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How to Download Martial Arts Movies

Last updated on June 4, 2019 by Marilyn

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How to Download Martial Arts Movies

Martial Arts movies are up there with some of the best genres of movies. Folks would rather stay indoors and watch some of their favorite martial art movies than do any other activity. From classic Kung-fu movies to breathtaking action sequence, martial art movies know how to provide consistent thrills to viewers. The great thing about martial art movies is that they don’t only offer excellent action sequence, but also offer captivating story lines that you can actually connect with. Wondering how to download martial art movies for offline viewing? Well, the entire process is easy as long as you know what tools to utilize. Below is a well-detailed process on how you can download martial film without any stress or worries.

Free Online Downloader

If downloading an application on PC is not your thing, Acethinker Online Video Downloader is the best solution for you. As its name implies, this is a web-based tool that also provides downloading capabilities as if you are using a real video downloader. Likewise, it offers support to almost all major video sharing websites and is compatible with the popular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Bing, Safari, Opera and a lot more. Be guided with the steps below to use Acethinkiner Online Video Downloader to download martial arts movies.

Step1 Copy and paste the link of chosen video

First off, paste the link of your chosen video on the URL field provided below. Then, click on the “Download” button to let the tool recognize the video.

Step2 Choose video format

When the video is successfully detected, a prompt will appear showing you various file formats to choose from. Choose your desired video output and download the video.

copy and paste video link

Step3 Download the martial art video

Once done selecting the file format, right-click on the “Download” button and click on the “Save link as” option. Finally, set your desired folder location to save the video on your computer.

download the video

Acethinker Video keeper

Acethinker Video Keeper is an easy to use tool to download videos directly on your PC. The program boasts of high performance and functionality. It provides users impressive features like fast download speed, video conversion, and editing and lots more. Follow the steps below to download your Kung-fu movies using Acethinker Video Keeper.

Step1 Download and install the app

Start by downloading the program on your computer. You may directly get the app by clicking the “Download” button below. Just choose the right platform for your computer. Once the app is installed, launch it and begin downloading mrtial arts movies.

Try It Free

Step2 Download the movie

Next step is to copy the link of the martial arts video from any martial arts movie sites. Paste the link of the video by clicking on the “Paste URL” button on the main interface of the program. Once the video is pasted into the app, it should start downloading videos instantly. It should appear under the download tab and will show you the progress of the download.

download the video

If copying and pasting each video link is tedious for you, you can turn on Video Detector on the program. This feature allows you to automatically grab video links from the site you are on, and add it to the download queue. It is a handy function that saves you on time, and makes download easy for you, most especially when you are downloading a playlist on YouTube.

detect the video

Step3 Play the video

When the download is complete, it will be transferred automatically to the “Completed” section. From the left-side menu, choose the “Completed” option to see the downloaded video. Right-click on the video then select “Play” to preview.

play the video

Best Martial Art Movies

After finding out ways to download your favorite martial arts movies, we’ve got a little surprise for you. Below is a list of some of the best Kung-fu movies that you have to watch out for. Check them out below;

Drunken master 1 and 2

drunken master movie

This is one of the movies that propelled Jackie Chan into fame. He starred as Wong Fei-hong, a martial artist who uses his own special style of Drunken Miss HO to conquer his foes. In the first part, he fights injustice in the height of British colonialism in the 19th century. His unique style enables him to overcome the shadowless hand, and defeat Yim. The sequel sees him defeat traitors smuggling Chinese historical artifacts. Jackie Chan shows his mastery of the arts in both films.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

crouching tiger hidden dragon movie

This movie is universally loved. Its unique style, action, and story saw it receive global acclaim and awards. Some even go as far as to rank it as one of the greatest martial arts movies of all time. Make it a part of your watch list, and you won’t be disappointed by the outcome.

Enter the Dragon

enter the dragon movie

No kung-fu movie list is complete without Bruce Lee. Enter the Dragon holds the record of being the first Chinese kung-fu movie to come out of a Hollywood studio. The movie tells the story of Bruce Lee in his quest to expose the drug traffic exploit of Mr. Han in his mysterious island. Bruce Lee uses his martial arts skills and knowledge, to triumph over Han.


You might have come across video downloading software available online. However, so far the above-mentioned tool are the best video downloader for nearly all video sites. Also, they offer you a fast and reliable way to get your martial arts movies on your PC or mobile devices. If you want to download online movies frequently, it’s recommended that you can get the desktop downloader like AceThinker Video Keeper as the desktop version is more stable and supports batch downloading. Now you can use any of them for martial film downloading. When you have some free time, relax and enjoy the movies!

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