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Alluc is a famous movie streaming site that offers, more than a thousand movies in its library. This is the reason why many people have been using the tool, and it is popular among movie streamers. Although like most movie streaming sites, ads are still present and can pop-up anytime. However, back in 2018, Alluc decided to discontinue close down due to personal reasons of the developers. All the links on their library were invalidated and no longer usable. With Alluc lost, many people have been looking for other sites that offer the same quality as with Alluc. Listed below are the other sites like Alluc that provides the same amount of movies in their library.

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moviewatcher homepage

MovieWatcher is a great Alluc alternative, which have a straightforward main interface. The site is being updated regularly with the latest movie release, for excellent user experience. If you are looking for the most recent films, then MovieWatcher is the site for you. Users can select the specific genre of the movie that they want because the website made it simple by sorting out all film genre with a simple click. All in all, this is a excellent Alluc alternative in terms of its update speed.


  • Newly released movies and TV series are in this website
  • All movies have trusted ratings


  • Requires you to register before you can watch movies online


snagfilms homepage

SnagFilms is home to many films which were not released on cinemas. However, that does not mean that the movie here are low-quality. The site is home to award-winning films that few have heard. Additionally, the site offers different TV shows to add up to their vast collection of videos. The movies are sorted according to their topic or genre, which is visible from the home page. For those who are looking for acclaimed films, then you should try this one.


  • Video library is well organized
  • Information from each video is very detailed


  • Watching higher resolutions might cause buffering

Distinctive feature:

  • SnagFilm consists of various documentaries that you can’t see to other video streaming sites.

Tip to convert movies to your preferred format

Some people love to watch their movies on a bigger screen, while there are others who like to bring their movies with them using their portable movie players. However, there are times when the format of the movies is not compatible with a TV or a portable player. That is why people use converters, to change the format of their videos, into one that is supported by their device. Acethinker Video Master is the perfect example of a tool that can convert videos into various formats. To learn how to use the said tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install Video Master

Get the installer of Video Master by clicking one of the buttons below. Next, run the installer on the PC and follow the instructions of the setup wizard.

Try it for Free

Free Download

win xp win7810

Secure Download

Free Download

OS X 10.10

Secure Download

Step2 Launch the tool and add the video

After installation, run the software, and the home screen will appear. From there, click the “Add Files” button and choose the movie that you want to convert from your library.

add video files

Step3 Select the most suitable format

Once the movie is uploaded to the tool, select the right format from the “Profile” menu. It is highly recommended that you use the MP4 format since it is the most supported format for the different device. Once all set, click the “Convert” button to apply the changes made to the movie.

convert the video

Step4 View the converted file

Once the conversion process is done, you can check the converted video by opening the folder where you saved the file.

play the converted file


moviesfoundonline homepage

Moviesfoundonline is a movie hosting site by name, but there are also other things you can watch here. The good thing about the site is that it has a wide-range collection of movies, short films, even animated films and documentary. If one is to look at it, the site is a one-stop shop for everything that you can watch. Just like any other site, it runs by ads and sometimes pops-up while you are watching. Although that is the case, it is still a fact that it makes a great Alluc alternative.


  • Ads rarely appear in this website
  • Lots of diffeerent documentaries that you can watch


  • It stops updating movies due to unknown reason


movieninja homepage

Movieninja is probably one of the most notable websites on the list. This is true because it reaches at least seventy-five thousand visitors a day. The reason why many people visit the site is that they are sure that the movies here are all high-definition. The reason is that Movieninja will not update their library unless the film is of HD quality. Not only movies but the site also have complete seasons of TV shows that you can binge watch anytime. Overall, it is an excellent site like Alluc.


  • Most of the movies are already in HD quality
  • You can watch the greatest movies from each year


  • Stopped uploading videos until 2018


yidio homepage

Yidio features movies from different year to give users a wide range of choices. The site offers movies and TV shows, and have separate sections for both. The movie section has almost every movie that was released in HD quality. One good thing about the site is that it has an option sort out movies based on the source of the movie. This eases the burden of the user to locate the movie that they want, or if they want to, they can use the search option of the tool. Indeed an amazing site, this deserves to be counted as a great Alluc alternative.


