Top 10 Ways to Create Christmas Ecards

Last updated on December 5, 2016 by Cindy Smith

christmas ecard

Christmas eve, a festival is celebrated all over the world on the birth of Jesus Christ. On this occasion, people share joy and love amongst each other by exchanging gifts, giving cards, sending messages of love and empathy, inviting guests for meals and much more. Along with this, on this auspicious day you want to mingle in your social circle and you are concerned about wishing them a Happy Marry Christmas, but you may not be reachable to every one of them. Thus, the simplest way to spread happiness with your loved ones in a lesser time of span is to email the Ecards to every one of them and enjoy!

Ecards are the simplest way to delight and surprise your fellows and relatives by a beautiful wish. This follows the most cost effective and time saving theroute. Saving your money will lead you to party on Christmas! Additionally, using Ecards ensures that you are keeping up with the modern technology and effective ways of communication. Now, you must be inquisitive to know the procedure to access, create, use and send Ecards. Let’s dig in!

Top 10 Websites to Make Christmas Ecard

The Christmas personalized ecards are of great importance. These cards are the best way to show your love, affection, and carefor your loved ones when you are not around. To begin with, you may choose a design of your own choice, having some special moments with your parents, wife/husband, fiancé, friend and your children. Either you choose a photograph, a special occasion, the most special place or even a theme filled with emotions of joy, amusement, excitement, love. Imagine a personalized card to your parents with the photograph of you taking the first steps on your own, an entire family photograph customized into a card to your family when you are not there with them. All of these add a special feeling to the Christmas greetings from the ones you love.

Ecards can be customized, personalized or created using online tools. Someone’s day can be made special by sending them a thoughtful and an affectionate greeting of this day. You may visit different websites, but the recommended ones are smilebox and eCard shacks. Then you may select any design and format from the hundreds of options provided. Along with this, Ecards can also be customized featuring your own personal touches of photos, music, and messages. Finally, email it to your loved ones or post it on Facebook.

Let’s have a look at top 10 different and unique ways of making Ecards:

1. Rattlebox


It’s all about videos. Here, you have been provided numerous video templates for your Ecards under different sections like birthday, invites, sorry, children ecards and much more. You may also search for your desired ecard in the search engine provided. When you land on the video you want, which is your any of Christmas videos, you have theoption to personalize the text therein. Once you are done with it, your card has been generated to be sent.

2. Someecards


The multiple pictures describe a number of scenes and scenarios. You are further given the option to enter your text in the picture which may be funny, emotional, sarcastic, serious, etc. It can be designed as well by adding different colors according to the Christmas festival and formats. When ready, the ecard is ready to use.



When you open this website, you select any category between invitations, announcements, greeting cards, etc. Since we are working on making Christmas cards so, we’ll go for greeting cards. Then we’ll select one of our choices, customize it and then email to our loved one.

4. American Greetings

american-greetings provides a large selection of beautiful cards for all occasions. No matter you want to make ecards for your beloved ones, children, family friends or even pet, it will meet all your needs.



This website presents you with the most appealing and the most enticing ecards with a blend of decent color combinations. Select the card, personalize it by adding text and then send.

6. Ojolie


You may add elegance to your greeting by making use of animated and hand painted greeting cards. Select the card; customize it with your own message. The text would be self-adjusted. In order to proceed further, you would need to sign up for a membership and your account has to be created. Finally, avail the service of emailing your ecard.

7. JibJab


Make your account and select the video. Personalize the video ecard by adding photos of your people in place of the faces of the characters shown in the video. Complete it and enjoy sending.

8. Punchbowl


This site rejoices you by providing free digital ecards. Opt for any one of them that catches your sight. You may personalize the style and edit your message, customize your envelope or may even include a gift card. The options for personalization are provided at the right side. Give the final touches and surprise your loved ones by sending them the Christmas ecards.

9. 123Greetings


This website is a very popular website known for its unique designs. It consists of animated styles and formats. What you need to do is to choose, personalize and send.

10. Care2


All in one; it has music, animation and your message in one ecard. The procedure is quite simple; Select it, customize and send via email, twitter, or Facebook.

