How to Download MP3 for iPhone

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How to Download MP3 for iPhone

The iPhone has become the most popular smartphone on the market, and its success is predicted to rise even farther in the coming years. iPhone’s sleek design, high-end apps, and superior quality have all convinced users that it is one of the top devices in the world of smartphones. And just like any other smartphone user, iPhone users also want to have their favorite songs at their fingertips so they can listen to them anytime, anywhere. Therefore, knowing how to download and transfer MP3 songs to your iPhone is essential. To help you with the process, we have collected three different tools with which you will be able to download MP3 to iPhone quickly and easily. If you are looking for ways to download songs to the iPhone or how to download MP3 to iPhone, read on.

AceThinker Music Recorder

music recorder
AceThinker’s Music Recorder is a versatile piece of software that will stop at nothing to get you your favorite song. With Music Recorder, you can download MP3 iPhone songs from any online audio streaming site and save it to your computer in high-quality. You can also search Music Recorder’s extensive collection of free songs and download any of them with a single click. Download songs with the correct title, genre, year and album data via Music Recorder’s built-in ID3 Tag detector, which will make organizing your music much more comfortable. Music Recorder also features an internal audio converter that you can use to convert any audio to a format that is compatible with any of your devices.

The guidelines below will help you get started with the software:

Step1 Installing Music Recorder

Download AceThinker Music Recorder using one of the download links below or through AceThinker’s official website. After downloading the program, install it and launch it.

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Step2 Managing record settings

Under record settings, you can set where to record audio from, set the output folder for your downloads, choose what format your download should be saved in and manage settings related to your song’s ID3 tags.

toggle record setting

Step3 Record or download

There are mainly four different methods for downloading music: record sound from your computer using the big red “Record” button, you can search Music Recorder’s vast collection of songs, you can extract the audio from an online music video, or you can record songs from Music Recorder’s built-in radio.

Music Recorder

Step4 Exporting your audio to iTunes

Once you have downloaded or recorded the desired songs, you can click “Library” and select the audio file. Click the “Open Folder” button to locate the file, and transfer it to your iPhone using iTunes.

locate the files

MP3Juices is a favorite free online music downloader that works by searching for the chosen sources. The sources include YouTube, SoundCloud, VK, 4Shared, Yandex, PromoDJ and Archive. You can also download a song by directly pasting an online video’s URL into the search box, and the converter will extract the audio from the video for you. Searching takes a fraction of time and returns a list of the matching songs with the quality and duration of each song displayed. You also have the option of listening to the song online before downloading it. You do not need any additional software to download songs, and everything is done through your browser.

A step by step guide on how to use MP3Juices:

Step1 Select the sources

After opening MP3Juices, first, click on “Manage sources,” and by clicking the individual source, highlight the ones from which you want results to be returned.
select sources

Step2 Enter your search query

After selecting the sources, type the title or the artist of the song you wish to download into the given search box and hit the search icon to have a list of results returned.
enter query

Step3 Download your song

After the program has searched the sources and returned you with the matching results, click on the song you want to download to have it saved to your computer.
download songs

Step4 Import your songs to iTunes

Open your iTunes, and import the downloaded songs as you usually do and sync them to your device.

AceThinker Video Keeper

video keeper windows
Video Keeper is a free tool available for both Windows and Mac that lets you download videos in high quality from over 100 video streaming sites. With Video Keeper’s built-in converter, you will be able to extract the audio from your videos, meaning you will be left with only the MP3 file, which you can then import to your iTunes. You can choose to convert to some other formats and presets so you can play your song on any device. A handy feature of Video Keeper is that you can not only track the progress of your downloads but also play and pause them anytime.

To learn more on how to use Video Keeper, refer to the steps below:

Step1 Download Video Keeper

To get a copy of Video Keeper, simply use one of the download links below. After installing the program, launch it if it does not do so automatically.

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Step2 Download a video

Start by clicking the “Enable Detector” button, then go to the “Detect” tab and use the built-in browser and go to Youtube, or any video sharing site. Select the video of the song you want and click the “Download” button.

download the video

Step3 Check the download progress

Follow the download progress by switching to the “Download” tab. Wait for the download to finish, and once done, it will be transferred to the “Completed” section.

track the download

Step4 Locate the video

When the download is finished, go to the “Completed” tab and locate the video. Select the video you just downloaded and click the “Open Folder” button to locate the video file.

open the file location

Step5 Convert the video into MP3

Next step, convert the video file into an MP3 file by clicking the “Convert” tab. Click the “Add files” button, or simply drag the video file into the tool.

convert video

Step6 Apply changes to the video

Change the video to audio by clicking the “Profile” menu, and select the “Audio” tab, from there select MP3. To save the changes, click the “Convert” button and wait for the Process to finish. Once the file is converted into MP3, transfer it to your iPhone using iTunes.

convert the video

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Downloading MP3s for your iPhone has become a cumbersome task for many users ever since Apple has been removing free MP3 downloaders from its App Store, but users still want to have their favorite songs on their devices no matter where they go and want to download music to iPhone. Out of the three programs mentioned above, MP3Juices offers a simple and convenient way of downloading MP3 to your iPhone, but does not provide the premium functions the other two, AceThinker Video Keeper and AceThinker Music Recorder, do. Video Keeper and Music recorder both include high-end, versatile features that no other downloader on the market does and will make downloading an enjoyable experience and they are the best mp3 downloader for iPhone.

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