How to Merge Videos Using Various Tools

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How to Merge Videos Using Various Tools

join and combine videoIt’s quite a hassle whenever you are watching something, and it is broken down to multiple episodes. You will have to find the next episode and play it, and repeat again, which is kind of exhausting. And some times you may also need to edit and join multiple videos into one big file for various reasons. That is why there are tools that allow you to merge videos into one video file. It’s a convenient way to watch a series without having to switch to the next episode manually, to keep the fun going. Listed below are the tools that can merge multiple videos into one video file.

Acethinker Video Master

First video merger tool on the list is Acethinker Video Master. As the tool name suggests, it can do many things with video files. The tool is a converter, downloader, screen recorder and music-video maker in one. One function of the converter is it can merge multiple videos into a single video. To know how to join videos using Acethinker Video Master, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install Video Master

To get the installer for Video Master, click the download button below. After download, run the installer on the PC device and follow the installation wizard.

Try It Free

Step2 Launch the tool and select videos to merge

Once installation is finished, launch the tool to reach the home screen. On the “Convert” tab, click the “Add files” option and select the video that you want to merge.

add video files

Step3 Edit the videos

Before merging the video files, you can choose to trim or cut some parts of the video that are not needed by clicking the “Edit” option.

edit the videos

Step4 Preview the video

Click the “Merge into one file” box, and watch the video before merging them from the “Preview Panel.”

merge files into one

Step5 Merge the videos

Select the format of the video and where it will be saved by clicking the “Profile” and “Output” options. Next, click the “Convert” button to merge the videos.

convert the videos

Step6 Watch the video

After the conversion, the folder that contains the merged video will appear and you can play it directly from there.

play the video

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Windows Movie Maker

Another tool that you can use to join videos is Windows Movie Maker. This is the built-in video-editing tool of Windows that has simple editing functions. Movie Maker is easy enough to use that even first timers won’t have any issues using it. This tool offers basic drag and arrange functions for joining videos together. Below are the steps on how to merge videos with Movie Maker.

Step1 Open Movie Maker

To launch the tool, type in “Movie Maker” on the search bar and click the top result.

search for movie maker

Step2 Click New Project

On the launch screen of the tool, click the “New Project” option to start.

select new project

Step3 Add video clips

On the editor window, click the “Add clip” option to select which videos to join together.

add video clip

Step4 Arrange the clips

Next, arrange the video clips to follow your desired sequence and order.

arrange video sequence

Step5 Save the video

Once ready, click the “Save Video” option and select the basic output of the video like its file format and video quality and click “Make Movie.”

make movie option

Step6 Play the video

Next, choose where to save the video. The video will automatically play after saving it.

play the video

VLC Media Player

Another nice free video merger is VLC Media Player. Not known to many but this tool has a merge function in it. However, the process involved is a little bit complicated since it requires the use of the “Command Prompt.” This method is not advisable to less-experienced users since it uses command lines. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the clips to merge, have the same file format for this to work. For those who are confident enough, follow the steps below to learn how to merge video in VLC.

Step1 Install VLC Media Player

Get the installer for VLC Media Player by clicking the link here and run it on the PC.

download vlc player

Step2 Run the tool

After the installation, launch the VLC Media Player.

tool interface

Step3 Open the Powershell window

Open file explorer and go to the folder where the video clips are saved, and hold the “Shift” key and right click on the folder to select “Open Powershell Window here.”

open command window

Step4 Enter the commands

On the command window, type in the commands, change the enclosed parts “[File folder of vlc.exe]”[first_clip.ext][second_clip.ext]–sout “#gather:std{access=file,dst=[new_name.ext]}” –sout-keep.” and hit the “Enter” key.

enter command line

Step5 Close VLC Media Player and open the merged video

Once the VLC status bar appeared as blank, it means that the merging was successful. Close the VLC media player, and open the folder where the video is stored and play it.

play the video

Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter is a file converter by nature. However, it can also merge videos as part of its converter functions. This is one of the easy to use tools that can join together multiple video files. This tool is equipped with a highly intuitive interface, which makes it easy to navigate. To learn on how to merge video using Freemake Video Converter, here are the steps.

Step1 Download and Run Freemake Video Converter

Dowload the installer package of Freemake Video Converter and set it up on the PC. Next is to open the application on the PC to see the launch screen with the functions of the tool.

tool home screen

Step2 Select videos to join together

To add the video clips that you want to join, click the “Video” button or simply drag the videos from the folder or desktop into the tool.

add videos

Step3 Enable the join files option

Once the videos are all in the tool, arrange them in the right order and click the “Join files” button.

enable join files

Step4 Choose the format of the new video

At the bottom of the tool, select the format that you want for the video.

select file format

Step5 Convert the videos

When the format is selected, the “Convert” button will appear and all that is left to do is to click it to finish the process.

start merge process

Any Video Converter

Last on the list is Any Video Converter, which is a video converter, downloader and editor in one. This tool supports various video formats, and can convert videos without compromising the quality. The videos that were converted by this tool work great with portable and handheld devices. This really is a tool worth trying out. So to complete the list, here are the steps on how to use Any Video Converter to merge videos.

Step1 Install and Open Any Video Converter

Acquire the installer for Any Video Converter and set it up. When the tool is ready, open it to see the home screen which gives a brief instruction on how to use the tool.

launch screen

Step2 Choose what videos to merge

Click the “Add video files” button and select the video clip that needs to be joined together.

add video clips

Step3 Merge all files

When all the video clips are in the tools, select them all and then right click to select the “Join all files” option.

join all files

Step4 Select Convert now

From the drop-down menu of “Output Profile,” select the “Video Files” option and click the “Convert Now!” button.

join the videos


Joining multiple videos together into one video file seems to be a complicated job at first. However, if you are equipped with the right tools and knowledge, there sure won’t be any problems. If in doubt, you can try the tools above like the Acethinker Video Master as a more efficient free video merger tool. With its high functionality, it is a must have to tool for all your video needs. By the way, if there is any other great video merging programs that are not included in our list, please let us know by dropping a message below. Thank you!

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