How to Easily Download One Piece Episodes

One Piece was originated from Japan Dec of 1997, and became the number one Manga in Japan also to some different countries and still sailing up to this generation. This is a journey of treasure hunting called “One Piece” left by the King of Pirates – Gol D. Roger who died a long time ago. Our hero Monkey D. Luffy is also a young pirate who’s having an adventure with his comrade on the journey who supported him and took care of each other along the journey. The story is all about his appealing adventure, fights with the marine of world government and other pirates. Many people are looking for the source to view or download One Piece episodes for viewing offline later. Here you will know how to get the downloading task done easily.

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Download One Piece Episodes with Video Keeper

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Now you have a concrete idea about where to stream One Piece anime, but what if you want to download some of the fabulous episodes to watch and share later? Considering that it’s also a positive way of watching a video without buffers, you may rely on on a third-party download management tool to grab videos. The Video Downloader from AceThinker will come into play whenever you need to download clips from video sites. In order to use the software the most efficient way, you can follow the guidelines below:

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User Guide:

  • Download and install Video Keeper: To start with, download this program from the buttons below and install it on your computer. After activating the program, you will be forwarded to the main interface which will be presented as illustrated in the picture below the second step.
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  • Open the Anime Streaming Site and Enable Detection: In Video Keeper’s built in browser (found under the Detect tab), open Animaland or visit any site where you can get episodes for this anime. To initiate the download, make sure that the “Enable Detection” is “ON”. This feature will do the work for you. Once this is on, it automatically downloads the video. Then, another notification bar pop-ups once detected. See picture below for the location of the button.
  • Check and Convert (Optional): While downloading, you can check the progress of the video by switching tabs from “Detect” to “Download”. From there it will show you the download queue and the progress of each of your downloads separately. Finished videos are located under “Completed”. You have the option to convert the video and modify the format and match it on all your devices. Just right-click on the name of the video, look for “Add to” and choose convert.

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Record One Piece Anime with Screen Grabber Pro

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a professional tool that lets you do much more than just simply record your screen’s activity. The tool is an upgraded version of the previously introduced Video Keeper screen capture tool. The plus that Screen Grabber Pro offers is real time editing and annotation and a handy built-in task scheduler for recording live streams when you are not at your computer to start the recording manually. The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems and the full version can be purchased from AceThinker’s website for a reasonable price.

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User Guide:

  • Download and Install Screen Grabber Pro: Get a copy of Screen Grabber Pro from AceThinker’s official website. After downloading the program, follow the steps in the installation wizard to complete the setup. Afterwards, launch the program from your computer.
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  • Select Recording Mode: After launching Screen Grabber Pro, on the toolbar across the top, click Record which bring up a list of different recording modes. For recording streaming videos, the Full Screen mode is the most suitable since if you watch the video in full screen, the program will record the entire screen’s activity.
  • Start and Finish Recording: If you are satisfied with the selected area to be recorded, click OK on the Select region toolbar and a 3 second countdown will let you prepare for the recording process. Meanwhile prepare to start playing your video in full screen. You can terminate the recording by clicking the stop button on the mini control bar on your screen. Your recorded video will be displayed in your video library, where you can play, upload and edit your videos after highlighting a specific one from the list.

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Best Sites for Streaming One Piece Episodes

Other than borrowing or paying DVD discs from stores while most of them are out of date, you will find internet the best place to enjoy the latest release of One Piece. However, due to the fact that One Piece cannot be easily found on the famous video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and others, you should go for a site which is dedicated to providing this anime on weekly basis. “Watchop” used to be the best choice for watching dubbed One Piece anime, but it was down due to unknown reasons, although it seems that in these days it has been relocated to a new server on Currently, we would recommend “AnimeFreak”, which not only provides English subbed One Piece Episodes every week, but also lets you switch among HD, standard or MP4 quality depending on your bandwidth. Though the site may present advertisements as well, they won’t affect you watching videos.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for the old episodes before 421, you may check for “Dubbedtv” which has the more friendly outward appearance and smooth video streaming. However, it has stopped updating ever since episode 421. Moreover, you may look for the segments of memorable moments in One Piece scraped by fans, you could also check them on YouTube and Animeop, there’s a special One Piece Channel. Also, if you’re wondering the name of episodes and the chapters they belong to, please check the exhausted One Piece episode list in Wikipedia. Here you can explore the names of all episodes classified in live time. Within this list, you can navigate to any episode as desired.


Hope you enjoy the adventure of Luffy and his partners. As you can see some of the hosting websites enable directly to download your favorite episode from there, while you can also refer to professional solutions such as the software provided by AceThinker which will always be at your help in such downloading situation. And if you have better web video sites to enjoy One Piece online, you may share them with us by posting a message below.

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