How to Reduce Video File Size

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How to Reduce Video File Size

When out on a family trip, one way to capture moments is by video. A video camera can store videos, depending on the size of its sd card. Most of the time, the storage space becomes full all of sudden. The reason can be due to the resolution, or video quality that they differ. In order to release some space, you can either delete some videos,or have parts of the videos edited out, so it cuts the runtime of the video, therefore reducing its file size. This a way to preserve the important videos captured and play them at a later time. There are other reasons why people cut out their videos, some wants it to fit their mobile screen, and some wants to consume less storage space. Continue reading to learn, how to reduce video size with the help of different tools.

Acethinker Video Master

One tool that lets you reduce video size is Acethinker Video Master. This is a multi-purpose tool that lets you convert videos and record screen activities. With its convert function, you will be able to cut down the file size of a video, without affecting the quality. One good thing about the converter function, is that it has an option that allows you to limit the size of a converted file. To learn how to use Acethinker Video Master, follow the steps below.

Step1 Download and install

To use the tool, download the installer by clicking the buttons below. Next, run the installer and follow the setup wizard.

Try It for Free

Step2 Run the tool

Once the tool is installed, run it from the PC. On the home screen, click the “Add files” button and add the video to reduce the size.

add the video

Step3 Limit the size of the video

When the video is on the tool, click the “Size” button, and select “Custom” and enter the file size that you want the video to take then click “OK.”

set the file size

Step4 Trim parts of the video

Another way to use the tool to reduce video size, is by trimming unwanted parts of the video. Click the “Edit” button which is located on the main interface next to the “Add files” button., and on the “Cut” tab click “Add Trim Marker” and select the parts to cut. Click the drop down menu of “Preferences” and select “Remove Selected Parts” then click “OK.”

trim the video

Step5 Adjust the video resolution

Video resolution refers to the length and width of the video. The higher the resolution, the larger the file size of the video. That is why to adjust this, go to the edit window. On the second tab, click the drop down menu of “Aspect ratio” and select the desired video resolution from the list. Click “OK” to save the changes made to the video then start the conversion by clicking “Convert.”

change resolution


Cloudconvert is an online video editor that allows you to reduce the size of a video. The does not need any installation because it is web based, which means it runs with an internet connection. Despite being simple in appearance, it can efficiently perform like any other video converter. To use the tool, follow these steps below.

Step1 Open the application

Go to the website of Cloudconvert, or click this link here.

cloudconvert home page

Step2 Add the video files

On the home page, click the “Select Files” button and add the videos to covert.

add the videos

Step3 Open the video editor

On the tool interface, when the video is loaded, click the wrench icon on the right side of the window to launch the settings window.

head to the settings

Step4 Cut the unwanted parts

On the settings window, under the “General” section, enter the time that you want to cut from the video then click “Okay” and the changes will be saved to the video.

trim the parts not needed

Step5 Convert the video

Once everything is ready, click the “Start Conversion” button to start applying the changes made to the video. Once done, the download button for the converted video will appear, click the button to save it on the PC.

convert the video

Kapwing Online Editor

Another online tool where you can reduce the size of videos, is The website offers different tools, and one of them is the video resizer. The only requirement to use this however, is an internet connection, as it is a web-based tool. With a simple interface, the tool is easy to use because it does not require advanced knowledge in video editing. The buttons also clearly states the functions, to avoid confusion. That is a reason why it makes a good tool to use to reduce the video size. Follow the steps here to learn how to use Kapwing Online Editor.

Step1 Launch Kapwing editor

Open Kapwing, by clicking the link here. The main interface contains the “Upload” button, which is used to load the video to the tool.

launch the tool and upload video

Step2 Start resizing the video

Once you have chosen a video to upload, the resize window will appear. There are two options to resize the video, first is by choosing ready-made resolutions to fit each type of screens. The other method is by trimming the video into parts. Click the “Trim Video” button to enter the trimming window.

select the resize method

Step3 Trim the video

On the trimming window, set the sliders to cover the parts of the video that you wish to retain. Once done, click the “Done trimming” button to apply the changes on the video.

trim the video

Step4 Create the video

On the home screen, to save the changes to the video, click the red “Create” button and the video will be processed, which might take some time depending on the file size.

create the video

Step5 Download the video

After the resizing process, the video will appear together with a download button. Click the download button to save the newly resized video on the PC.

download the video


Shotcut is a free and open source video editing software released in 2011. The tool supports a wide range of audio and video formats for editing. However, the tool is not suitable for people that are less experienced when it comes to video editing. The reason is because of the confusing buttons, and technical terms in the tool. But for more advanced users, this is a worthy tool that you can try. To use the tool in order to reduce video size, do the steps below.

Step1 Get the installer

Download the installer package of Shotcut from this link. Follow the installation wizard to be able to use it.

download the tool

Step2 Open the video

To start, launch the tool and on the home screen, click “Open File” and select the video to upload.

open the video file

Step3 Export the video

When the video is uploaded, click the “Export” button and select from the list of available formats and adjust the size of the format based on your ideal size.

adjust the screen size


Last tool on the list is Youcompress. This is a web based application, which specializes in reducing the file size of a file or document. The tool is user friendly and does not require any installation. With its simplicity, it is easy enough to understand its popularity. It can support major file formats and can compress in a matter of seconds, depending on the file. To learn how to use the tool, follow the steps below.

Step1 Launch Youcompress

To use Youcompress, go to its website, or click the link here.

open the website

Step2 Select file to upload

From the home page of the site, click the “Select file” button and choose which video to compress.

select video to compress

Step3 Upload and compress the file

To compress the file, click the upload button and the file will be compressed as it is being uploaded. You will be notified once the upload and compression is done, depending on the file size.

upload the video

Step4 Download the compressed video

Once the file is ready, click the link on the tool and the compressed video will be downloaded to the PC.

download the video


To be able to reduce the size of videos, you must have the right tools. By following the steps above, there sure won’t be any problem whenever you try and reduce the size of a video file. Besides, learning how to compress video size has never been easy, especially when you are using Acethinker Video Master. The basically will do everything for you, so all you need to do is wait for the finished product.
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