How to Effortlessly Download National Geographic Videos

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National Geographic started as a magazine, which was launched in 1888. After 113 year of circulation, National Geographic ventured into the television platform by launching the National Geographic Channel. This is a pay to watch cable channel that features documentaries, scientific programs, and other socially related programs. National Geographic later dropped the “Channel” part of its name, and rebranded as “National Geographic.” Some notable programs shown by National Geographic includes the biopic series entitled “Genius,” the reality series “Dog Whisperer” and more. National Geographic has many sister channels, like Nat Geo Wild which focuses on animal programs and Nat Geo People, which is more of the travel and social programming channel. Since the channel is pay to watch, it is generally impossible for anyone who is not subscribed to any cable provider to watch it. However, there is a way to watch these programs, and that is to download National Geographic videos. Read on to learn about the ways to download Nat Geo videos below.

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AceThinker Video Keeper

AceThinker Video Keeper is the best way to download National Geographic videos. This is because the tool is equipped with advanced video downloading options. The tool works the same way as with regular online video downloader, which uses the video URL. However, that is not the great thing about this tool, because it has a feature that no other video downloader has. Aside from being downloader, AceThinker Video Keeper is also a screen recorder, and video converter which makes it a multi-functional tool. To learn about the ways to download National Geographic videos using AceThinker Video Keeper, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker Video Keeper

Download the installer of AceThinker by clicking one of the download buttons below. After the download process, launch the installer and then follow the instructions that will appear from the setup wizard.

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Step2 Download National Geographic video

There are two ways to download a video with AceThinker Video Keeper. The first one is by using the manual method which uses the usual way of copying the URL of the National Geographic video and pasting it on the tool. AceThinker Video Keeper will then fetch the video using the URL and will add it to the download queue. A more convenient way to get a National Geographic video, is by using the “Detect” feature. This method doesn’t require any URL, because the detect feature utilizes the built-in web-browser of the tool. Simply click the “Enable detector” option and then visit the National Geographic website and play the video to download. A notification will appear saying that the video has been added to the download queue. To check the download progress, switch back to the “Download” tab.

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Step3 Play the downloaded video

Once the download process reaches on-hundred percent, it will be transferred to the “Completed” section where all downloaded videos are stored. Play the completed video by selecting it and then click the “Play” button.

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BitDownloader is an online video downloader which is formerly known as Qdownloader. Only the name has changed, but the features are still the same because it can download videos from any web-hosting site. BitDownloader supports sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and even download National Geographic videos. Even though the tool can download videos from various website, there are still some limitations to what it can do. For instance, BitDownloader can’t download music videos, and copyrighted videos from any website. That is the reason why this tool is only recommended for downloading National Geographic videos from YouTube. Overall, BitDownloader is still a tool to use for downloading high-quality videos because it is essentially free and gets high quality videos. To learn how to use Bitdownloader, read the instruction below.

download pbs videos

User Guide

  • Launch the tool by visiting the official website of BitDownloader.
  • From a new tab, copy the URL of the National Geographic video.
  • Paste the URL to the URL bar from the homepage of Bitdownloader and then click the “Download” button.
  • From the new window that will appear, choose the format and resolution of the video then click the corresponding download button.
  • Wait for the download process to finish and once done, play the downloader National Geographic video using the media player of the PC.
Video Downloader professional

Video Downloader professional is a Google Chrome extension that can easily download online videos. Some of the sites that it supports are Vimeo, Dailymotion and even Facebook. However, for some reason, downloading YouTube videos using the extension has been disabled. That is the only problem with the tool, but for other websites, it is working perfectly. To download National Geographic video on Chrome with this tool, any website excluding YouTube will do. The good thing about the tool, is that it does not require any disk space. This means that there is no complicated download process to go through, and it is always available to use. To learn how to use Video Downloader professional, read the user guide below.

video downloader professional

User Guide

  • Install the Video Downloader professional by visiting the Google Chrome Extension Store.
  • Look for Video Downloader professional and then click the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • To download a video, open a website (except YouTube) where there is a National Geographic video.
  • Once the extension icon lights up, it means that it has detected the video. Click the download icon and then select the video format to download.
  • The download process will start and once done, view the video from the download folder and play it using a media player.

National Geographic videos are hard to download because they have a dedicated TV channel. However, not everyone has the luxury of sitting at home and wait for a good National Geographic program. That is why it is better to download National Geographic videos instead. This way, people will be able to watch them at their own convenience, without breaks and annoying commercial. To do so, you can rely on the tools mentioned above, especially AceThinker Video Keeper. With its unique “Detect” feature, users will be able to easily download National Geographic video, without the hassle of copying and pasting the URL.

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How to Effortlessly Download National Geographic Videos

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