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download video from websiteDo you remember the time when you wished to save your favorite videos from an online site to your computer or portable device, so that you could view them later when you wouldn’t have an Internet connection? Luckily, there are numerous ways to download videos from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Hulu, and so on. The method to download web videos depends on the platform where the videos are streamed from. Videos from sites like YouTube can be easily downloaded with a web-based downloader app, while attaining videos from sites like Hulu are far more difficult as they require advanced technical methods that the majority of the downloader apps don’t offer most of the time. In this article, we compiled you a list from the most versatile solutions to save videos from any website. Just have a look and get any web video with ease from now on!

Download Any Video from Website with Video Keeper

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When talking about downloading videos from video streaming websites, AceThinker Video Keeper is ranked to be the perfect website video downloader, which enables you to save videos from nearly any video sharing site on the internet. By following the intuitive interface, you can get the downloading task done in no time.You can either input the URL of a video to download it or let the program detect and save the video automatically when you play it. For the videos that can’t be downloaded directly, you can use the screen recording function to record it. Moreover, it provides hassle free video conversion for exporting your downloaded video stream to any formats. It doesn’t matter whether you want to enjoy clips on Win/Mac, iPhone, SamSung mobiles, tablets or many others, this tool will work for you.

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Depending on the source of the video file, there are a number of options for downloading online videos. Choosing the right tool according to your requirements on how fast you want the process to be, and how many videos in total that you want, is essential. Below are some guides for downloading videos from specific sites:

1. Downloading YouTube Flash Videos with Keepvid

youtube You can also checkout Keepvid to download flash videos from YouTube, as well as Zamzar, or similar sites. This program will prove to be a dedicated downloading application that will make the process quicker and easier. Using Keepvid can easily work with YouTube videos, but it may not be able to handle video files that are found on other sites. Do you wonder seeing a comparison  about how well this popular video platform does against the others? Check Vimeo Vs YouTube for business. In addition, if you're willing to embed YouTube videos to PowerPoint presentations, you can find the most complete tips for all PowerPoint versions here.

2. Downloading videos from Hulu

hulu Hulu is a top streaming site that provides movies, trailers, videos and various other types of media, although a big problem is that it requires a monthly subscription to use it. However, by using a video downloader, you can easily sidestep this problem. Simply download the application, install it and paste the Hulu link into the program’s interface to directly download the video. Once downloaded, the video will be available to view at any time. Also, you may as well try Steam Transport and its alternatives. This application is only used to download videos from Hulu. With support across major platforms and a good download speed, it can handle almost any clips you can stream on Hulu.

3. Download Videos from Yahoo

yahoo-video Downloading flash videos online from Yahoo can prove to be very valuable. This site houses tons of unique and relevant content, and being able to store these videos on your computer is quite useful. There are several options when it comes to downloading Yahoo video files. The online solutions like Zamzar and Savevid can be used for grabbing Yahoo videos– simply add the video URL and wait for the process to complete. Ultraget is yet another option. This reliable tool can download nearly any online video, including those found on Yahoo. However, for a quicker solution, you should consider going with Keepvid.

4. Downloading BBC News Videos

bbc-video BBC is a well-known and reputable news website,offering videos ranging from news to commercial trailers, not to mention countless other clips. This is an excellent video source that will prove to be useful to any user, and being able to save these videos will certainly prove to be useful. Downloading from BBC can be difficult, especially that there aren’t many applications that offer support for the process. DownloadHelper for Firefox can help you download videos from BBC News. This browser extension can look up and download the videos you need automatically. This extension doesn’t harm the protection of the sites, rather it makes the site’s content easier to access. More specific instructions for downloading from BBC can be found here.

5. Youku Site

youku Youku is the largest streaming site in China, and it features all sorts of video files, ranging from TV shows to movies and much more. This site has no limitations – you are free to upload videos, no matter how large the file size is. Sadly, copyright restrictions prevent users outside the region from accessing the site and the videos, so a VPN service, or a Youku video downloader, is required to get around this protection. You may as well follow this guide to learn how to download from this popular and useful website.

6. Download Metacafe Video Streams

metacafe This video sharing site offers short videos from several categories, such as sports, TV and music. At the first glance, MetaCafe seems to be similar to other video sharing websites like Youtube, but this is a great site to find short and entertaining videos. MetaCafe has a number of funny videos, which is a great reason to download videos from this site. Download MetaCafe is a simple and easy option to download, as all it requires is the page URL. After copying the URL into the program, click on the “Download” button and wait for the process to be finished. is another good option. This website boasts impressive download speeds and is very easy to use. There’s also no restriction on the site, so this option will work for files of all sizes, including longer videos.

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