Top 10 Anime Streaming Websites for Watching Animes Online

Last updated on November 7, 2018 by Cindy Smith

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Top 10 Anime Streaming Websites for Watching Animes Online

best anime sitesThe word Anime means Japanese animated productions which may feature hand-drawn or computer-generated characters. The Japanese anime has been prevailing over the world by its fascinating plots, fabulous scene, imaginative character and more. The prosperous anime industry has aroused countless anime works available for watching online, most of them are associated to the manga in comic books while the others are authorized by anime producers originally. And nowadays there are numerous anime streaming websites where you can find your anime episodes, videos, and movies and enjoy them online. Here I will show you 10 of the best anime sites that are worth trying.


CrunchyrollCrunchyroll is no wonder one of the best anime sites. This website is not just a site which provides the latest popular anime online but also features forums for fans to discuss their favorites and manga for people to read. Here you can watch hundreds of anime and even Korean Drams in HD or standard quality. You can simply navigate to a fancy anime by clicking on the thumbnail view and forward to the list of all episodes available in it. However, it takes time for you to pick up what you need because these animes are not categorized in any order but just show up in one field. Still, if you’re familiar with your favorite anime, you can locate it from those anime thumbnails with no problem. Just keep in mind that this site needs people to register premium membership account to stream all videos without limits. The free trial account which requires your email ID could only stream anime for 3 days and read the manga for the fortnight.


  • Large collection of latest Animes which are easy to stream
  • Clean pages with no saturated ads
  • Full-HD high quality available for videos


  • Only provides episodes while there’s no anime movie available
  • Requires premium accounts to watch continuously
  • Animes are missing categories or types


Anime PlanetAnime-Planet is a popular anime streaming website where you find all sorts of anime movies based on various search criteria. The website has partnerships with the most widely used video streaming sites, so anything you watch here is guaranteed to be legal. The site features a useful “My Watching” section where based on your viewing habits you get a list of recommended anime to help you explore new content. Moreover, there is a special section dedicated for rating anime characters where you can track where each character appears and you are free to share your opinion of the characters.


  • Nice-looking design with clear navigations
  • Not so many ads as a free anime site


  • All videos are hosted on third-party sites like Hulu, so it takes time to load them
  • Some features requires registration
  • Kissanime

    best place to watch anime freeKissanime undoubtedly should be included in list of the best anime streaming websites. It has a dark color theme, but it does provide many cool animes in thumbnail views. The homepage features a funny part on the top, letting users choose their favourite anime category and then returning an anime at random. If you want to look for a new anime to surprise yourself then it will be a good choice. And just like other anime sites, Kissanime has arranged the newest anime on the home page as well, though many of them are more likely for kids or teenagers to watch.

    One good thing is that you can still explore into more by navigating to the anime list on this site, while you could see the videos well organized in categories. Clicking into the name of an anime in the list will take you to the video page with other all episodes available. But there’s no option for changing the resolution on playback window. Since it’s a free anime site which does not require registration, you have better prepare for meeting the ads that may come around the playback window, but this site has relatively fewer ads than parallel sites.


    • Provides free anime available through the site
    • Complete collection of anime series in categories
    • Some of the videos can be downloaded for watching offline


    • Ads come up when streaming the videos
    • It’s a little inconvenient to locate a specific anime episode
    • The site’s color is not nice-looking for some people


    AnimeFreakAnimefreak shouldn’t be ignored if you’re looking for the best free anime sites. It’s more like a personal blog which is saturated with information that needs time to sort out. It has a nice feature of updating the lately released anime and manga in the form of diaries on a timely basis. Therefore, if you’re following up this site for some time, you will find it comes in handy for increasing providing the fresh anime stuff you need. It’s also nice for people who’re chasing anime episodes every week and keep them posted. However, if you’re the first time visiting this site with no concrete ideas about the anime you want to watch, you may take time to go through the tiny tags. The “Browse by Genre” usually returns unwanted results, but the alphabet list is more useful for newcomers. Still, it’s a nice site for watching hot anime videos.


    • Blog-look site with daily updates of popular anime and manga
    • Less ads than normal free anime sites
    • Large collection of the latest anime


    • Not friendly experience for novice users
    • Too many tiny tags for users to choose from
    • Search engine usually returns irrelevant results

    best website to watch anime animeThe next recommended site to watch anime is, a relatively new anime streaming website with a name that is easy to remember, features US licensed anime movies. The website is well designed and completely free of advertisements which provides a smooth and pleasant user experience. Anime shows are neatly organized and you can find all the episodes in one place. You can also search the entire database by most popular and newest anime, as well as by genre.


