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KissAnime is a well-known site to stream anime movies and series. Why? Because among other anime sites, it has one of the best English subbed and dubbed anime with the benefit of HD quality videos. Visitors can enjoy KissAnime’s extensive collection of anime for absolutely no cost. And, it also continuously uploads 240 to 1080p video quality in a consistent manner. There are many users want to download KissAnime videos to prevent any annoying interruptions. Say you have an unstable internet connection and you want to avoid buffering when streaming video. Thus, saving anime for offline viewing might be a great option for you to enjoy your stream and be entertained without having to worry about any interruption. Here we’ll show you three best solutions to download videos from KissAnime.

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AceThinker Video Keeper for Windows/Mac

If you want to enjoy streaming KissAnime videos even without an internet connection, AceThinker Video Keeper can definitely help you download KissAnime videos. This a stand-alone software that allows users to grab videos from almost all websites. In fact, the app has two methods of downloading videos. The first one is through a manual way of copy and paste URL to the app. The other method is by acquiring videos using its auto-detect feature. Through it’s mainly a downloading app, it can also convert videos to different formats. Using this software, you can convert videos to mobile formats compatible with Apple, Android, Samsung, and many more mobile devices. Therefore, you can conveniently watch anime offline in the comfort of your smartphone. Follow the below steps to finally download video from KissAnime.

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User Guide:

  • Download and install Video Keeper: First thing you need to do is to download the program on your computer. Use the download button below and make sure to choose the right platform for your PC. Once the installer is downloaded, open it to install, follow the setup wizard and wait until the app is launched.
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  • Browse KissAnime and download KissAnime video: From the main interface of the tool, click on the “Detect” tab and go to the KissAnime website using the app’s browser. Click on the address bar and type in “kiss-anime.ws” to reach the site. Now from the webpage, look for the anime that you like to grab. Next, play chosen anime and click on the “Enable detector” at the lower left portion of the tool. Wait for few moments to automatically detect the video playing on its background. Once detected, you can switch back to the “Download” tab to see the video being saved.
  • Check the video acquired: From here, you can see the progress of the downloaded KissAnime video. Once the video is completely downloaded, go to the “Completed” section located at the left portion under the Download tab. Double-click on the downloaded video and the app’s built-in player will show you the playback.

view downloaded video

TubeOffline – Online KissAnime Video Downloader

If you want an alternative KissAnime downloader online that does not need any app installation, you should opt to TubeOffline. This is a web-based online tool that offers free video downloading services. With this tool, one can download anime from different video hosting sites including KissAnime, KissAsian, KimCartoon, KissCartoon, and a lot more. From the homepage of the site, you will already see the download button of the tool, allowing you to grab videos quickly. There is also a list of sites where you can download videos, and they are all arranged alphabetically. In addition, it features popular video websites and the newly added website that it supports. To use this tool as your KissAnme downloader online, look for the site of KissAnime under the alphabet letter K on the main interface. Then, you will be provided with a URL bar where you can paste the URL of your preferred KissAnime video and save it on your computer.

tubeoffline video downloader

Tubemate – Download KissAnime Video on Android

Tubemate is also a great app to save KissAnime videos on your Android devices. If you don’t have a computer handy, it is still possible to store all your videos, including anime on your smartphone. The tool is infused with in-app browser a web-browser that allows you to download videos directly from video hosting sites. All your downloaded videos are saved by default locally on your device’s memory. You can also set the file destination straight to your SD card. Furthermore, this tool allows you to choose your video resolution. Your options include 176 x 144, 640 x 360, 1280 x 720 up to 1920 x 1080 resolution. You can also select from the available formats like MP4, WEBM, OGG, etc. Using this tool is simple and easy. Go to KissAnime or any website where you want to download anime using its browser. Once you landed the page, stream your chosen anime and you should see a download icon located at the top right portion of your screen.

download kissanime from android


There you have it, 3 of the best video downloaders there is. Choosing what you should use may just vary according to your preference or your workflow. If you are always in front of your computer, then you should go with AceThinker Video Keeper. This will allow you to download batches of videos and does allow you to save anime series. Now if you like to quickly download anime with no extra app installation, TubeOffline is nice option. Meanwhile, for users who find streaming way convenient on smartphones, Tubemate should be your best bet.

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