one of the aforementioned AceThinker tools as they are very efficiently handling the TubeChop content and you will be very satisfied with their usage.

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