This was all about top rated Ecard websites showing different procedures and methods to] create your own Christmas Ecard. Hope you liked it. Now, hurry up, save your penny! Make your loved ones feel special by sending them a wish that will totally dazzle them this Christmas!

top 10 christmas movies

When November comes to an end and December rolls around, people start getting excited for the season of the holiday to approach. Holidays are the best time of year for many people. This is the time when you get to meet your whole family, spend quality with them, and exchange gifts that are just a token of your love for each other. Drinking hot cocoa, with the air full of excitement, you sit around with your loved ones to spend a few hours or days together to make memories that you will cherish forever. Many families have a tradition of sitting down and watching Christmas movies together every year.

It is not just to be able to watch a movie, but it is an excuse to spend time together so that once they all go back to their separate lives and busy days, they can look back on the time they spent together on holidays and smile. Over the years many movies have been made to the theme of Christmas. It is a holiday that is celebrated widely all over the world, and people come together to forget any hate and find enough love in their hearts to be merry together.

Best 10 Christmas Movies Ever

Christmas is something that everyone celebrates differently even though it is the same holiday. Different families have adifferent tradition of spending Christmas together that can include doing many things. Some like to sit together and watch the best Christmas movies together and just cherish the moment. For families and people like that, we have compiled a list of top Christmas movies that are also the top rated Christmas movies, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the content. Here are the top 10 Christmas films that everyone loves to watch:

1. It’s a Wonderful Life

its a wonderful life

This movie was based on the short story that Philip Van Doren Stern wrote in 1939. The movie itself came out in 1946 and was a popular hit. It is a fantasy drama film that tells the story of a hopeless man who tries to kill himself on Christmas Eve but is stopped by his guardian angel who shows him how much he is loved. This is a strong message and very powerful in its deliverance.

2. A Christmas Story

a christmas story

The comedic film is a classic that many kids love to watch during theholiday season. It is about a young boy who wants a toy gun as his present but is rejected by everyone because the gun could be harmful. In the end, he does end up hurting himself when he gets the present, and yet it was still the best present he had ever got. It is a light, funny film that you can watch anytime and enjoy.

3. Elf


This is a comedy movie that was released in 2003 and was enjoyed by the critics and audience alike. It is about one of Santa’s elves that discover that he is, in fact, human and goes to New York City looking for his real father. The comedic scenes are funny, but it is the way he brings back joy and hope amongst the cynical people everywhere he goes are what makes the movie great.

4. Home Alone

home alone

This adventure/comedy movie is a classic that was released decades ago in 1990. It is about a boy who gets left behind at home when his family goes on a Christmas vacation. The little troublemaker then makes sure he doesn’t get robbed by a pair of robbers that want to get in. It is filled with hilarious scenes where the 8 year old manages to outsmart the thieves.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas

This is a dark fantasy musical animated film that was produced by the genius Tim Burton. It came out in 1993 that was even recently converted into 3D. The movie is about Jack Skellington who lives in ‘Halloween Town’ with other monsters and creatures. He accidentally travels to ‘Christmas Town’ where he decides to stay for the holiday. The movie is creative, artistic and very entertaining.

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas

a charlie brown christmas

This classic came out in 1965 as a Christmas special on television. The story is meaningful; it is about Charlie Brown who feels depressed even though Christmas is approaching. Lucy, another character, suggests that he could direct the school Christmas play, but he gets mocked and ignored. It is all about the true meaning of this holiday and how it has been over-commercialized.

7. Gremlins


This is a comedy/horror movie that became a classic amongst children and adults. It revolves around a young boy who gets a creature called mogwai as a pet. That creature then spawns other tiny destructive creatures that wreak havoc. The dark comedy is carried out well considering it came out during Christmas time and recommended as one of the best Christmas movies.

8. The Polar Express

the polar express

This is musical fantasy 3D animated film that was based on the book by Chris Van Allsburg. The movie tackles the story of a young boy who goes on a magical adventure to the North Pole on the Polar Express with other children. The movie is filled with messages about friendship, bravery and is also great because of how they captured the spirit of Christmas.

9. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

rudolph the red nosed reindeer

This animated television special was released in 1964 and is about a reindeer that feels like he does not belong. He along with his friends try to find a place that will accept them and be their home. The themes of friendship are quite strong and make this movie really nice to watch on Christmas. It’s one of the favorite Christmas movies for the kids.

10. Frosty the Snowman

frosty the snowman

This is an animated Christmas television special movie that aired in 1969. It is about a snowman that befriends a human girl who then tries to protect him from a magician who learns that the snowman’s hat is magical. The movie is about them eluding the greedy man, but the themes of friendship make it a wholesome movie to watch that will leave you feeling nice and warm.

Top-Rated Christmas Movies 2016

There are new movies releasing every day, and many of them are coming out during Christmas. Make sure you check out these movies that seem like they will be interesting. Here is a list of 2016 Christmas films:

  • Sing
  • Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars
  • Moana
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Bad Santa 2
  • Star Wars: Rogue One

feature stream christmas movies

The Christmas holiday is here and it’s time to watch your favorite Christmas movies to immerse yourself in the festive spirit. Actually you can find Christmas movies, cartoons and specials on local and cable TV channels. However, you may still look for ways to watch Christmas movies online, right? For instance, you expect to watch your favorite Christmas movies on TV but the movie has never been aired on television or you just want to enjoy those movies on-the-go. Thanks to the online movie streaming services, now you can easily stream Christmas movies online without cable. Ranged from Hallmark’s holiday movies to the 25 Days of Christmas from Freeform, these online streaming movie services offers you enough options than you can imagine. Just read on to figure out the best ways to watch streaming Christmas movies online to make your Christmas holiday season merrier.

The Best 5 Ways to Stream Christmas Movies Online

1. Sling TV

sling tv

If you don’t have cable, then Sling TV will be the best way to stream Christmas movies as it allows you to watch Christmas films from various channels without the cable TV. This live streaming service enables you to get access to channels like Hallmark, Freeform, Lifetime, NBC, TBS, TCM, AMC, TNT, etc. so you can actually watch any popular Christmas movies online on your TV. You can even watch Sing TV on your portable devices like Apple TV, mobile devices and your computer. The packages cost from $20-50+, you can get the one best for you.

2. PlayStation Vue

playstation vue

PlayStation Vue is another live movie streaming service that you can use to watch Christmas films online. It’s quite alike with Sling TV. The same as Sling TV, PlayStation Vue also allows you to get access to holiday channels like Freeform, TNT, TBS, Lifetime and many more others. But the price is a little higher, with a starting price from $29.99-$39.99. One thing that worth to mention is that Vue provides some local channels according to your location. But if you need to watch Christmas movies online on-the-go, then Vue is not a good solution as the mobile streaming restrictions block you from watching movies outside your home.

3. Netflix


Netflix is considered as one of the best online websites for streaming Christmas movies. It offers a large variety of Christmas-themed films to watch and even be streamed to your devices. The monthly cost starts at $9.99. You can just sign up and subscribe to the packages that are most suitable for you. Due to its friendly and intuitive interface, you can quickly browse and find the Christmas movies you need to stream. Top-rated Christmas movies like The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scrooged, The Muppet Christmas Carol and more are just there. Now it’s time to sign on and enjoy!

4. Amazon Instant Video


You can view what’s available via Amazon Prime or you can buy the movies you like on Amazon Instant Video. Though only a few Christmas movies streaming is free, this online streaming service is still recommended as the best way to stream Christmas movies as you just need to spend a few dollars. If you have a device that can stream the content from Amazon, then Amazon will be quite great for its large connection of movies and TV shows.

5. iTunes Store

itunes store

iTunes Store is also recommended as a great way to stream Christmas movies as it offers a massive selection of Christmas films. Of course, Apple will not offer the Christmas movies for free. But sometimes it offers some discounts so you can purchase a Christmas movie at a relatively low price. It’s not too expensive to get a HD movie for $10, right? Plus, you can watch all the purchased movies on your Apple TV. So if you have an Apple TV, then the iTunes Store will be a great choice for streaming Christmas movies.

