5 of the Most Efficient GodTube Video Downloader

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5 of the Most Efficient GodTube Video Downloader

GodTube is a religious video sharing site where you can watch encouraging videos. The site is concentrated in declaring the goodness of God to every Christian around the globe. You can find faith-based video content about family, friends, artist testimonies, funny Christian videos, and music videos. Also, if you want to grow more in your spirituality, you can watch Sermons from different preachers all over the world. Being said, you may also want to download GodTube videos for offline viewing. However, there are only a few downloaders can work on GodTube. Here we have listed 5 of the best GodTube video downloader for your reference.

Review of Apps

AceThinker Video Keeper

The first great tool to download GodTube videos is AceThinker Video Keeper. This tool is an all in one tool that can work perfectly works with GodTube. You can download videos manually by using links or use the auto-detection to make it easier for you to get multiple videos at the same time. Aside from that, this tool is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Meanwhile, we have written a detailed guide of the tool below to help you figured out how to use the tool. If you decided to download the app, use the download buttons below. After downloading and installing the app, launch it, and follow the rest of the steps.

Step1 Download and Install the Software

First, click any of the “Download” buttons below according to your own operating system. Next, follow the easy installation process to save the app into your device quickly. Once done, launch Video Keeper into your device to start downloading videos.

Try It Free

Step2 Download Videos from GodTube

To download the video manually, you have to visit the GodTube website and choose the video you wish to get and copy the video link from the browser. Then, go back to Video Keeper, under the “Download” tab click the “Paste URL” button. From there, the video will be added to your download queue.

paste URL feature

Step3 Check and Play Acquired Video

Once all videos downloaded through manual and automatic detection are done, check them for preview by going to “Download”. Afterward, click on “Completed” and look for the file name. Finally, to play it, with the use of your computer mouse.

preview the video

Tip: Video Keeper also can download videos automatically using its Detect function. This method is the fastest and easiest way to acquire videos on GodTube. From the main interface of the tool, choose “Detect”, then use the built-in browser of the tool directly stream a video on GodTube. Play the video for the tool to recognize and downloads it. While watching, the video is being downloaded. At times there is a download button that appears on the video itself. You can also use that to get the video being played. If the download button, as mentioned, did not appear, then you have to use auto-detection.

Note: Please always make sure that the detector is “on” to make it work. You will know if the tool detector if you see “Disable detector” with the radar located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface.


qdownloader video

QDownloader.net is an online tool that you can use to acquire videos from GodTube. This is a practical way to get videos online; this one is perfect for you. It is a free access tool that anyone can use. You only need to have an internet connection and a browser supported by the tool. Just like the manual way of getting a video of Video Keeper, the tool can get videos via URL. You can get any videos from the sites supported by it. Furthermore, this site can also be accessed on different mobile devices.


fetchfile video downloader

Another online downloader on the list is FetchFile. Fetchfile is another GodTube online downloader. It can help you get videos on different streaming sites using the link of the video. What is right about the tool is that it acts like a video download and a converter at the same time. Why? It is because it can produce several download links on different formats and quality. You need to be aware that the site has several pop-up ads.

Video Grabber

video Grabber

Third to the last on the list is Video Grabber. This site works similarly with Qdownloader and FetchFile. It can get videos via URL. Aside from that, the quality of the video output is in HD quality. What makes this tool surpass others is that it does not only provide one free service. It is a free downloader, screen recorder, and a converter. All of these tools are free to use without creating an account. However, since it is for free, there will be some limitations set. In spite of that, it is still a good alternative.

Free Online Screen Recorder

tool interface

Last GodTube to MP3 recorder on the list is a Free Screen Recorder from Acethinker. If downloading video does not suit your taste, then you can try a screen recorder. This tool is, of course, for free and can produce good quality output just like the original. It can provide a video quality up to 720p. Also, for video tutorials, you can use it to record your computer screen, annotate, and even record your voice while recording. You do not need a separate tool to do all of these. If you want to check out how to use this tool, you can check the step by step procedure below.

Step1 Launch the app

First, visit the official website of AceThinker Free Screen Recorder, and click the “Start Recording” button to begin. Then go to GodTube to open a video of your choice.

Step2 Start Recording

Now, go ahead and match the frame to the target video. Once set, click the red “Rec” button from the toolbar below. The recording then will give you three seconds to prepare.

start the recording

Step3 Annotate while recording

While recording your video, you can also annotate and add shapes, lines, and text even writes on the screen. Just click the “Pencil” icon to see the toolbar for annotation.

annotate while recording

NOTE: Once done with the recording, click on the blue button to end it. Then click the “Check” mark that will appear. From there, you can preview the record and save it. Finally, click the “Upload” button to save the file on your PC. If you want to watch it, you can check the folder where you set it to be saved. By default, it is under the name of the recorder on your drive C documents.


Whether you use a professional tool like Video Keeper or use a free online downloader, it is up to you. You are sure that all video downloaders and recorders mentioned are genuinely working with the GodTube site. All are tried and tested. You can just right fit which tool you can benefit the most. If you encountered some issues or have some suggestions and concerns about the content of this article, you can drop a message under the section below. Or, if we have missed some better GodTube downloaders, please share it with us. Thank you!

free music recorder

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