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4 Methods to Download Instagram Video

Last updated on July 30, 2019 by Mary

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4 Methods to Download Instagram Video

Instagram is the first photo sharing site where users can upload pictures. You can use it by downloading the app or visiting the official webpage. Eventually, as the app continues to catch up with the fast-paced trend, you can now share videos too. The site policy is what makes it very popular to its users. It is one of the most secured sites where people can’t just copy or save any pictures you upload. Same goes with videos unless the downloader is reliable enough, then you won’t be able to download Instagram videos. Pictures posted in this site might be difficult to copy, but a little exemptions for videos. Here we will list some of the best Instagram video downloaders that you can use.

Video Keeper

video keeperLet’s start with Video Keeper. It is by far the most well-grounded Instagram downloader from the list. The tool appends a new feature that can automatically get the video just by streaming it. No complicated and lengthy process. Just stream the video, and the tool will get the video the fastest way possible. On top of that, the tool can download a maximum of 20 videos simultaneously. That way you can download many videos at the same time. Meanwhile, if you want to download the app to experience it, click the download button below. Then follow the comprehensive guide on how to use the tool below.

Try It Free

Step1 Download videos from Instagram

1. Download Instagram videos automatically

After installing the application go to “Detect” tab. This tab has a built-in browser, where you can directly search for the website. Find any Instagram video you want and play it. Next, click the “Enable detector” at the bottom left side of the interface. This way the tool will recognize video and downloads it in no time.

download using detector

2. Download Instagram videos manually

Also, the tool can also get a video by using URL. To do so, open your regular browser then visit Instagram and look for any video. Make sure to play the video from the profile of the source to get the direct link. Then go back Video Keeper. Go to the “Download” tab and paste the “Paste URL” button to add the video to your download queue.

manualy download videos

Step2 Check downloaded video

Under the same tab, click on “Completed” to see all the list of videos you downloaded. Also, if you want to play it, you can use your computer mouse to double click the file name. Then the built-in player will preview the video.

check downloaded video


Downloadgram website On the other hand, let us talk about a different approach when downloading. If downloading an app does not suit you well, then you can use some free online downloaders for Instagram. You can name thousands of downloaders out there, but only a few work with the site because of its security. However, Downloadgram is recommended as one of the fastest tools that can help to your downloading needs. This site can get videos and photos on Instagram by using the URL alone. It is easy! Just follow the guide below to try it.

Step1 Copy the video link

Log-in on your Instagram and find the target video.

copy the link

Step2 Paste the video link

Next, go to Downloadgram official site and paste the link into the “URL” field. After that click the “Download” button to initiate the process.

paste the link

Step3 Download the video

Another button will then appear below that says “Download Video”. Click it to save the video on your PC. To play the video, locate the file at the bottom left side of the main page. Click the latest one and your default media player will do the preview.

download the video


mainpage Dredown is another Instagram video downloader that you can use to save Instagram videos online. It is a browser and internet dependent tool. You don’t have to download any software on your PC to use it. You need to visit the official site and use the URL to fetch the video. This site can help you download video from YouTube, FaceBook, Keek, Twitter, Twitch, Vine, Vimeo, Instagram and a lot more. You can now easily download videos from Instagram for free. You be mindful of the on-click ads on the site upon using it. Meanwhile here is a guide on how to use the tool.

Step1 Copy the video link

Go to Instagram and log in using your user name and password. Then search for any video you might be interesting for you. Then make sure to click the video and play it. That way you will get the direct download link. Now go to the address bar and copy the video link.

copy the link

Step2 Paste the video link

Next, visit the official site of Dredown and locate the download bar. Then paste the video link from the assigned field and click “DreDown” bottom by the end of the bar.

paste the link of the video

Step3 Download the video

Wait until another page appears containing the video link that you can click to save the video on your PC. Click the “Download” button to get it.

download the video

mainpage is also known as Insta photo downloader. It is a free app that you can use online as long as you have an internet connection available. The site is compatible with all types of devices platforms like Android, iPhones and even iPad and Mac computers. You can get videos and photos in just a few clicks. Just like DreDown, you need the URL to acquire the video or photo. Follow simple steps to understand how it works fully.

Step1 Copy the video link

Go to the profile where the Instagram photo or video is located. Then copy the link from the address bar.

copy the video link

Step2 Paste the video link

Next, go to the official site of . Then paste the link into the “URL” field given on the main page of the site. To initiate the process, click on “Download Photo” button.

paste link

Step3 Download the video

Another page will then appear containing the download button below the video. Please check the photo below for a clear demonstration.

download the video


All Instagram downloaders listed in this article are tried and tested. You are sure that those tools are credible and reliable. You have to see which tool will suit you the most. Also, to help you a little to decide, if you are looking for a downloader without any limitation, Video Keeper is highly recommended. However, if you are looking for some alternatives that can be easily accessed, then you can try DownloadGram. Moreover, if you have questions about the contents of the article, please let us know by dropping a message below.

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