How to Download Hulu Videos for Offline Viewing

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How to Download Hulu Videos for Offline Viewing

Hulu is one of the largest Internet video streaming services that offers tons of TV shows, movies, music videos and many more. It is one of the best options for streaming on-demand shows and series, ensuring that you never miss a moment of your favorite shows and movies. Have you ever wondered whether you can get Hulu videos to your computer so that you can watch them offline later? Just continue reading because below are some effective video grabbers that will work for Hulu videos. Just check it out and download Hulu videos with no fuss!

Review of Apps

Acethinker Video Keeper

When it comes to downloading videos from Hulu, you shouldn’t miss AceThinker Free Video Downloader, one of the best tools to download Hulu videos. This tool allows you to get video videos from Hulu with just a few clicks. When you play the video in the web browser, the program will detect and media and start the downloading automatically. Apart from Hulu, it also well supports other popular video streaming sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, TED, VEVO, and many more. You can now get the trial version below and start downloading movies from Hulu or any site you like.

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Step1 Go to Detect and Paste the Hulu Video Link

After installation, Launch Video Keeper and go to “Detect” and paste the link into the built-in browser to search for the video. You can also directly type and search for the video instead of copying and pasting the URL. Next, make sure that the “detection” is located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface.


Step2 Detect and Download Hulu Video

When you play the video, the program will start to analyze and detect the video immediately and add it to the downloading list. To check progress, simply switch tabs from “Detect” to “Download”. After the video is completely downloaded, check the “Completed” section and find the file name.

Vk complete

Step3 Convert Downloaded Hulu Video If Needed

Most of the time, videos are downloaded in FLV format, however not all devices are compatible with this format, so Video Keeper lets you convert your videos to other output formats. Choose the desired format and hit “Convert”. Once the conversion has finished, your converted video will be available under the “Converted” menu point.

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Screen Grabber Pro

Another reliable way to save Hulu videos for offline viewing is to record it with a screen recorder. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is just all you need as it enables you to record anything on the computer screen into video formats, of course including the Hulu videos. Both the Windows and Mac versions of this program are available for your choice. You can click the download button below and follow the instructions to record Hulu movies and videos with ease.

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Step1 Configure the Parameters for Recording

Once the software is downloaded, run the file and follow the installation process on the screen of your PC. Next, locate the Hulu video you need to capture and start Screen Grabber Pro. Choose Region as the recording mode and move the capture frame over the video on the Hulu site to select the area you need to record. You can make adjustments to the frame size by pulling on the edges of the frame. See photos below:


Step2 Start the Record

You will be given 3 seconds by our video recorder to get ready. So prepare to start playing your Hulu video. You can also make use of the Cancel, Stop and Pause buttons to control the recording procedure. In case you’re using Windows, you also have the option to press F9 to resume or pause the recording or press F10 to finish capturing your highlighted part of the screen. If you’re using Mac, press ⌥⌘ 1 and ⌥⌘ 2, respectively.


Step3 End and Save the Record

To end the recording, click on the “Stop” button presented on a “Red Square” icon and save the video in the desired format. The recorded video will then be listed on the interface of the recorder, and you’re free to manage them. There is a Task Scheduler that allows you to schedule a recording by setting the recording region and time. In this way, you can even record the Hulu video while you’re away from your computer. Simply click Settings > Task Scheduler to preset the recording parameters as shown below. Click OK to save the task, and when it’s the designated time, the program will start to record your computer screen automatically as required.

configure date of task scheduler

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Tip: If you are interested to learn on how to capture Netflix movies. Check this out.

Stream Transport (Windows Only)

This is another excellent application to download movies on Hulu. It allows users to download videos from different sites aside from Hulu. This gives users the option of saving their favorite shows and video content on their computers or mobile devices. This application is perfect if you want to watch a particular video over and over again without having to use an internet connection. Stream Transport’s more conservative, yet clear-cut interface lets users of any level master downloading videos in seconds. More information about using Stream Transport can be found here or by visiting its official website. The step-by-step illustration below will show you how to download movies on Hulu using Stream Transport.

stream transport task bar

User Guide:

  • To download StreamTransport, visit its official website and click the “Download Now” button and save it in a folder where you will be able to access it easily later on. When installing the app, just follow the wizard setup steps to work your way through the installation process.
  • Open Hulu and locate the video you wish to download. On the bottom you will see a number of links related to the video. Highlight the one you wish to download and to the left of it, click Download.
  • Click “Show task” to track the progress of your download. Once the download has finished, click “Locate” to access your downloaded file that is ready to be played on any FLV Player.
Free Online Screen Recorder

This Free Online Screen Recorder is another application that can’t download Hulu episodes, but record them for both Windows and Mac. This web-based screen recorder can capture your desktop screen activity. It can also record the system audio, microphone, or both to record. The fact that it is for free and you do not need to download any software, you are sure that it is for free. So, if you want to capture important moments while watching videos on Hulu or while streaming Live shows, this one is perfect for you. Below is a step by step procedure on how to use this online tool.

Step1 Go to the Hulu video after opening Free Screen Recorder

Visit the official website and click on the Start button on top to launch the Online screen recorder. Now go to Hulu, choose the video to be recorded online, and prepare to record.


Step2 Record Video

To record video, click “REC” and set the frame to your desired screen size to capture. Also, set up the Audio options to fit to capturing Hulu videos, meaning that it is set to system sound as otherwise, the created video will be muted.

OSRstart recording

Step3 Stop Recording and Save

Once done, click the “Stop” button, which the blue icon. Then, don’t forget to press the “Check Mark” to save the video.

Download Hulu videos on Android

There is also a convenient way to download Hulu videos on your Android device. This is by utilizing the “Download” feature from the Hulu android app. This feature was released to answer the request of users to add a download feature within Hulu. This method is very efficient because it does not require any other application to download videos. Aside from that, you are sure that you are getting the right videos because it is within Hulu. To download a video on Hulu, make sure that your app is updated to the latest version. Next, the Android device must be version 5.0 and has a minimum screen size of 800×450 pixels.

hulu android

Download Hulu Videos on iOS

One of the highly requested features that fans has asked for the app is the ability to download Hulu videos on mobile devices. In the latest update of the app, this feature was added. Hulu mentioned that the new download feature will allow most videos for offline viewing, and can stay on the download list for a maximum of 30 days. Once the 30 days duration passes, users will be given the option to renew the download. To use the feature on iOS, you must first update your iOS operating system to the latest version. After that, update the Hulu app from the App Store. Once done, launch the app and you will see the newly added “Download” tab from the main-interface of Hulu. You can use the feature to browse all titles and contents that are available for download.

hulu ios download


Now you have known 6 effective ways to download episodes on Hulu and the detailed steps to download video with each one. All these recommended tools are straightforward and simple to use. Generally, you can first try the downloading program to see if it works for your Hulu video. If it doesn’t work, then you can turn to those recorders to capture Hulu video so as to get a copy. Among all the above-mentioned software, Video Keeper is the most powerful one, which is worthy of trying. What do you think of these methods? And do you have any other solutions for downloading Hulu videos? It’s highly welcoming if you can share your idea and suggestion in the comment area. Or if you are interested in knowing on how to do screen capture no watermark, check the link provided.

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