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download lynda videos You might be required to take continue your education for your business or maybe your school is trying to integrate learning though different visual media sources and is using Lynda. Lynda is a company owned by LinkedIn and provides learning videos and virtual skill builders to help anyone develop their personal skills whether it is in association with business, education such as schools and universities, or government learning. People who have a membership are able to access the courses online that are taught by recognized industry leaders that are engaging and of top-quality. Lynda also provides learning content in German, French, and Spanish under another website called Video2brain.

Being able to download Lynda videos might be extremely helpful if you need to spend time on commuting and you would like to use that time wisely, or you are giving a training seminar, etc. However, as of currently, does not offer the option to view videos offline for their basic membership subscribers, offline viewing is available for those people who have LyndaCampus, LyndaEnterprise, or LyndaPro. Take your learning on the road with these Lynda video downloaders in this article.

Download Lynda Videos with Video Keeper (Win/Mac)

Acting as a powerful Lynda video downloader, AceThinker allows you to download Lynda courses in high quality. It well supports batch downloading so you can download multiple videos at one time to save time. Apart from Lynda, you can also use this program to download videos from all renowned video hosting websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many more. In addition, you can convert downloaded videos to any popular format to be compatible with mobiles, tablets, online sites, media players and even DVD devices. For online live streaming videos, you’re also able to capture them with the built-in screen recording function.

To start using this tool, just check out this guideline below:

Step1 Download the program

Firstly, you can simply download from buttons below and then install it on your computer. Upon activating the program, look for the videos you like to download.
free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Step2 Download your video

Once you have the interface opened, downloading the video via its URL is easy. You need to copy the URL of the desired video from Lynda, resume to the main interface of the program, click on “Paste URL” and then paste the URL to the given field. You can then proceed with the downloading process. On the right part of the screen, click on “Downloading” menu to check the progress of videos being downloaded. You could find them in “Completed” menu when they’re done. You must be aware that the application is also good for having multiple downloads.

Step3 Convert your video

Videos downloaded are in FLV formats, if you need to transfer them to mobiles or use on other devices, you may need to convert them within this software. In the given profile dialog, you could choose the output format you need. Or if you prefer, you can also move onto the device options to convert your videos to compatible formats for specific device with presets. Once done with configuration, just hit the Convert button to start with your video conversion. Within just a short while, you will see converted videos ready to use by navigating to “Converted” menu on left pane. Right click on a video in the list and you can then choose to locate it in local directory or play it directly.

Utilize Freemake Video Downloader (Win Only)

Freemake Video Downloader is an all-in-one video downloader that is capable of handling video formats from files such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, WAV, and 3GP. This software is able to download video not only from Lynda but also from Newsmax, Flickr, YouTube and hundreds of others.

Freemake Video Downloader currently works on Windows only and provides a major way to download videos via URL. However, due to some reports, you will find the software is only good for 2 to 4 downloads before it freezes with no hope of restarting.

In order to use this program, you can follow the steps below:

Step1 Set up the downloading

First of all you need to download and install the program from its official website, and after you open the interface, you can simply copy the link of your video URL from Lynda and paste it into the search bar of the program to start downloading the video directly.

Step2 Convert your video

Once you downloaded the video which you needed, you can change the available options to let the program convert your video to a more compatible format which you can use for a wide range of your devices.

Bigasoft Video Downloader

While Bigasoft is a video downloader that is able to handle all the aforementioned file formats, it is also able to download ultra-high definition (4k) video formats. The software program works as a video/audio recording tool that you are able to record video while streaming content. Bigasoft is also able to download entire playlists in a batch download process. According to the reviews given by Lynda users, the software program works very well on downloading Lynda videos. The only complaints for the software is that some of the files will result in large size, some videos take serious time to download them correctly.

To you this tool with the most benefit, here are the steps:

Step1 Paste your video URL to the program

Firstly you need to prepare the program by downloading it, installing it and opening the interface. Afterwards you can open your desired Lynda video and copy that URL to paste it into the search bar of the interface. You can also click on the Paste URL button to do this with one click.

Step2 Download your Lynda video

After this point you can simply click on the big blue downloading arrow icon so your video will be analyzed and automatically downloaded by the program which will make it very comfortable to you, as you can see the downloading progress and manage easily that your video will be saved on your computer.

Lynda Downloader

Lynda Downloader works specifically with Lynda and all of the file types that Lynda operates in. Courses from Lynda can only be downloaded in MP4 video file format in 960*540 resolution. When the courses have finished downloading, they will remain in the same order as the author intended. Lynda Downloader works with the URL address of the course, and you just need to copy and paste the link into program’s dashboard. Despite it, the software also supports the option of releasing simulated user data that mimics user activity while the video downloads.

lynda downloader

You are able to try this tool for free for the first two sections of a course then it is $19.95 to buy the product with free updates for the life of the product.

However it is important to note that the reviews listed for this product state that has a potential of blocking this download service and users are unable to change the resolution for the download. Therefore we recommend that you use another tool such as the AceThinker software we mentioned before.


As you can see several tool are available for you to download your Lynda courses in a professional manner to your computer where you can always be sure afterwards to be able to watch them offline anytime in the future. It is mainly up to your preference which solution you will find the most suitable to your needs, but we recommend you to use the AceThinker tool as it will surely satisfy all your downloading needs and become a partner which provides you a smooth and enjoyable downloading experience!

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