How to Register Video Master in Giveaway Campaign

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How to Register Video Master in Giveaway Campaign

The AceThinker Video Master is one of the most excellent solutions that you can use for converting any media files, let it be audio or video file, for your convenience. In this article, you can read about how you can retrieve a registration keycode for Video Master through the Giveaway campaign, and how to register your product with the received key code to attain the VIP benefits.

Follow the instructions below step-by-step in order to receive your keycode successfully.

Step1 Generate a registration keycode and installation info

First of all, to attain the keycodes, you need to visit the official AceThinker giveaway website at where you need to input your name and email to the respective fields to progress. Here you can generate the keycode that you can use for registering the product via inputting your details, and also receive the info about how to download the tool later on.

Step2 Send the keycode and installation info to your email

Once you finished including your name and email onto the fields, press the green Get Giveaway Version button so a popup window will come up and say that your key code will be sent successfully to your email address in a new email.

Step3 Download the program

At this point, you have to wait for the info email that will arrive with the title “Giveaway” License information for AceThinker Video Master (Giveaway). Once you have it, you can select the Mac or the PC version of the installation link according to your type of computer.

Step4 Install the tool

Once you have the appropriate launcher downloaded, start it and follow the installation guide until the program is finalized on your computer and can be accessed from your hard drive.
register video master

Step5 Proceed to the Log in & Sign up page

Once you are finished with the installation and inside the interface, a window will pop up that asks you to either Activate the product or Log into your AceThinker account. Therefore press the “Login & Sign up” button to continue with creating an AceThinker account.

sign up for an account

Step6 Enter the information required

On the registration window, enter all the required information on the space provided. Note: To get the verification code, you must make sure that you came to a working email address, then click the “Get” button and check your email inbox for the codes. Remember the verification codes and enter them on the space provided.

enter the information needed

Step7 Confirm the registration

Once you clicked the sign up button, the registration will be finalized, and you will see the account status on your profile.

confirm registration

Step8 Activate the account

Next step, is activate your account by using the license key sent by email when you purchased the tool. First, click the down arrow beside you name and select “Activate.”

activate the account

Step9 Paste the license keys

Now head to your email address, and copy the license keys from the email, and paste them on the space provided and click “OK.” A confirmation will appear that your account is now activated and you can now use the tool fully.


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