Ways on How to Download Lifetime Movies

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Ways on How to Download Lifetime Movies

I’ve always wanted to watch movies on Lifetime TV. However, I do not have much time to sit in front of the television or computer. I am always on the go, so I wonder if there are other ways to download those movies and TV series on my computer. That way, I can transfer them to the phone and watch wherever I am. I tried some free online downloader but none of them worked. Can anyone recommend How do I download Lifetime movie? What are the good downloaders that work with LifeTime movies? I appreciate your help in advance.

Indeed Lifetime TV is one of the most visited websites where you can watch movies and TV shows for free. It is natural that you will find it a little inconvenient to watch full-length movies especially if you are working. Yes, not all downloaders can work with the site. Thus, you do not have to worry, here, we reviewed some of the best online downloaders that work almost on all website including Lifetime TV.

Download Lifetime Movies for Free with Online Downloader

free online video downloader pageThe first one is the most practical way of downloading. It is by using a free web-based app that works on all browser type. Free online downloader by Acethinker can definitely help you with that. This tool can get videos and movies almost on all popular movie streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo and including Lifetime Movies. Aside from that, if you are thinking of transferring those movies on your computer then, this is perfect for you. Moreover, you can download the video into the format that is supported by your device. On the other hand, to use this tool is really simple. Follow the simple steps below to begin.

Step1 Copy the Link of the Movie

First you have to go to Lifetime’s official website to search for the movie you want to download. Make sure to play the movie then, copy the link from the address bar as shown in the picture.

Copy the link of the video

Step2 Paste the Movie Link

Next, use the download bar below to get the video. Paste the link of the video into the “URL bar”, then click the “Download” button to initiate the next process.

Step3 Choose a Format and Download

Once the tool detected the video, it will show you several formats that you can download. Choose the format that is compatible with your phone. Finally, hover your mouse to the download button, right click then choose “save link/target as” to download it.

download the video

Download Movies from Lifetime Using Tube Offline

TubeOfflineThe other way is by using Tube Offline. This tool shares the same concept with Acethinker Free Online Video Downloader. With it, you can download videos out of video links. Also, this tool can convert videos into audio files. If you were able catch-up with the procedure of the first tool, then following this tool’s procedure is going to be easy for you.

Step1 Copy the Link of the Video

First go to Lifetime website and search for the video you want to download. Copy the link of the video from the address bar as shown in the photo.

Step2 Paste the Video Link

Next, go to Tube Offline official website. Once landed on the page, you will see two options. The first one is where you can download videos, the other one is for audio download. Look for the field where you can download videos. Then paste the link copied earlier.

paste the link

Step3 Download the Video

To download the video, click the “Get video” button to initiate the download. Wait until the video is downloaded on your PC.

download the video

Download Lifetime Movie with the Advanced Video Keeper

video keeperIf you’re still not satisfied with the two mentioned tool above, try the professional way to download movies online. Video Keeper is one of the professional downloading software that can download videos almost on all movie and video streaming sites. Some of these are Hulu, Vevo, Vimeo, Lynda, Lifetime and a lot more. You can download watch videos simultaneously. In addition, the tool is packed will more feature like screen recording capability and the ability to convert any video to different formats including MP3. So compared to Free online recorder and Tube Offline, this tool has better and advanced features to offer.

Step1 Download and Install the application

Use the download buttons below to download the application. Follow the set-up wizard to install until the app is launched.

Try It Free

Step2 Download the Movie You Need

1. Download via URL

Next, start the download using the link of the video. Go to any site and copy the link of the video. Then go back to Video Keeper, head up to “Download” tab and click “Paste URL”. The tool then will download it.

use link to download

2. Start Downloading using Auto-Detection

The other way is by using the auto-detection of the tool. This is more convenient than going back and forth to the tool and the browser. By using the “Detect” tab you can stream while downloading the video you are watching. Simply use the built-in browser to look for the site then play the video. Once the tool detected that there is a media playing, it will recognize and download the video in no time. Just in case the video was not detected, make sure that “Enable detector” is on located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface.

detect Video

Step3 Check completed download

Lastly, check completed download by switching tabs from “Detect” to “Download”. Look for the “Completed” section then choose the file name. To play the video, use your mouse, double-click the file to play it using the built-in player.

completed download


All tools mentioned are helpful when it comes to downloading movies or TV show on Lifetime TV. You just have to right-fit which will suit you more. If you are looking for a practical way of downloading, go for the free ones. However, if you are looking for a tool that can do more than just downloads, try the professional tool which is Video Keeper. On the other hand, if you have comments and suggestions, do not forget to leave us a message under the comment section.

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