    • Clean web page with nice-looking playback window and list
    • Comprehensive collection of both anime movies and series
    • No annoying ads, fast loading videos
    • 100% safe and secure


    • Streaming is not supported from all countries


    chiawebsite mainpage Chia-Anime is considered one of the first innovators of anime in Japan. Here you can find almost all Anime Series you might think of. Equally important to that is it provides good video quality and English Subtitle for its international viewers. Aside from that, the video loads faster compared to others, no buffering, no annoying ads while watching. The loading speed still depends on your internet connection stability, but for a regular 3-5 MBPS speed the sites smoothly play the video with no problem. So, this site is considered one of the best alternative site when watching anime online. The company established their office in Japan way back in 2009 and continuously provide free access to its audience worldwide. Chia-Anime does not store content on their server. That means videos are being uploaded by users Logged-in since it’s a community site. Aside from that other videos are hosted by other websites connected to the company.


    • Videos loads faster
    • No buffering
    • Different players available to choose for streaming the video
    • It has large catalog list


    • Pop-up ads on mobile version


    AnimestreamsAnimeStreams is an excellent free anime streaming site for English speakers as there are a large number of anime available with English subtitles or dubbing and there is a category specially dedicated to these movies, but you can also browse ongoing anime and the entire database by providing keywords or by going through the collection organized into alphabetical order. If there is a new anime you wish to see uploaded to the website, there is a request form you can fill out and in a couple of days, you might see your favorite show uploaded.


    • Nice-looking website with clear toolbar
    • Anime request form
    • English subbed and dubbed movies


    • No ratings for anime
    • It could be slow in loading some videos


    anilinz webpage screenshot Just like Animenova, Anilinkz focuses on presenting the ongoing series, but in more friendly look. From here you could check each lately updated video in video thumbnail while it’s also one-click away to stream them on the web. On the playback window, you could see a discussion about the current video from other people on the list. And you can also join in the discussion if you like. It’s only that there’re overwhelming ads over the site, so be careful not to click somewhere else to prompt the ads.


    • Intuitive settings for streaming the latest anime
    • Friendly look of series in thumbnail views
    • Free to stream the stuffs you like and join in discussion of the episode as well


    • Too many ads
    • No collection of other animes except the ongoing ones


    animenova webpage screenshot Animenova is more like a dictionary of anime series while you could see a long list of latest updated videos all over the page. It could be intricate for users who just want to explore and have fun. But on the contrary, it’s also suitable for people who’re chasing anime series, it’s also exciting to check whether your favourite cartoon has the update here. This site uses text links for all anime videos with very few images, making it insipid to go through. But as said, if you’re sure about what to look for, they you may either go through the latest update section or use “Ctrl” + “F” to search for the name of your anime on the page.


    • Complete collection of latest videos
    • Free to stream videos with no account limits


    • Massive texts make it not easy to go with
    • No search option available


    soul-anime-webpageSoul-anime is more likely to open for people who’re following the popular anime like Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, etc. On the home page, you can easily navigate to these anime and enjoy the videos in a full list. The good thing is that all videos are presents in image form for you to easily choose from the list. You may also find some latest anime available on this site, but there’s no resource of anime movie or those series that have already ended. There’s also a funny random anime button for you to watch an anime given by the site, it could lead to interesting speculation, too.


    • Direct settings for streaming the most popular animes
    • Timely updates of latest anime


    • Too many ads.
    • Much less collection of anime as compared with other sites

    How to Download Online Anime Streaming Video

    AceThinker’s Video Keeper is a versatile video downloading tool that lets you grab your favourite videos from virtually any popular video streaming site using its built-in media detector. After downloading, videos can be converted to a wide range of output formats to ensure you get the best quality to size ratio fitted to your device’s compatibility. Another feature that makes Video Keeper a truly useful application is that it is capable of downloading up to 5 streaming videos simultaneously without the speed of the individual downloads being affected. Thanks to the clear-cut, intuitive user-interface, users of any level of computer skills will be able to use the program without any difficulties. Here is a step by step guide on how the program works.

    Step1 Download and Install the Program

    Video Keeper can be download from AceThinker’s official website or by clicking the download button below. After downloading, work through the installation process and launch the program from your computer.

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    Step2 Browse Video

    Once you have the program opened, on the toolbar across the top of the main interface, click “Detect”. Here you will find Video Keeper’s built-in web browser. Open the anime streaming site in the built-in browser and locate the video you want to download. For the program to be able to detect a video, you must enable detection using the button in the bottom-left corner of the interface. Now start playing the video and the detector will show you a pop-up once it has detected the video.

    download using detect tab

    Step3 Download

    Once the program has detected the video, the download will start automatically. You can keep track of your download under the “Download” tab under “Downloading” section.

    check the download

    Step4 Watch the downloaded Video

    After the download is complete, play the video by going to “Completed” section. Look for the file name and double-click. Then, the built-in player will play the video.

    preview the video

    Get Free Trial Now


    We will now present you 10 online anime streaming sites and we will provide a short overview of each so you can get an idea of what to expect from each site. With the above mentioned Video Keeper program, you can download anime shows from any of the listed websites so feel free to browse the sites and download anything anytime.

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