Top 7 Websites to Listen and Download Anime Songs

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Have you listened to any anime music? Do you even have the slightest idea about anime music? Anime music is the short term for anime theme music or anime soundtrack music. You can usually hear this playing from the beginning and at the end of the program. It is considered almost exclusive female and high pitched singing. This kind of music is usually catchy and has a high mass appeal. Anime music may top the charts sometimes, but their artist is less visible for the most part. A lot of sites are available now online so that you could enjoy this kind of music. Continuously reading below will give you the best websites on how to listen and download anime music.

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First on our list is an American video-sharing platform called YouTube. From this site, internet users can watch, share, comment, and like posts. Its content varies from video clips, TV shows, documentaries, music videos, live streams. Furthermore, it also has video blogging, tutorials, and short original videos. Using your mobile devices, ipads, tablets, laptops, and PCs, you can maximize this website by downloading your favorite anime music. Having said that, YouTube will help you to enjoy anime songs. You can even search your favorite anime music on YouTube. In addition, YouTube caters to a thousand anime music. That’s why you can have fun listening to anime soundtrack playlist all day long.



Next on the list is Gendou. This is another website that its primary contents are anime music. Although, you will notice from its home page that their last update is already from a few years back. Besides, you need to register an account first before you can proceed to download anime music. After the registration, that’s the only time that you can continue with the process. Another visible on their home page as well are the seven different tabs. Each Tab has its dropdown menu to see and use the features provided by Gendou. Nevertheless, Gendou is still considered one of the reliable sites to download anime songs.

gendou interface

The Hylia Anime

After Gendou, another website is The Hylia Anime. This is a website that provides fan subtitle versions of anime, and also the old animes that are not easily found available. It is an organized website, as you can see from the main page from the “Anime By Letter” section of The Hylia anime website. More so, you will be able to see the total records that they have on their websites. For instance, The Hylia Anime has a total of 2153 series, 31,578 of full episodes, and even the archived size of 6986 GB and so on. This website has no ads. Hence, due to large server expenses, you are required to be a donating member to be able to download more than five files. Nevertheless, The Hylia Anime is another alternative to download anime mp3.

the hylia interface


The next alternative, in this article, is the Utanimeost. On this site, it is easy for you to search for your favorite anime music from different “Genres” and “OST List” sections. Besides, you also need to log in first to access the whole website’s features. This site also only provides download links, that is why a lot of videos from this site are cannot be played. You need to download them first before you can enjoy them. Aside from that, this website also has a lot of ads that sometimes redirect you to other pages. However, this website contains a lot of ads that appear right the moment you visit the site. But still, Utanimeost is another possible site that you can visit to download anime soundtrack.

utanimeost interface

Video Game Music

Another option that you can visit is the Video Game Music. This website offers not only anime videos but also anime soundtracks that you can download. It also has an easy searching option just by typing the name of the soundtrack you wish to get. More so, this website also gives a smooth browsing experience through its soundtrack directory. In addition, this site provides you the total number of albums, songs, and size that it covers. Video Game Music, also keeps you posted on their latest soundtracks that they update every day.

video game interface


The second to the last from the list is the AchAnime. This is another alternative downloading website that is out in the market to download anime music. LIke, Utanimeost, this website also provides mostly only download links. What is nice about this site is that the “Music Video” section is separated from the “OST Anime” section. However, the only thing that is not so good about this site is its pop-up ads that sometimes redirect you to another page.

achanime interface

Nipponsei Minglong

The last website on the list is the Nipponsei Minglong. Just like the first six sites mentioned above, this website also allows you to download anime music. The word “Nippon” means “Japan” and the suffix word “sei”, on this case means “made of”. From its name itself, Nipponsei Minglong caters anime music made from Japan. You will see from its main interface that the navigation section on the left side of its main page is categorized into seven categories. And eventhough this website is encountering some technical issues you can still try to visit this site anytime you want.

nipponsei interface

AceThinker Video Keeper

In case you are looking for another tool that will help you download anime music easily, considering that, there are some sites like YouTube, you won’t be able to download anime songs and other sites redirects you to another page because of their ads, the best tool that you can use is the AceThinker Video Keeper. This tool is the most reliable downloader out in the market nowadays. It has different functions that allow you to download your favorite anime official soundtrack. With this tool, you can have a stunning quality of your anime music. It gives the superb result you are looking for to download anime song. Read on below will teach on how to download your anime music using AceThinker Video Keeper.

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Step1 Download and install

First, download the tool by clicking one of our “Download” buttons above. After that, to save the AceThinker Video Keeper, start the installation process by running the installer. Then, launch it to direct you to its main interface.

videokeeper interface

Step2 Download File

Then get your anime music on YouTube. Then copy the URL and go back to the Video Keeper. Click on the “Paste URL,” and you will see your video is added to the download queue. Wait for a few seconds until the downloading is finished. After that, go to the “Completed” panel. Hover your cursor to the downloaded video, right-click, and choose “Add to” and click on “Convert.”

download music

Step3 Convert and Play

Finally, after navigating on the “Convert” tab on top menu, it will take you to the “Convert” interface. Then on the “Profile” section, on the lower left part of the interface, choose the format of the video, on this case, choose MP3. After that, click on the “Convert” button, located on the lower-right corner. Wait for a few seconds, and then go to the folder where your anime music is saved. Then play the anime song.

convert and play


In general, downloading anime music is one of the most trendings at this time. With the sudden rising of the anime world, everybody is going enthusiastic about anime music. A lot of downloading sites are available for you. It’s just up to you to use one of the mentioned websites above or give them all a try. In addition, there are a lot of downloading tools that you can also use when the website doesn’t support downloading anime ost mp3. That is to use the AceThinker Video Keeper, the best alternative to download anime music. So, what are you waiting for? Your anime music playlist is just waiting for you.

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Top 7 Websites to Listen and Download Anime Songs

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