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KDrama or Korean Drama is Television Drama Series made in South Korea. It started way back in 1962 and usually a 15-minute long piece. The very first drama aired was entitled “천국의 문,” “Cheongugui mun” translated as “The gate of Heaven.” As the year passed by, the format, notion, duration, and schedule they are broadcast changes. Korean drama is different from the ones that you see from the western part of the country. Way back, each Series have a minimum of 8 episodes and 24 as the maximum. Nowadays, the shortest episode is 12, and so far the longest KDrama lasted 70 episodes. The Korean wave is getting popular to different countries because of the versatility in the genre and their cinematography. Aside from that actors and actresses are pretty much beautiful and handsome. This article gives you 10 of best Korean drama 2019 to watch out for and sites where you can find and download them.

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Memories of Alhambra Palace

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Suspense, MeloDrama

memories of alhambra “알함브라 궁전의 추억” Memories of Alhambra if translated in English, is played by two of the most popular actors and actresses in Korea Park Shin Hye and Hyunbin. The story is about Yoo Jin Woo (HyunBin) a CEO of a company that develops video games and Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye) who dream of becoming a popular guitarist. The story began when Yoo Jin Woo received an email about a person who is developing a game (happened to be Jung Hee Joo’s brother) that will take AR games into a different level. Because of his competitive spirit, he immediately flew from Korea to Spain to meet the game developer. The story began when Yoo Jin Woo discovered that the only way to get the right of the game is by buying the Hotal Bonita owned by Jung Hee Joo’s family. That is where their lives started to intertwined and started to experience a series of strange and unexpected events that drawn them to stick together and overcome the odds together. As of this moment, this drama has ended. You can watch the whole series by visiting some of the best KDrama sites below.

Touch Your Heart

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Life, Law, Drama

Touch your heart 진심이 닿다 or Touch your heart in English is played by Korean actress Yoo In-na and Lee Dong Wook. This KDrama is based on a web novel and is like a sequel of Sunny and Grim reaper characters after the successful KDrama Series Goblin. Yoo In-na played as Oh Yoon Seo a famous actress in Korea who was involved in a serious scandal that damages her acting career that makes her jobless for several months. As she desperately wants to go back acting, she persuaded his Agency to give her another project. Her manager agreed provided that she will need to learn the character by having a real-life experience on a Law firm. Their love story begins when Oh Yoon Seo started to work as a secretary of the cold-hearted lawyer named Kwon Jung-rok. As time passes by the arrogant and strict lawyer fell in love with Oh Yoon Seo because of her kind and charming character. If you are looking for a light Drama that will make you feel better after a long tiring day, this one is it. The series has a light and lovely scenes.


Genre: Romance, Drama

Namja chingu poster Its original title is Nam-ja Chin-gu which literally means “Boyfriend”. Actors Song Hye Gyo as Cha Soo Hyun and Park Bo Gum as Kim Jin Hyuk portray the love relationship between a CEO of a hotel and a regular employee. Usually, the guy plays the role of a CEO and fell in love with an average woman. Just like a typical Cinderella story, a “Chaebol” which means a son of a rich man fell in love with a poor lady. It is different this time around. The CEO of the company is a divorced woman who lived her life dictated by her parents. The hotel she is managing was alimony from her in-laws. Meanwhile Kim Jin-Hyuk a normal and talented guy who likes to take pictures accidentally met her in Cuba. Kim Jin-Hyuk felt attraction towards her. When they both got back to Korea, they met again, this time as a boss and an employee. The forbidden relationship continued, and it was against all the odds. By the end of the story they both found their ways to be together no matter what.

He is Psychometric

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Supernatural, Thriller, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

He is psychometric From fantasy, romantic comedy, this time is a Mystery with romance and Drama. He is Psychometric is an on-going series in Korea now. Currently on its 14th episode. It is said that the drama will only have 16 episodes in total. He is Psychometric is about a boy who can read somebody else’s memory of the past by touching them. Lee Ahn the “Psychometrist” played by Park Jin-young of Got7, who lost his parents because of a fire accident when he was young. By his side is Yoon Jae-in played by Shin Ye-Eun. She is a daughter of the suspected fire accidentally who lives her life avoiding people because of her father’s arrest. Together they are trying to unveil the real suspect to both regain their parents’ dignity catching the real culprit. The story goes on as they investigate the case. As of this moment, they have all the clues they have to tie the story.

Her private life

Genre: Comedy,Romance, Friendship,Drama,Life

Her private life presscon photo Her Private Life (그녀의 사생활) is a story about a talented Curator at an Art Gallery played by (Park Min-Young) as Sung DeokMi. Sung DeokMi is optimistic and hardworking. Artworks specifically paintings are her first love. Also, on the other side, she is a “Homa” or “Fanpage Manager” who manage a website for a famous idol named “Shi-An.” It is a secret that nobody knows except her closest friend who is also a fanatic. The story will revolve how Sung Deok-Mi hides her other side to keep her dignity as a curator. However, soon enough Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-Wook) found out about her secret and started to fall for her. Ryan Gold is the new managing director of the Art gallery where she works. While being with her, he suddenly fell attracted and started to be interested in her life as a curator and an idol fanatic. It is still an on-going series, so the ending is still unpredictable. As of the moment, it is now on its 4th episode. If you want to follow through with the series, you can watch the live broadcast twice a week, every Wednesday and Thursday.