With all these recommended resources of streaming Christmas films, there should be no reason that you can stream to watch your favorite Christmas movie online. This Christmas, just search to find the films you like and let the online services deliver them to your home. Happy holidays and enjoy your Christmas movies!


There must be many times you need to show a video during your PowerPoint presentation as videos are more effective and vivid both in explaining info and entertaining audiences. Looking for ways to insert YouTube video into PowerPoint for a better effect? Now you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how to embed YouTube video in PowerPoint in different ways.

In general, you can add YouTube videos to PPT presentation either for live streaming or play offline. For the live streaming method, you can either copy the YouTube link or the embedding code. However, this option requires that you have fast and stable internet connection during your pitch since the video is streamed from the internet. The other way to insert and play YouTube video on PowerPoint is to get the YouTube video onto your computer’s hard drive and then insert it to PPT. In this way, you don’t need to worry about the video getting choked in the middle of your presentation as it’s a local video file. Just have a look at the details about these 2 easy ways to embed YouTube videos in PPT.

Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint from Online

When you link an online video to your PPT, the video can only be played if you have the internet network connected. Otherwise, it can’t be streamed and viewed. So please make sure you have a great internet connection when delivering the presentation.

If you are using Microsoft 2010 or higher versions, you will find it quite simple to insert online videos to PowerPoint. Simply lick Insert > Video > Online Video and you will see the Insert Video window as below.

insert youtube video into powerpoint

From YouTube

You can now simply paste the YouTube video link in the first address bar. Or type keywords to search the video you need on YouTube directly. After the video thumbnails have been loaded, you can then click on any to insert into your slide and adjust the video size as you like.

search youtube video

From Video Embed Code

You can use this more advanced way to embed online YouTube video in PPT as it allows you to customize the video parameters. You can navigate to YouTube and find your target video and click Share > Embed to copy the whole video embed code and then paste the code in the From a Video Embed Code field to insert the YouTube video.

Note: If you’re using Microsoft 2007 or earlier versions, then the above easy way to embed a YouTube video in your PPT is not available. Of course, you can install some YouTube plug-ins like YouTube Video Wizard to help you add video from YouTube to PowerPoint. Due to the tricky procedures, it’s recommended that you turn to method 2 to insert and play YouTube video on PowerPoint even with no internet.

Insert YouTube Video into PowerPoint from Hard Drive

If you want to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint presentation and be able to play the video when the internet access doesn’t exist or the internet connection is unstable, you can download the YouTube video first and then insert it as a local video clip. As most YouTube videos are in FLV and MP4 format while the default FLV and MP4 YouTube videos are not compatible with PowerPoint, you will have to convert YouTube video to PowerPoint highly compatible WMV format for smooth insertion.

It seems a little hard, right? No need to be confused! With the all-in-one video downloader and converter from AceThinker, all tasks become as easy as A-B-C. It not only allows you to download any video from YouTube, but also enables you to convert downloaded video to WMV format so you can easily embed any YouTube video in any of the PowerPoint versions from 2003 to 2016. You can download the free trial below and follow the steps to download and add YouTube video to PowerPoint for offline presentation.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Step1 Download and Install Video Downloader

First, please download the video downloader program and install it on your computer.

Step2 Download YouTube Video to Your Computer

Now you can open the desired YouTube video wish to embed into your PowerPoint presentation in browser you and copy the video url. Go to the video keeper’s main interface and click the Paste URL button on the top left corner.

video keeper download video

Step3 Convert YouTube Video to PowerPoint Supported WMV

After the downloading is completed, you can click on the Downloaded tab to find the video and then click Convert and select WMV as the output format to convert the downloaded YouTube video to PowerPoint friendly WMV format.

video keeper convert video

Tips: PowerPoint 2013 and 2016 well supports AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, MPEG, SWF, WMV and M4V. For PowerPoint 2010, compatible video formats include AVI, SWF, MPEG, WMV and MPG. MP4 and MOV are compatible when QuickTime is installed. And for PowerPoint 2007 and previous versions, only AVI, WMV, MPG and MPEG video formats are supported. For more info about PowerPoint supported video and audio formats, you can refer to

Step4 Insert YouTube Video into PowerPoint

You can then create a folder on your computer hard drive to save the PowerPoint presentation and move the YouTube video you want to insert into it to the same folder. No matter you’re using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 or 2003, you will be able to insert the YouTube video to your PPT presentation as a local video. Simply go to the ribbon and click Insert > Video > Video on My PC and then select the converted YouTube video to be inserted.

