The 7 Best Alternatives to Photoshop

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Adobe’s suite of creative software has a lot of interesting features; however, the main selling point is that Adobe is the standard for creative professionals in the industry. You need Adobe’s creative suite if you want nothing but the best in terms of features and support. But what is the way out if you don’t have money to pay for monthly subscriptions? For amateurs and hobbyist, subscribing for the cheapest Adobe plan might be difficult. Luckily, there is a way out if you can’t afford Adobe’s sub plans. There are free adobe alternatives that are available. The sad news is that most of these free alternatives are mostly unremarkable. They can do the job, but the problem is that you cannot use them for professional work due to the many quirks and flaws. If you are not bothered with that, then continue reading this post to know the best free alternatives to Adobe creative suite.

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Affinity Photo

icon-affinity-photoAffinity Photo is available on Mac, Windows, and iPad, and it requires a one-time payment of £48.99/$49.99. This software was created for designers and professional photographers; it is totally compatible with Photoshop as well as other file formats. Affinity Photo is way cheaper than Photoshop (no monthly subscription), but the developers of this software feel it is better than Photoshop. We feel this software is the most serious alternative to Photoshop that’s available in the market at the moment. Affinity Photo promises higher speeds, less crashes and unlimited undos during usage, but fact is the level of improved performance you will get from this software will probably depend on the type of equipment you are using (This software is designed specifically to work efficiently with latest quad-core systems). Affinity Photo is worth investigating if you are searching for a Photoshop alternative.


Price & Platform

  • Mac, Windows
  • £48.99/$49.99 (one-off payment)
Raw Therapee

icon-raw-therapeeAlthough the name is not so attractive, Raw Therapee is amazing and perhaps the best alternative to Adobe’s Lightroom. Although the interface is not that easy to use, this app has amazing features and receives frequent updates. One disadvantage of this software is that its support for new camera models is a bit slow. But this is not a big problem since new cameras are not released frequently and DSLRs are not upgraded regularly.


Price & Platform

  • Mac, Windows
  • Free

icon-gimpGIMP is a well-known app, and it is a good Photoshop alternative. GIMP is a free app and is available on Mac, Windows, and Linux. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and this Photoshop alternative has been around for some years now. It offers a different variety of tools that are quite similar to Photoshop; GIMP is a nice choice if you need a free image editor. GIMP has a different interface from Photoshop, but it has a version that mimics Photoshop’s appearance, making it easy to use if you are familiar with Photoshop. This software has a collection of tools available for users, like the selection tool, cloning tool, color correction, painting tools, enhancement tool, and more. The developers of this app made a lot of effort to make sure this software is compatible and supports almost all popular file formats. GIMP also has a reliable built-in file manager that’s pretty similar to Adobe’s Bridge. Whether you want to ditch Photoshop for no reason or you’ve got a limited budget, GIMP is a great option.


Price & Platform

  • Windows, Mac
  • Free
Pixelmator Pro

icon-pixelmator-proPixelmator has been in existence for quite some time now; however, its developers released a more recent version of this software, named Pixelmator Pro. Pixelmator used floating windows while Pixelmator Pro offers a non-destructive image edit feature and a better usable single-window UI. The Pro version is easy to use and has a ‘hidden interface’ option you can turn on if you want to see nothing more but the image you are working on – this is a nice option if you want to avoid distractions. Pixelmator Pro is only available for Mac, and it cost about $39.99. The software supports features such as full screen, split, and tabs view.


Price & Platform

  • Mac
  • $39.99

icon-corelCorel PHOTO-PAINT is an app in the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite dedicated specifically for photo editing. This dedicated photo editor is available for use on Windows and costs about $599.99/£599.99 (complete CorelDRAW Graphics Suite). The 2018 update for the suite offers Corel AfterShot 3 HDR support and interactive tools to adjust perspective and straighten photos. The app also features an improved stylus control, allowing PHOTO-PAINT to respond to different pressures, rotation, and bearing tilt. This app is designed to run on Windows 10 perfectly; it supports 4K displays and offers multi-monitor viewing.


Price & Platform

  • Windows
  • $599.99 / £599.99 (entire CorelDRAW Graphics Suite)

icon-acornAcorn, a platform created in 2007, is an image editing software and a good alternative to Photoshop for artists on a low budget and hobbyists. This software offers users non-destructive filters and other exciting features like curves, levels, layer styles, blending modes, and more. The latest edition of this software (Acorn 6) comes with a new scale and transform options, ability to use emoji on paths, and it also allows users to use the Clone tool across images or layers.


Price & Platform

  • Mac OS X
  • $29.99

icon-sumopaintSumo Paint is a lightweight and quick to load browser-based software; it requires Adobe Flash to function. You can use this on an iPad or Browser. It has a free option (very usable) that offers basic edit tools and a paid version (paid-for Pro and paid-for iPad app) for full access that requires a monthly fee of $4. SumoPaint has all the standard adjustment and tools you may need. You can easily access shapes, text, pencils, brushes, gradients, cloning, and more from the Photoshop-esque floating toolbar. You can use SumoPaint to open saved files from your storage, making it a perfectly viable alternative for editing and reediting. Some of the tools in SumoPaint function differently from Photoshop, offering different possibilities that may be challenging to match in Photoshop. However, this alternative to Photoshop has some limitations that will be a turn off to some users.


Price & Platform

  • Browser or iPad
  • Free (basic), $4/mo (Pro)
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The 7 Best Alternatives to Photoshop

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