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Top 10 Best iMovie Alternatives

Last updated on July 3, 2018 by Christina Green

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Top 10 Best iMovie Alternatives

Looking for Free Programs Similar to iMovie?

If you have Mac and dabbled in movie making, you’ll probably try iMovie, default video editing tool preinstalled on Mac. As a free video editor, iMovie does more than basic video editing, and you can create movies that wow your friends and family. But it still has its drawbacks and limitations. There are still many reasons why you are looking for iMovie alternatives. You might love iMovie so much that you want a similar tool for Windows. You are a professional movie maker and you are looking for a more powerful video editor. iMovie can’t do the job you want and you want a free entry-level alternative that is more potent with features or effects that iMovie doesn’t have. In this article, we are gonna recommend 10 best iMovie alternatives, no matter you are novices, savvy customer, or professionals, you can find a tool that suits you.

No. 1 Acethinker Video Master(Best iMovie Alternative)

Score: 8.5/10, Address: Acethinker Video Master

Aim to provide users an all-in-one media solution, AceThinker Video Master offers a pack of useful editing tools. You can combine videos, trim footages, crop, rotate, add subtitles and watermark, rotate upside down or sideway videos, etc. It’s designed for both simple and semi-pro video editing. And the interface is very user-friendly, so you’ll master it even without manuals. Besides basic editing, you can apply cool effects to video, set contrast, brightness and saturation to make your home videos filmic. When done movie making, you can export videos to any ordinary format or device-specific formats for easy sharing, offline or online. Actually, this tool is more than a video editor, it offers video download and video convert feature too, saves you trouble and money to download and install couples of video tools on your computer.

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No. 2 Windows Live Movie Maker (Free iMovie alternative for Windows)

Score: 8.0/10, Address: Preinstalled on your Windows

Windows preinstalled video editor, Windows Live Movie Maker is the first free good option. Compared with iMovie, it’s a little thin on features, but it’s very user-friendly and stable. With a few simple clicks, you can turn photos into slideshows and video clips into movies. Besides basic editing features like trim and crop, you can add a music, titles, effects and credits to create a great looking movie. It offers four types of effects: transitions, animations, zoom, pan and visual. When finished, you can share your home movie with friends and family via social network or email. If you just want to make a simple movie easily, Windows Live Movie Make serves your purpose just fine.

Windows Movie Maker

No. 3 Final Cut Pro

Score: 7.5/10, Address:

Final cut pro is developed by Apple, which is design for video experts, professional and serious movie makers. It’s supposed to be the paid advanced version of “iMovie”, cost $299. If you love iMovie so much and looking for a similar yet more powerful tool, and money is not a factor to consider, Final cut pro is your best choice. The interface and the editing logic is similar to iMovie. So if you already know iMovie well, you’ll have a better understanding of everything and get to it sooner. You can give it a try to see if that’s what you want.

Final cut pro

No.4 Adobe Premier Elements (Professional iMovie Alternative)

Score: 7/10, Address:

If you are a professional or savvy movie maker, you probably have more ambitious goals and higher-quality standards for your movies. You are making movies which are not just for family sharing, like a product demo, a web show or a short film. In that case, you need something more sophisticated and powerful. Adobe Premier Elements is your great choice. Nothing beats Adobe Premier Elements when it comes to the editing capability.

adobe premier

No.5 VirtualDub

Score: 7/10, Address:

VirtualDub’s interface might be a little bit intimidating for novices, but as a free video editing tool, it comes as a good iMovie alternatives for quick and basic video editing when you are not looking for something fancy. If offers quick video fix like trimming videos, delete unwanted scenes. It’s designed to be a general for video capturing and processing to clean up the video before exporting. Another benefit of this tool is it supports batch processing, so if you have a large number of files that needs basic editing, it comes handy. VirtualDub supports AVI files pretty well too, which is not supported by many other video editors like iMovie.


No.6 ZS4 Video Editor

Score: 7/10, Address: ZS4 Video Editor

ZS4 Video Editor is another free iMovie alternative video editor on the list. It aims to be a home movie making program by offering a facility to combine video, audio and image into a video. It provides over 150 built-in video effects for you to apply cool effects to your home video. ZS4 video editor runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Like many other free tools, the interface is a little comprehensive too. But it has some outstanding features that you might like, like a huge amount of filters, infinite track mixing and some really cool distort effects.


No.7 Cyberlink Power Director

Score: 7/10, Address: Cyberlink Power Director

Looking for iMovie alternative that’s more powerful than iMovie yet less professional than Final Cut Pro? Cyberlink Power Director is our pick, and the price is somewhere between them too, which cost $99. Cyberlink Power Director is a consumer video editor designed to provide prosumer editing features. And you can create movie-like effects with the help of toolkit easily, which might take hours to create with professional editors. There are cool features like 360-degree video editing and stop-motion. There also free trial version too, so give it a try first.

cyberlink power director

No.8 Jahshaka

Score: 6.5/10, Address:

Jahshaka is another free and open source designs to be a powerful media suite, including media management, playback, editing and more. It is a shots based editor that offers effects and transitions for you to turn multiple clips, audio, and video into Hollywood-style movies. Although it’s a freeware, it offers professional-level editing capabilities. For instance, Jahshaka process real-time images, edits HD and 3D film, and flash animation. It also offers color correction, keying and tracking too, which is not supported by many other video editors. If you are a video expert, Jahshaka is your perfect free iMovie alternatives.


No.9 Avidemux(Free iMovie Alternative)

Score: 6.5/10, Address:

Avidemux is a free video editing tool with the not very user-friendly interface but powerful editing features. It might take you some time to figure out the layout but once you get it, you’ll find it easy to use as other editors. It supports video cutting, filtering and conversion tasks. Thanks to its encoding feature, this video editor actually support more video formats compared with other free video editors, including AVI, DVD, MPEG, MP4, ASF. Avidemux is an iMovie similar level tool, so rookie users don’t be intimidated by its interface and a little bit confusing buttons. When done editing, you can export your movie into a new format, simply choose one different output format.


No.10 VideoLAN Movie Creator

Score: 6/10, Address:

You might not know VideoLAN Movie Creator but you’ve probably used or heard VLC player, which is the most known program developed by the company. VLMC is also a free and open program. Based on VLC framework, VLMC supports a wide range of video formats, basically all that VLC supports, and that means pretty much any popular video and audio format. Aims to provide basic and ordinary editing features to create semi-professional quality movies, VLMC is simple and user-friendly. Compared with iMovie, the biggest advantage of it is the format supports.


October 30, 2016
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Last updated on July 3, 2018

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