10 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime for Free

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The word Anime means Japanese animated productions which may feature hand-drawn or computer-generated characters. The Japanese anime has been prevailing over the world by its fascinating plots, fabulous scene, imaginative character and more. The prosperous anime industry has aroused countless anime works available for watching online, most of them are associated to the manga in comic books while the others are authorized by anime producers originally. And nowadays there are numerous anime streaming websites where you can find your anime episodes, videos, and movies and enjoy them online. Here I will show you 10 of the best anime sites that are worth trying.

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How to Identify a Good Anime Site

There is a tremendous number of websites to watch anime out there and lots of options to view it. Most of these sites online are dubious legal merit. You need to be aware to skip those sites which load malware on every device you own. You need to avoid watching on places that illegally sell content for free, and they might get flagged by governments. You might be wondering where to watch anime we have segregated out these best anime websites to stream Anime online. With the given lists, you can expect loads of Anime contents, top-rated contents, and HD quality shows.

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Top 10 Online Anime Websites You Should Know

1. KissAnime

Anime fans made KissAnime, one of the best anime streaming websites for anime fans. They are legit and keep you up to date with every new Anime like an overlord, seven deadly sins, and more. They tell you what’s new and hot shows airing on Television. They also segment popular series, with One Piece, which alone has KissAnime 200 million views. Additionally, KissAnime is free, and some videos are available to stream for up to 1080p resolution. Moreover, the videos on its main interface are appropriately categorized according to genres and released dates. Their website is too mainstream for Anime fans that it gets taken down claiming illegal content now and often. If one video gets taken down, KissAnime has other mirror sites which they provide in the Announcement section for fans to watch it without disturbances. However, a significant drawback of the site is its main interface is loaded with advertisements. Still, KissAnime is overall a great place to watch Anime, thanks to KissAnime, for being around when we are bored and stressed out.

kissanime website

2. Funimation

Funimation is a dubbing company over in America for English dubbed anime. Funimation also has its streaming service available. Funimation is not free to stream; however, it has a free service trial to test contents. Free service allows limited content with ads on them; the premium version gives tons of materials and no ad services. Funimation has a clean and responsive webpage, contents in the site are put in tiles; recent anime is at the top then descends to less popular. You can rearrange the materials you like into new tiles or something. Funimation is rich in contents; with the paid version, you get all the anime requirements like ratings, big queue, total views, and video time. When you’re looking for the best sites to watch anime, give Funimation a try.


3. GoGoAnime

GogoAnime is a worldwide popular anime streaming site. This website includes English dubbed cartoon anime featuring a big library of anime. Contents on GoGoAnime buffers fast, and they are safe to browse. Each episode is fully uploaded of every anime, its legit site to navigate. You can find all your favorite anime and save them on your watch list if you need to browse them later. GoGoAnime saves your money as well as provides legit content, and it’s an excellent site; when other sites get down, this saves you from watching spontaneously. It’s seemed that some of the ads are redirects to phishing sites, so you need to take care of not clicking on those sites. GoGOAnime is entirely free to watch anime. You can stream at high quality, 720p HD, and even 1080p. You can find English subtitles in the video player else you can manually add them while watching. Additionally, free download is available on this very site.

gogoanime website

4. 9Anime

9Anime has the largest anime database to stream online. You can watch high-quality anime 720p and 1080p straight from their video player. Video players in 9Anime support English subtitles, as well as some contents, are English dubbed too. 9Anime is an entirely the best place to watch anime for anime lovers. You need not pay or register to watch anime; it’s free to browse. 9Anime is relatively safe to watch anime or cartoons; the thing you need to consider is not clicking on any pop-ups and advertisements. One of the best features of 9Anime to mention is if video content doesn’t play or loads up, it automatically checks another server and provides materials right away. This site is not favorable to kids as sexual ads may pop-up while hitting that play button. Its faults can be ignored if you are looking for best websites to watch anime free.

9animepro website

5. Chia-Anime

If you are looking for the best anime streaming site to watch and download anime, Chia-Anime is the best way to go. You can view content that is frequently updated and added. It is said to be one of the best alternatives to KissAnime. It does not feature subtitles. Neither you can import them locally, which is a minus point here. You can stream anime with HD and non-HD quality. The download option is also available, which is easy to access, and you can even watch content on a mobile phone. Sometimes server error while buffering may disturb you from watching other than that Chia-Anime is an excellent place to watch anime online.

chia anime website

6. Crunchyroll

Out of thousands of anime sites to watch anime for free online, Crunchyroll is one of the niche Asian focused streaming service, which includes Asian Drama and Anime. It is a multiplatform streaming site that supports Windows, Android, and iOS. This site surfaces visitors into two categories, drama, and anime. It features popular programs, hot and new anime and excitement, most rated and so on; anime content seems stable on Crunchyroll. Streaming quality is satisfactory, and it will not blow you away with the stubby quality. With Crunchyroll downloader, you can download every season freely, and it’s available free on the web. In Crunchyroll. You can add subtitles to anime manually. Crunchyroll is not free service; premium subscription costs $7 monthly. However, you can get free service too, but you will be affected by lots of ads and deprive of adding personal queues.

crunchyroll website

7. Hulu

With an abundant streaming service out there, all competing for your hardened cash, knowing which streaming service is a must. Hulu is one of them, and it’s a jointly earned online streaming service that is among us for some years now, providing movies, TV series, and anime. Hulu is based on the subscription model, the same as Netflix, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, and others. It’s not only about subscribing to Hulu, and it’s the best thing if you are a hardcore anime fan and want to watch them legally. It is the cheapest option to watch anime and TV series. Cowboy Bebop and Attack on Titan are the significant highlights while comparing to other anime on Hulu. It intimidates new subscribers with endless pages of anime content. With subtitles options turned on, you can watch anime easily if you are outsiders. Hulu features only some content as downloadable if you are lucky to save your favorite anime offline then stream them later.

hulu website

8. AnimeDao

AnimeDao is famous for its rich content and HD video quality. This free anime streaming site is rated highest by anime lovers for its various fascinating parameters. With AnimeDao, you can stream anime without subscribing and registering. It is safe to browse as no recent threats have been reported by users lately; however, this site often gets down with server issues. Contents in AnimeDao are listed according to alphabet letters, which makes it easy to browse. Additionally, the popular lists and newly added lists serve great help to visitors. It has users’ discussion section where people review anime without spoiler.

animedao website

9. Anime-Planet

I’m sure you are reading here because you are fond of watching anime. AnimePlanet is among our top anime sites recommendation for anime and manga lovers. With this website, you can create your Anime-planet profile and track every activity you view and discuss among other visitors. The forum to discuss anime content seems to attract lots of traffic daily. The site is free to use and is rated highest by anime lovers. Anime-Planet is monetized by Google, which eventually means it’s safe to browse. It also features some popular manga to read. Despite fewer video content, people seem to love this site as a review and discussion forum. There is no option to download videos online with this site.

animeplanet website

10. AnimeFreak

Stream free anime series and anime cartoons online with AnimeFreak. It is one of our best anime websites to stream anime daily. It has got lots of visitors and useful reviews lately. The site is excellent, but sometimes video might glitch due to pop-ups and server issues. AnimeFreak’s video player is one of our favorites, as it has lots of features and settings to tweak around. English Subtitles are auto-generated, and you can autoplay your favorite contents right out of media player settings. The search engine is pretty clean and gives the right content as searched. It has the option to register to the site, which allows saving materials for future views. We use it as our dearest site as it is safe yet tremendous and have lots of anime.

animefreak website

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