How to Combine GIF Images into One File

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How to Combine GIF Images into One File

GIFs are moving images that are no longer than three seconds and play in a loop sequence. GIF images are commonly used by people, especially the younger ones to express their mood. GIF are mostly clips that are edited out from a video, most of the time a scene, or facial reaction and anything with humor. However, there are times when people look for GIFs with longer play time and find it hard to do so. That is where the idea to merge GIF files comes in. Listed below are some of the best tools that can help you combine multiple GIFs into one.

Acethinker Video Master

Video Master is a great video conversion tool that can perform other functions as well. What makes this an indispensable tool, is its premium video conversion function, which can also merge GIF files together. This is also a multi-functional tool that is can split and record screen activities, which is not a common function among other video converters. To learn how you can use Video Master to merge GIF files, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install Video Master

To get the installer of the tool, click the download buttons below and wait for the download to finish. Run the installer on the PC and follow the instructions of the setup wizard.

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Step2 Launch the tool

Once installation is finished, launch the tool and on the home screen, click the “Add files” button and select the image or videos to combine.

add the files to merge

Step3 Personalize the GIF files

You can edit the clips by clicking the “Edit” button before merging the files. The editing panel will appear, with different options that can enhance the GIF file.

edit the videos

Step4 Start the process

Tick the “Merge into one file” checkbox and select “GIF” as the output format by setting it from the “Profile” menu.

set as gif file

Step5 Combine the GIF files

Once everything is set, select the destination where the file will be saved by clicking the “Folder” icon. Finally click the “Convert” button and the merging process will start.

convert the videos


Another tool that you can use to merge GIF is Ezgif. This is web based app where you can combine GIFs online. The application does not require installation, saving disk space and time. The only requirement is that you need to be connected to the internet to be able to use it. In terms of using the tool, it is simple enough to use and allows you to create your own GIF by combining multiple images. Follow the steps below to learn how to combine GIF images with using Ezgif.

Step1 Open the website of Ezgif

To launch Ezgif, click this link and you can start working on your GIF file.

launch the website

Step2 Upload the GIF files

From the homepage, click the “Gif Maker” tab, and click the “Choose Files” button. Select the images to merge, and click the “Upload” button when finished.

upload the gif to merge

Step3 Arrange the sequence of the GIF

Once all images are uploaded, arrange them by dragging the images to the right order based on how you want the GIF file to play.

arrange the sequence of the gif

Step4 Preview and Save the image

The file plays as you make changes to it, and once satisfied with the changes, click the “Save” button to download the GIF file.

save the gif file is another tool where you can combine GIFs online. This is another tool for those who prefers to not install any software on their PC. However, the disadvantage of this type of tool is that you need to be connected to the internet to use it. The tool itself is pretty easy to use even less experienced people will not have any problems. If you want to know how to combine GIF images using GIFMaker, follow these steps.

Step1 Visit GIFMaker website

GIFMaker is available to use anytime from its website, just click the link here to launch it.

website homepage

Step2 Upload the images

To start the process, click the “Upload Images” button and select the images that you want to combine. You can upload the images at once by selecting them all, to save time and effort.

upload the images

Step3 Adjust the image

The image will appear on the “Preview” window once uploaded. Toggle the settings to adjust the speed and image size.

adjust image settings

Step4 Change the sequence of the animation

There is a chance to modify the sequence of the animation, you can drag and adjust the frames according to how you want it to appear.

resequence the gif file

Step5 Create and Download GIF

Last step is to save the newly merged GIF file. Click the “Create Animation” button and select “Download GIF” to save it on the PC.

save the file

Last tool on the list, is Similar to the other tools mentioned above, its primary function is to create GIF files online. Being an online tool, it is only accessible from via the internet. The only drawback, is that it is not accessible when there is no internet connection. The tool can make GIF files in a matter of seconds, is able to customize the file before creating them. With a few clicks, you will be able to learn how to create and merge GIF files.

Step1 Go to the website of

Open a web-browser and from the homepage, visit the website of From the homepage of the tool, you can click the “Upload Images” button and select the images that you want to merge into GIF.

launch the website

Step2 Combine the GIF Images

Once all GIF images are uploaded to the tool, click the “Combine Animated GIFs” button to merge them altogether.

combine the gifs

Step3 Download the newly combined GIF

Once the combining process is done, a set of options will appear and one of them is the “Download this GIF” option. Click the said option to download the GIF file into your PC.

download the gif file


GIFs really made an impact on the internet with them being used often. For others, it’s enough to use the ready-made GIFs that are available on the internet. Others prefer to make their own set of GIF files by combining different memes to create a new one. With tools mentioned above, especially Video Master, you can merge GIF into one image and even change the file format. It really is a tool that can make the job easier and a lot faster.

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