I Hate you Juliet

Genre: Romans, Comedy, Supernatural

I hate you juliet group photo It is a love story between a celebrity and an aspiring script-writer. Jung Woo (Chayul) played by FTISLAND HongKi is the celebrity in the drama who does not believe in fate and seeking for the love of his parents. After meeting Ji-won Jung Woo (Actor Chayul) started to become affectionate towards her. Also, as he discovered that he could read Ji-Won’s mind when they feel affectionate about each other. As the story progress, the famous actor slowly fell in love with Ji-won and vice versa. In the end, they found out that they’re parents are rivals. So their parents started to detest their relationship at first, but they end up reconciling. By the end of the story, the lovers go against the odd, and their love for each other heal their parent’s wounds.


Genre: Fantasy television, Romantic comedy, Crime Fiction

abyss poster Abyss is a story about a woman prosecutor named Kim Sa-Rang and eventually reincarnated as Ko Se-Yeon after dying from an accident. Through the abyss bread that has the power to revive a dead person, Ko Se-Yeon was revived. The abyss bread decides how your appearance will be, depending on how good you were when you are alive. So the kinder you were, the prettier you will be on your next life. Because Se-yeo was not that good spirited, her physical appearance changed and flopped. Ko Se-Yeon is played by one of the most popular and loved Korean actress Park Bo-Young.

On the other hand, another character in the story which became her leading man. He was a successor of a cosmetic company but did not possess any good look, but he has a good spirit. So after he got into an accident, he was reincarnated as Chamin. Chamin was played by (Ahn Hyo-Seop) from Wanna one this time with a handsome appearance. This drama will be broadcast every Monday and Tuesdays replacing He is Psychometric from TVN. That means the show will start two weeks from now.

Asadal Chronicles

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance

azadal chronicle cast After the success of Descendants of the Sun, the lead characters Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won are to amaze us with the new upcoming drama Asadal Chronicles. Along with veteran actor Jang Dong Gun. The story is about two cursed lovers who struggled to use their powers. These two main characters possess a cursed sign that makes living normally like others a struggle. Tan-ya played by Kim Jiwon overcame adversities to achieve her goal of becoming the first Politician of Asadal. On the other hand, Song Joong Ki as Eunseom, a cursed child and soon becomes the Asadal head and build the city to an Empire. The story is more of a historical mythical. Asadal is the capital of Gojoseon or also known as Joseon a Korean Kindom back then. This drama is said to air the midyear of 2019. To be specific June 01, 2019.

Love Alarm

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

love alarm Love alarm or “좋아하면 울리는” is based on a webtoon series and now made alive and played by the child actress Kim So-Hyun. Love alarm is an app developed named Joalarm. The app will be able to tell you if the person 10 meters away from you likes you. However, it will not reveal specific details about it. Kim So-Hyun as Kim Jo-Jo is a high school student who is pretty and smart but not living an easy life. Her parents died when she was young, so she was living with her aunt. JoJo did not download the love alarm app but a friend of Hwang Sun-O who wants to know if Joo likes his friend too. That’s where the story begins. The show did not air yet, and it does not have a definite date either. So you have to watch out for that.


Genre: Action, Drama

vagabond poster Vagabond is set to be released the second half of 2019 every Wed and Thurs 22:00 on SBS. Bae Suzy and Lee Seung-Gi lead this drama. The story is about an aspiring stunt man who wants to become a famous actor. He got into a plane crash that almost took his life. His life changed when he faces the controversies behind the plane crash, and that exposed the civil corruption case. On the other hand, Go Hae-Ri (Bae Suzy) wanted to become a NIS agent, and she did. However, she became a black agent instead of a white agent that she hoped for.

All those KDrama listed above are all interesting and with a unique plot. Plus the lead characters are good at acting. Also, if you have friends who are a KDrama lover, you can watch together through the sites below.

Sites to Watch Korean Drama Online for Free

1. KissAsian
kissasian-websiteFirst on the list and one of the most popular and most visited websites when it comes to Asian TV series is KissAsian. The website has extensive catalog of TV series from different countries specifically around Southeast Asia. One reason why people are drawn to this site is the ability of the site to update every time there is a new episode released an hour after it was broadcast. On top of that with English subtitles. You will be able to identify which series are popular or less popular according to the subtitle. If it takes time to see the series subbed, that means it is on the least of the priority list. However, if the series was published immediately subbed, that means the Drama is on demand. Also, the video quality of this site is satisfying. You can get a maximum of 1080p for screen resolution.

Dramago-screenshot websiteHere you can watch your favorite Korean Drama with English subtitles (if you are not a native speaker of the language). does not require sign up to access the website. You can freely search for any TV series from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, North and South Korea and other countries around Southeast Asia. What is good about the site is that Dramas are organized in one tab. You just need to click the “Drama” tab and choose from what country and the site will give you a list of Drama in alphabetical order. This site provides a full episode of each series. The difference between KissAsian and Drama goes is the player supported by the site. Dramago cuts one episode in 4. If the series is an hour long, it will be 15 minutes per player. In spite of this difference, it is still considered one of the most visited sites when it comes to international Television series.

Note: In any case, you want to share a copy of these series to your friends, you can consider downloading them by using Video Keeper. It is an all in one tool that can get videos almost on all sites including KissAsian and You can start using the tool by downloading the app using the shortcut buttons below.

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if you don’t want to wait for the next episode and wanted to watch the series in full, you can first watch Memories of Alhambra Palace, Touch your heart, Encounter and He is Psychometric for broadcasting for these has ended. The rest on the list are on-going and soon to be broadcast. Also, the two sites listed above where you can get KDrama online are tried and tested. If you are going to download videos from those sites Video Keeper is compatible and recommended.

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