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Tips for Streaming and Downloading Death Note

Last updated on April 11, 2019 by Cindy Smith

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Tips for Streaming and Downloading Death Note

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“Death Note,” an anime program written and produced by writer Tsugumi Ohba and manga artist Takeshi Obata, continues to rise in popularity among fans of this type of entertainment. Although it started as a print project and quickly became a cartoon anime show, the live-action movie and videogame options that are now involved in the franchise are only boosting it toward greater recognition all around the world.

Perhaps one reason for “Death Note’s” popularity is the main character, Light Yagami, who is an ordinary Japanese high school student who finds a magical notebook called “Death Note.” By using this mystical notebook, the boy can call forth the souls of the dead in order to strike vengeance against living people who are guilty of murders or other horrible things. Investigators want to use him and his skills to lead a team to find the killer in a horrific crime spree. There are plenty of exciting battles and supernatural powers.

It is possible to find “Death Note” on many anime and cartoon streaming websites online, but downloading it and saving it to your computer is more challenging. If you truly want to watch the show yourself at a later time, you will have to use a special tool or program to be able to download it.

I. The Sites We Recommend for Watching Death Note Online

AnimeFreak.TV – This website is very attention grabbing as the front page is full with all your favorite anime actors. You can find all “Death Note” episodes on the site and select the one you want to watch from a huge list complete with information about each one. You can find the episode number, what type it is, whether you want Japanese or English subtitles and even read a synopsis of the plot and characters.

anime freak — This website features a very strong search system so you can find your favorite “Death Note” episode by typing in various things about it or by navigating through the tabs along the top navigation. You can write over to the anime series list and then select “D” to find “Death Note” TV episodes. There are both original Japanese versions available here as well as the pirated English dub.

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II. Programs for Downloading Death Note on Mac/Windows

We have found one of the best pieces of software that is able to save this and other favorite anime shows on your computer so you can watch them at your leisure. Simply click on one of the buttons below to start your free trial. We include here a guide so you can get started right away. This one is geared toward Mac users, but PC and Windows users who want to watch “Death Note” can follow along and learn how to do it on their computer as well.

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Step1 Download and Install the Program

Download the program and install it just as you would any other piece of software. When you find your favorite Death Note episode, you can copy the video link and then click Paste URL on the main interface to download it. Alternatively, you can enable the detector on the left-bottom of the interface to let the program download the video automatically when you play it.

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Step2 Convert Downloaded Videos to Desired Formats

After you either click or paste all the videos you want in the program, the interface should show you a progress bar so you can see how quickly all of the episodes are downloading for you. Although you will undoubtedly want to watch “Death Note” as soon as possible, the download speed is determined by the speed of your Internet and computer. In just a few minutes, the first video should be done. Then you can navigate to Completed on the left-hand side of the interface to see which ones you have. When you want to watch the videos, you can click Add to > Convert to add the videos to the conversion task list.

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Then under Convert tab, choose a video format you prefer and click Convert to change the FLV format to the desired format to suit your needs better.

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Step3 Download Death Note in 3GP Format for Mobile Viewing

Most mobile devices use video in the 3GP format. If you intend to bring your “Death Note” episodes along with you on the bus or on an outing with friends, you should choose 3GP when selecting the file type. However, you can even skip that step and make the process simpler. Just copy the URL of the video online and paste it into the program. Click “Convert” and it will automatically be prepared for phone or other mobile device playback.

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