That’s it! You’ve embedded an offline YouTube video into your PowerPoint presentation. As long as the video remains in the same folder as the PowerPoint project, it can be set for automatic play or play only when you click on it as the presentation occurs.

Embed YouTube to PPT Sum Up

As you see, there are different ways to insert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation. If you have a good internet connection, you can try those easy and fast ways to add simple links or embedding codes. But if you want to embed YouTube videos into PPT and be able to play and view the videos even when there is no internet connection, then the way to download YouTube video first and then add it as a local video file is recommended. Just get through the better way for you to insert YouTube video clips for a more dynamic and engaging PowerPoint presentation.

download tumblr videos

Do you have a Tumblr account? If yes, then you already know how fun it is to share your experiences with friends and check out their photos and videos. What if you want to download Tumblr video for a little entertainment without the Internet? Or you may just wonder how to save Tumblr video for future reference or preservation. Thankfully, there are many tools that allow you to save Tumblr videos with a few clicks. Here are some solutions to download video from Tumblr on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android.

Desktop Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Best Way to Download Tumblr Video on Win/Mac

The best way to download video from Tumblr is to get a professional video downloader. AceThinker Video Keeper is a perfect solution for you to download Tumblr videos for offline access. It allows you to save online videos from Tumblr in clicks via URL or intelligent detection and ensures video downloading at high speed. Apart from Tumblr, it also supports hundreds of video sharing websites including YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Lynday and more. Also, Tumblr downloader enables you to convert downloaded videos into different formats so you can watch them anywhere you like. Just download it and follow the user-friendly interface to grab online videos from Tumblr with ease!

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

DreDown Tumblr - Download via URL (Win/Mac)

DreDown does a great job in offering you a simple way to download Tumblr videos immediately. You just have to get the Tumblr video link and then paste it into the main window. This particular tool is online based, so it’s great as there’s no need to clutter your computer and download additional programs. An important thing to note is that this app works even with private videos, so if you want to download private videos from a friend, you can do that!

Software for Downloading Tumblr Videos on Windows

1. Tumblr Photo Downloader

Tumblr Photo Downloader is a Windows application that will help you download both photos and videos from Tumblr with no problems. It integrates seamlessly with your browser which makes the download process even more interesting and it will also detect the Tumblr ID automatically when you browse the pages. The downloaded media will be saved with the post description so you will have no problem figuring out where you can find the downloaded file.

2. Video Crawler for Tumblr

Video Crawler for Tumblr is a Tumblr video downloader for Mac OS X 10.8 or later that allows you to bring in some pretty incredible results. It’s a paid solution and it costs around $5, but it does make gathering videos from Tumblr very easy. The download process is simple too. You will need to get the Tumblr link and then press the “Fetch” button. The downloaded file will be included in a list on the site and you can get it from there.

3. Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader offers complete support for a multitude of social sites and it makes the entire process very easy to follow. You will just need to select the platform you want to use, get the video link from Tumblr and press download. You will be able to access the video in just a few seconds or maybe a little longer, depending on how long the video is. You have to keep in mind the fact that Orbit Downloader is an app which has to be acquired from the web and installed, but since it does offer support for multiple sites it can help you quite a lot.

4. CamStudio Screen Recorder

If you are tired of looking for downloaders online and just want a way to record those videos that you always wanted to have in a natural manner, CamStudio definitely provides the product you need. What this product does is that it offers you the best, free screen recording capabilities that you want in a very reliable and professional package. The best thing about it is that you can create as many screencasts as you want without any restrictions. You won’t need a downloader tool for your Tumblr videos, however you will have to position the capture window above Tumblr video. Although there’s an annotation tool for you to add watermark, highlights and texts, it’s not very convenient. Any further editing will have to be performed within a dedicated video editor. Still, this is a very good and fast solution if you don’t want a Tumblr video downloader.