  • Has many choices of movies and TV shows from
  • Easy to locate videos to watch


  • You have to buy the movie first before you can watch it


bmovies homepage

With HD streaming available, few ads, Bmovies is a must try website. The website offers wide-range of HD quality contents, most recently released films to be exact. They also have TV shows to add to its vast contents. What is good about Bmovies, is that it does not require any registration to watch in high-definition, it even allows users to download the movies on their site. People can search by year, to show all the movies that were released on that specific timeframe. Watch movies with your family with Bmovies, a great site like Alluc.


  • Website’s interface can easily be navigated
  • Quality of the videos shown from the main page already


  • Video ads appear when you click the “Play” button


123movies contents

Although it sounds familiar, 123moviesc is very different from other sites bearing almost the same name. What makes it different is the fact that they have TV series on their library. Also, the movies are being updated daily to ensure that users get the latest all the time. Users can also search for foreign movies by using the “Country” filter option. This way, you can discover great foreign films if you don’t have anything to watch. This feature has earned 123moviesc a spot on this list of great Alluc alternative.


  • Movies are updated every day
  • All videos are listed alphabetically
  • Most watched movie section allows you to see the famous TV shows to watch


  • Pop-up ads will appear every time you click something on the site


classiccinema homepage

If you are a fan of the classics, and we’re talking about films as early as the 1920s, then Classiccinema is for you. The site is dedicated to hosting films made from the ’20s and moving forward. That is decades worth of films for those who want to feel the nostalgia over and over again. Another way to search for films is by sorting out the actor. People can look for all the films that starred a specific actor, which is great for people who have a favorite. This alone was enough to make the site a great Alluc alternative, but what sets it apart, is that every film here are digitally remastered, which means that they are HD quality and all clear.


  • Contains various classic movies from the ’20s to ’80s
  • You can select movies from each actor, directors, and writers
  • Top 500 films are listed for you to choose easily


  • Movies from the year 2000 are not on this website


sites like alluc movies123

Another essential channel for spectators to enjoy cinema movies at home. The front page of this site is quite explicit regarding that you can navigate by genres, years or alphabet of the film. There’re genres in terms of animation, comedy, crime, documentary and an overall 20 different types, giving you the feeling of wandering in the library, where you could find movies from 2011 till now. Moreover, you also have the extra option of a TV series and a specific category called “New Movies.” This site is an excellent choice for people who have not determined which movie to watch yet because it helps you locate things according to your interests and habits. Detailed film descriptions are also available, along with accurate labels and tags. One unique feature of Top Movies Online is that it allows users not only to stream but also to download films.


  • It has the newly released movies
  • You can download movies with subtitle in it


  • Ads keep on appearing whenever you click anything from the website


similar to alluc mydownloadtube

If you fancy the idea of collecting movies to your local drive for watching them at any time you want, then this site will fit for your needs. It requires registration to download the HD movies online, but it fulfills the requirements of enjoying movies offline. Although it costs some time to pull off films especially those in high-resolution, it worth spending the time for that you can easily take control over the playback without internet buffers. My Download Tube is a nice place for fans to download and view Hollywood animation, fantasy, science movies and more. Furthermore, it also provides free game downloads. It is a joyful thing to explore on this site. If you are running low on disk space or you do not have the time to download films, all content is also easily streamable through the online interface, although this does require users to set up an account.


  • You can download movies using this site
  • Selective category and subcategory can be chosen in this movie site


  • This website sometimes stops working



This is a must know streaming website as an alternative to Alluc Movie. XMovies8 offers you extensive media from animations to the most popular movies nowadays. This streaming website is also top-rated for its top quality of videos, you can watch movies, series, animations, Tv shows and much more for free in HD quality. Some consider this website one of the best to watch online streaming. You can use the search button to find the contents you want.


