How to Put Two Videos Side by Side

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How to Put Two Videos Side by Side

Most times, we got over just a video. Having the similar level of frames, duration and they are only different in their quality. You are looking for how you can play the two of them in synchronized form? You want them to begin, play, stop, backward, forward, and pause at once? You have been wondering if there is any player that can carry out that for you. Yes, there is. Several programs can assist you to play two videos side by side. Let’s examine them one after the other.


iMovie is a video editing software for the users of iOS and Mac device. You can now find it in all the recent Mac and iPad computers. In case you are making use Apple devices, you can use it directly to edit videos without installing any video. It can be used for editing both videos and photos, for instance, you can split, cut, and crop video. You can likewise include music and implement video effects to the video clip. iMovie can generate a split-screen video whenever it has to do with putting two videos side by side in one frame. In order to use this program, refer to the steps below:

Step1 Create a new project

First, open iMovie on your Mac and once the interface of the program is loaded, click on File > New Project. Afterwards, set a name for your project then select the proper aspect ratio.

imovie create a new project

Step2 Load your video files

Once you are on main page, load the files you want to edit into it. Drag the first clip or range you want to show to the timeline, then place the second clip with the same time just above the first clip. Select the second clip and open “Video Overlay” settings. From there, drop down the first option and choose Side by Side. If you want to change the position where your clip will appear, hit Position > Left/Right/Top/Bottom. After that, click on the Apply button to apply the changes.

imovie edit video

Step3 Save your video

Once done, save your output where you can choose the quality (resolution) and size of the output content. After choosing the most suitable output for your needs and saving the video, you can send it to your loved ones.

imovie save video

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a professional timeline based video editing program for Windows. It allows editing of video in different file formats and codecs on both Mac and Windows Operating System. It was once used in editing feature films, like Monsters (2010). In case you need to play two videos side by side in a similar frame on Premiere, it is very easy to use.

Step1 Run the program and import your videos

First of all, Download and install Adobe Premiere on your computer. Then, run the program and import the two files you want to use to the main interface of the program by clicking on the File > Import.

Adobe Premiere import video

Step2 Create side by side effect

After having your videos in the interface, drag them to the timeline and put one on top of one the other. After that you can click on your video and then hit Effect Controls >Motion > set the Scale to 50%. You can do the same thing with the second file. The files will be shrunk down to 50% size. Click on Motion and put two videos side by side freely. Once done, save your output and send it to your loved ones.

Adobe Premiere edit video

Final Cut Pro

The Final Cut Pro that we know is not a free video editing app. It’s a paid program for Mac. It has been used for editing a lot of high-rated movies. Today we’ll no longer remember its advanced features. We can make use of this program as a two videos side by side program to create a split-screen video. The procedure will be confused though. A more attention will be required of you if you are a first time user. To use this tool, here are the steps to follow:

Step1 Start the program and import your videos

After downloading Final Cut Pro and then installing it on your Mac, start the interface. Then on the timeline Right-click, pick “Add video tracks” and set the number of video tracks respectively. You can then import the two clips into the program, set them on the timeline, one on top of the other.

Final Cut Pro import video

Step2 Adjust your videos

To turn off a clip on the left, click the film-like button. At this point, choose the clip which is still active and in the preview window, click the “Motion” button. Balance your clip to fill in one half of the screen and then to use the wireframe, pick a point to place your clip. Go through the steps with the other clip. This time, you don’t need to turn off the first clip.

Final Cut Pro edit video

Step3 Save your creation

Finally you can finish your newly created video after choosing the best compression type for yourself which fits your quality needs. In the end simply save your output and you are ready to share your content with your friends.

Final Cut Pro save video

Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas, just like Final Cut Pro, is an experteditor for video that can be used in editing films basically for those using Windows computers. This app emphasizes real-time audio and video editing tracksunlimitedly. It’s not difficult to accomplish if you desire to play two side by sidevideos, you just have to follow the steps below:

Step1 Import your videos

Download Sony Vegas and install it on your computer. Import the two clips into the app and position one clip on the first track. Then, drop the other clip over the first video track.

Sony Vegas import video

Step2 Arrange your videos

After importing the two videos of your choice, click on the “Track Motion” button and bring down the clip’s size to 50%. Then, balance the x-axis so that the clip is placed on the left side. Iterate these steps for the second clip and balance the x-axis position of the clip so that it will be positioned on the right part.

Sony Vegas edit video

Step3 Save your new video

Finally, after adjusting the videos, you can save your newly created content by combining the two videos with the built-in rendering feature. Simply click on the Render as button once you are done, and then you can choose your preferred compression method and save the final video to be ready to share with your friends.

Sony Vegas save video


For more information about two videos side by side applications, refer to the table below.

iMovie (Amount: $15.00)Gives different pre-set templates or themes for videos
Shares videos easily on online platforms
Allows Mac OS only
Can Crash in the midst of editing
Adobe Premiere (Amount: $240.00)Lots of video effects
Quite easier to use than that of other pro editors
Windows OS only are Supported
Needs high operating computer to prevent lagging
Final Cut Pro (Amount: $299.00)Dependable when it comes to creating an awesome output
Has a User friendly interface
Allows Mac OS only
Does not support importing of projects built from a different Final Cut Pro version
Sony Vegas (Amount: $399.00)Shortcuts that increases the workflow
Expert editing tools
Allows Windows OS only
Difficultinterface; demands wide knowledge
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