Download Tumlblr Videos from Browser Directly (Win/Mac)

Do you fancy the idea of saving video directly when streaming it on browser? Quick Download for Tumblr is a dedicated Chrome extension that helps you download videos and pictures from Tumblr without a problem. If you want a simple way to download friend videos from this site then the extension does offer a very simple way to do this. It’s also a reliable tool with great support and an option to perform quick downloads. Using the Quick Download for Tumblr extension is seamless and the installation process is simple too, you just have to add it to your Chrome browser and access it from the main interface when needed.

chrome tumblr downloader

Note: this app has been taken off the shelf from Google Play Store, you could check other solutions for downloading videos on Tumblr.

DownloadHelper is yet another nice downloader extension for FireFox/Chrome users. It’s available on its official site, and works as adding a small download icon to besides the address bar of browser. Once done, you could go to stream any video on Tumblr while this extension will detect the video and remind you to download it. You could add several video clips into download queue and also manage the progress within its task list.

Extra Tips – Download Tumblr Video on FireFox Manually

If you’re working with FireFox, you could also try downloading videos without third-party tools, but this method is a bit tricky. To start with, go to stream a video on FireFox, right-click on that video frame and select “Page Info” (or similar option depends on the browser edition). You will then see window appears up with information about all elements on the current Tumblr page:

video source

Now in “Media” tab, scroll down until you find the file in video type. Right-click on this row to copy the link of video, close the “Page Info” window, and then paste the link into the address bar of your browser:

paste url video

When you stream the video this time, you will see a playback window with nothing else there, from here you could simply download the video without any limitations. In order to do so, just right-click on the video and select “Save Video As” and it will download for you.

save video

Special Way to Grab Tumblr Video on iPhone

1. iPhone Screen Recorder (No need for Jailbreak)

The iPhone Screen Recorder is desktop software capable of projecting your iPhone/iPad screen to your computer and record Tumblr videos with no hassle. There’s no need to install any apps on your mobile, you’re able to connect it to your computer by utilizing the AirPlay function which is available for iOS 8 and above versions.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Once you have installed and activated the software, it will remind you to connect via AirPlay, and then you can project the mobile screen onto computer in seconds. There’s a record button which only takes one click to create screencasts for your iOS screen, it also includes audio into screen recording. During recording, you can bring your mobile away without having to wait in front of your computer and just click the record icon again to stop recording. You can publish recorded videos in 9 video formats. You can choose to export animated images too.

record ipad screen

Note: You need to keep your device and computer connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Dwnldr Package (Needs Jailbreak)

download on iphone

With Dwnldr package, iPhone/iPad users can grab any videos on Tumblr by tapping them. It takes a short while to install this app on your mobile, but once done, you could save videos easily and enjoy this new experience like never before. Here’s the simple guideline for this app: When you stream a video on Tumblr, you can just tap and hold on the video you like, it will then remind you to save it to your camera roll. Upon confirmation, you can grab videos on your mobile. As long as you know the materials you’re getting will not implicate copyright issues, you can enjoy this app right away.

Tips for Downloading Tumblr Videos on Android

If you have an Android device and want to download Tumblr videos then Social Video Downloader is a nice solution. You have to add the video URL in the main screen but you can also browse the Tumblr website directly, choose the video and then download it from there. The download process is fast and simple, with the application delivering a very good user experience and incredible results.

social video downloader

Tumblr Downloaders Conclusion

There are many tools that can help you download videos from Tumblr, regardless of what platforms you are currently using. As you can see in this article, you can download these videos from your mobile phone, on your Windows PC, Mac or even online if you want. It’s all about finding the right tool that offers convenience and professionalism in one complete package. You should check out each individual app that we listed here and give it a try, it might be the one you are looking for.Just try them all out and you will not regret it in the end when you find the perfect one for you.

download naruto

“I’m a huge fan of the anime Naruto…I want to download Naruto episodes in English, so I can watch them in my spare time… After watching and downloading up to episode 80 from Youtube, I can’t find anymore dubbed episodes on Youtube, so I’m seeking an alternative. I’ve tried searching for the episodes, but the main Naruto sites have either shut down or require membership…Can somebody please tell me how I can download Naruto episodes with English dubbing for free…#desperately needed”.

