Different Ways to Rotate Video Correctly

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Different Ways to Rotate Video Correctly

When recording videos using smartphones, there are times that people hold the phone the wrong way. The video ends up in the wrong position, in essence uncomfortable to watch. This is true, especially when you want to watch it on a larger screen like a PC or TV. When this scenario happens, if there is a chance, people just delete the video, and record it again. However, that is not always the case that is why the best option is to rotate the video instead. Continue reading to learn how to rotate video using different tools.

Acethinker Video Master

First on the list is Acethinker Video Master. This versatile tool is more than just a video converter, because it has screen recorder and MV maker functions. The tool supports both Windows and MacOs that is why it can work on all video format, making it a powerful video converter. With its powerful capabilities, you can rotate video with ease. To learn how to rotate videos using Video Master, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install the tool

Get the installer and run it on the PC, then follow the setup wizard. To download the installer, click the buttons below.

Try It for Free

Step2 Launch the tool

Once installed, run the tool and the home screen will appear. From the home screen, click the “Add files” button and select the video then click “Open.”

add video files

Step3 Open video editor

When the video is on the tool, click the “Edit” button beside the “Add files” button to open the video editor.

edit the video

Step4 Adjust the video

On the video editor, click the “Adjust” tab and choose how to rotate the video, from the options available. The options include, rotate clockwise, counter clockwise, rotate left and right. Then click “OK” to apply the changes made on the video.

rotate the video

Step5 Save the changes applied

Select where to save the video, by clicking the “Destination” button, and save the changes you applied on the video by clicking the “Convert” button.

apply the changes

Rotate videos on Mac

Mac device are very different from Windows device. That is why it is not easy to look for software that can rotate videos on Mac. However, there is a way to do this, and that is by using iMovie. This is a built-in video editing tool on Mac devices and works exclusively for Mac and iOS device. The tool can perform what a basic video editor can do, making it a feasible option for people who don’t trust third party applications. For rotating video, the process is not different as with other video editors. To learn how to use iMovie to rotate video, follow these steps.

Step1 Launch the tool

To open the tool, go to “Finder” and under “Application” look for “iMovie.”

launch imovie application

Step2 Load the video

On the tool interface, click “Import file” and select the video to rotate from the Mac library.

import media files to mac

Step3 Enter crop window

Once the video is on uploaded to iMovie, drag it to the timeline, and select the “Crop” button on the left window of the tool.

click crop button

Step4 Rotate the video

On the “Crop” window, rotate the video clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on your preference by clicking the two rotate buttons and click the “Check” icon once done to save the changes applied.

rotate and save

Windows Movie Maker

Movie Maker is a video editing application for Windows. On previous versions of Windows, it was pre-installed, however on later versions like Windows 8 and 10, you need to install the tool from the Microsoft store. Movie Maker can take care of basic video editing functions, which makes a good tool for urgent video editing jobs. The tool is free to download from the Microsoft store. To learn how to use it to rotate videos, do the steps below.

Step1 Install Movie Maker

For Windows 8 and 10 users, go to the Microsoft store, and search for “Movie Maker” then install it.

install movie maker

Step2 Launch Movie Maker

Once installed, open the tool and choose “New Project” to start.

start new project

Step3 Import the video

On the main interface, click the “Add clip” option, then select the video to rotate and click “Open.”

open video files

Step4 Change video position

On the editing window, click the “Rotate” button and the video will rotate clockwise, keep on clicking the button till you get the desired position.

rotate the video

Step5 Save the video

Once the video is rotated to the right angle, save the changes applied by clicking “Save Video” and select “Make Movie.”

make video

Online Video Converter

For people who don’t like to install third party applications to their PC, they can use Acethinker Online Video Converter. The tool is built specifically as a video conveter, and is web-based. This means that it does not need to be installed, however, you must have an internet connection. Besides that flaw, the tool works just like any other video converter. To use the tool, follow the steps here.

Step1 Launch the converter

To launch the converter, simply click the button below. For first time users, you will need to install the launcher first, but it is just a one-time installation and does not take disk space.

Select video to start

Step2 Select video to rotate

Select what video to rotate, then on the tool interface, click the “Edit” button.

click the edit button

Step3 Rotate video

On the edit window, click the drop down menu for “Rotate video” and select from the options available. Then, click “OK” to apply the changes made to the video.

rotate and apply changes

Step4 Save the changes

Click the “Convert” button and select where to save the video after saving changes that were applied to the video.

save the changes

VLC Media Player

VLC player is an open source media player which supports all existing video formats. That is a reason why it is the most preferred media player by most people. Aside from being an excellent media player, it can also rotate videos to the correct angle for comfortable watching. However, it is not that simple, because there are many buttons to toggle. If you are already used with VLC Player, then you should do just fine. But for those who wants to learn, follow the steps below.

Step1 Install VLC Media Player

Download VLC Media Player and install it on the PC by following the setup wizard.

download vlc player

Step2 Play the video

Open the video on VLC player and on the main interface, click the “Tools” tab then select “Effects and Filters.”

open effects and filters

Step3 Change the video orientation

On the “Adjustments and Effects” window, go to the “Video Effects” tab and tick the checkbox of “Transform” then select from the drop down menu and click “Save” to apply the changes.

make the changes


Recorded videos often times are handled wrong. The result is of course, a video that is not aligned with the viewer’s point of view. Luckily, there are ways to correct the orientation of a video. There is the option where you can rotate video online, even rotate video mac and windows. With the tools above, learning how to rotate video has never been easy. This is true especially with Video Master, where all it takes to rotate videos is just a few clicks.
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