  • It offers various animated films and favorite movies
  • Year, Quality, Ratings, Genres are already showed in each video


  • Ads appear when you play the video

Terrarium TV


Last but not least, we present the final on the list of alternatives which is Alluc Movie. It is an app, not a website as the other in our catalog. However, it has available a range of Tv shows and movies, with all genres and the best part: you can select what you want to watch from years, of course in high definition quality. What could be more blissful than that? You can enjoy all the classics or all the movies released in a specific year. Do you know which movies were popular in the year you were born? You should visit Terrarium TV and check out.


  • Thousands of movies and TV series with satisfying quality are available in this site
  • You can use this app on your television via Chromecast


  • You need to use one of the patches made by various developers


vumoo cover

Vumoo is a movie site that has various movies and TV shows online. This site contains lots of HD quality films that you can watch for free. Furthermore, with its easy-to-navigate web page, you can effortlessly search for a new movie that you want to watch. Also, the genres of all films and TV series are well organized. Those are the reason that made this website as one great alternative to Alluc.


  • You can already choose movies from its main page
  • The latest episode of the popular TV series are already in HD quality
  • No ads appearing when you play a video


  • Movies and TV series are not well organized


fmovies cover

FMovies has a library of the latest movies of the year. It lets you watch high-quality videos along with its audio. In fact, all films and TV shows from this site are fixed by Genre, Country, and in alphabetical order. Moreover, this tool’s future lets you watch TV series automatically because of its “Auto-Next” feature. You can use this tool if you want to get updated with your frequently watch TV series, and favorite movies, just like in Alluc.


  • Allows you to watch the hottest movie of the month
  • You can view new films and TV shows on this website


  • Some of the movies are still in CAM quality


seehd cover

SeeHD is one of the top movie sites according to the viewers because this site contains the latest movies and TV series that you can watch online for free. Additionally, this site’s library organizes its video by its genre, country, date, and rating. With that, you can quickly search for a new film and TV shows to watch. Furthermore, the latest TV series episodes on this web page are in HD quality output, which means you can be updated to your frequently watched series while viewing the film clearly.


  • All the newest and most popular movies and TV series are on this website
  • Most of the favorite videos are in HD quality


  • Need to exit the ads first before you can play the film

Record Movies with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

screen grabber pro for windows

AceThinker’s Screen Grabber Pro is a versatile piece of software that among its many other uses lets you record movies from the video mentioned above streaming sites. Video Keeper and Screen Grabber Pro are two equally good choices when it comes to downloading your favorite movie to your computer. The theory behind downloading a movie works just like a regular screen recording process; you first highlight the area you wish to record, this time it being the movie player area. Screen Grabber Pro will record both video and audio output simultaneously. Various output formats are also available for you to choose from so you can register in the quality and size that is most efficient for you. Moreover, the built-in live editing tool lets you make real-time annotations during the movie, which can come handy if you want to mark or add notes to essential scenes.

An easy to follow step-by-step guide is provided below to help you with using the software:

Step1 Downloading and installing Screen Grabber Pro

Visit AceThinker’s official site or use one of the download links provided below to download the program. Once downloaded, work your way through the program’s installation wizard.

Try It Free

Step2 Setting up the program

Once the installation has been completed successfully and you have launched the program, the first thing you have to do is set up your audio preferences. To record the movie’s sound, tick the system sound to be recorded.

configure audio settings

Step3 Selecting the region to be recorded

Now it is time to select the region of your screen you wish to record. You have various recording modes to choose from, but to include only the movie player, you have to select the “specific region” mode so you can manually highlight the area of your movie player.

record webex meeting

Step4 Starting the recording

Now that you have everything set up, you are ready to initiate the recording process, which you can do by hitting the “Start” button. Once the movie has ended, you can terminate the recording process by clicking the “Stop” button, and you will be able to replay your movie by clicking Play.

record movie

Get Free Trial Now

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