Naruto Get is one of the most popular websites among fans of the Naruto Uzumaki series. This site boasts an impressive 220 episodes (increasing week by week), as well as more than 160 episodes of Naruto Shippuden. This fantastic anime collection has high quality picture and sound for Naruto series, enabling any user to watch smoothly. In addition, you can also use a variety of programs to download these videos directly to your computer.

Video Keeper - Best Tool to Download Free Naruto Episodes

Video Keeper is an excellent downloading program that allows you to download Naruto episodes from sites where you stream them. Almost all popular video sharing websites, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, VEVO, MetaCafe and many more are well supported by this downloader. Moreover, with the batch downloading capability, you can get multiple anime episodes at a time to save your time.

free trial on windows ostry it on mac

Video Keeper has both the Windows and Mac version. Just download and install the right version on your computer first. And then visit and find an episode that you would like to download. Copy and paste the URL into the toolbar in the program and it will start downloading the Naruto episodes as you need.

video keeper download video

After a few minutes, the videos will be saved to your computer hard drive. After that, you can freely watch them on your computer or enjoy them on portable devices on the go.

More Options for Streaming Naruto is a Naruto video site that offers English dubbed/subbed episodes in three different quality standards: 480p, 720p and 1080p, though they’re not available for all episodes. The good thing is that they allow you to easily download or stream these episodes whenever you want! There’re options for seamless direct download without any speed barrier.

naruto base

Another benefit to this site is that they offer more than just episodes. They present Naruto films and short videos from the very start of Naruto till now. These videos are rare, and they make a nice addition to any collection. Moreover, you can also stream the translated version of the Naruto Manga. As a friendly reminder, a manga should always be read from right to left.

Another benefit to this site is that they offer more than just episodes. They present Naruto films and short videos from the very start of Naruto till now. These videos are rare, and they make a nice addition to any collection. Moreover, you can also stream the translated version of the Naruto Manga. As a friendly reminder, a manga should always be read from right to left.

To conclude, there are countless other websites that offer free Naruto episodes, but these sites introduced above offer the highest quality, the largest amount of content and the easiest way of viewing and downloading the episodes. As described in this article, he Video Downloader software can easily save episodes directly to your computer. It’s important to heed copyright notices and avoid breaking the law when downloading episodes. Personal viewing is usually fine, but anything further than that can get you in serious trouble. If you want to explore into more anime sites, check this article for details.

download lynda videos

You might be required to take continue your education for your business or maybe your school is trying to integrate learning though different visual media sources and is using Lynda. Lynda is a company owned by LinkedIn and provides learning videos and virtual skill builders to help anyone develop their personal skills whether it is in association with business, education such as schools and universities, or government learning. People who have a membership are able to access the courses online that are taught by recognized industry leaders that are engaging and of top-quality. Lynda also provides learning content in German, French, and Spanish under another website called Video2brain.

Being able to download Lynda videos might be extremely helpful if you need to spend time on commuting and you would like to use that time wisely, or you are giving a training seminar, etc. However, as of currently, does not offer the option to view videos offline for their basic membership subscribers, offline viewing is available for those people who have LyndaCampus, LyndaEnterprise, or LyndaPro. Take your learning on the road with these Lynda video downloaders in this article.

Download Lynda Videos with Video Keeper (Win/Mac)

Acting as a powerful Lynda video downloader, AceThinker allows you to download Lynda courses in high quality. It well supports batch downloading so you can download multiple videos at one time to save time. Apart from Lynda, you can also use this program to download videos from all renowned video hosting websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Dailymotion and many more. In addition, you can convert downloaded videos to any popular format to be compatible with mobiles, tablets, online sites, media players and even DVD devices. For online live streaming videos, you’re also able to capture them with the built-in screen recording function.

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Utilize Freemake Video Downloader (Win Only)

Freemake Video Downloader is an all-in-one video downloader that is capable of handling video formats from files such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, WAV, and 3GP. This software is able to download video not only from Lynda but also from Newsmax, Flickr, YouTube and hundreds of others.

Freemake Video Downloader currently works on Windows only and provides a major way to download videos via URL. However, due to some reports, you will find the software is only good for 2 to 4 downloads before it freezes with no hope of restarting.

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Bigasoft Video Downloader

While Bigasoft is a video downloader that is able to handle all the aforementioned file formats, it is also able to download ultra-high definition (4k) video formats. The software program works as a video/audio recording tool that you are able to record video while streaming content. Bigasoft is also able to download entire playlists in a batch download process. According to the reviews given by Lynda users, the software program works very well on downloading Lynda videos. The only complaints for the software is that some of the files will result in large size, some videos take serious time to download them correctly.

Lynda Downloader

Lynda Downloader works specifically with Lynda and all of the file types that Lynda operates in. Courses from Lynda can only be downloaded in MP4 video file format in 960*540 resolution. When the courses have finished downloading, they will remain in the same order as the author intended. Lynda Downloader works with the URL address of the course, and you just need to copy and paste the link into program’s dashboard. Despite it, the software also supports the option of releasing simulated user data that mimics user activity while the video downloads.

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The reviews listed for this product state that has a potential of blocking this download service and users are unable to change the resolution for the download. You are able to try this tool for free for the first two sections of a course then it is $19.95 to buy the product with free updates for the life of the product.

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Sidereel is a fantastic small site that allows for users to keep up with certain episodes of TV online. One of the great qualities to Sidereel is the fact that it is free! This service hosts thousands of hours of content for any user to enjoy on the fly!

While this is a great concept for the low, low price of nothing at all, that is precisely the problem. For a service that has no premium it happens to lack a lot of premium content. Many episode links are incomplete and fail to load. Even if you make it to the page there is no admin control over the content and it may not be there, be the advertised content or worse it could be a virus! If you ask me this is a real killer for the app. With so many other options out there it is much more worth it to travel to one of their pages and see what is going on. A few choices stand out to me on top of the competition mountain. Here are a few of the premium streaming sites.

I. NetFlix – Massive library of original television shows

This little site called Netflix, no big deal. You may have even heard of this service before. You pay a nominal fee of $8.99 a month and you receive instant access to the largest library of streaming television shows and movies in the world! The site takes the form of an app. This app can be downloaded and used to access the site content on multiple platforms. Whether you are on a desktop, phone, gaming console or even a built in TV app you are gold! These apps are optimized for their platforms and work flawlessly. The library stretches over a large scope of the lifetime of television and film. Are you looking for that old favorite episode of friends? Maybe you want to watch a Charlie Chaplin film! Either way you are in luck.

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Another great feature of Netflix is the 4K streaming capability! Many consumers out there have yet to pull the trigger on a 4K TV. The early adopters of the service choice are able to enjoy the largest selection of 4K streaming out today! The high quality standard of Netflix makes it hard to compare anything on the market against it! The large downside to Netflix is the access to newer content. While the Netflix video library is humongous it mostly has no content released within the last three months. It is common practice to have to wait for the next season of a show to start before the previous season even goes up on Netflix. This is where other services out there take the cake.

One last important detail of Netflix is their original content! There are over 40 shows now on Netflix that are originals and can only be found on the service. Shows like House of Cards and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt are a few of the many options that you can exclusively take part in after signing up.

II. Hulu – currently airing television shows on Timely Basis

The other main contender in this space is HULU. HULU offers next day television after air. This is where HULU beats Netflix. While you usually wait over nine months for seasons to come to Netflix each episode of shows gets uploaded to HULU the next day after it airs! Almost always within 6 hours! If television is more your desire over movies and classics then HULU us the way to go.

hulu movies

In comparison to Netflix the library of content is far smaller. The movie collection is finally beginning to grow after eight years of service but is still vastly lacking. Original content also happens to be part of the catalog here. While the original content for Netflix is award winning, HULU happens to underperform with each of the show’s they produce. Even though a few are fun, it may not be the reason you should sign up. With a similar price of $8.99 to get started it is really all in what you are looking for.

Either way both of these services are far better than Sidereel. And if you are looking to test the water both of them have free trials! What do you have to lose?

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