Ways on How to Download FLAC Music File

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Ways on How to Download FLAC Music File

download flacFree Lossless Audio Codec, also known as FLAC file, is a music file format that is compatible with different phone platforms. This format also works with PMP and any portable players. Basically, this was made to compress larger music files. That way you can store more files on your phone or save more storage space. On the other hand, not all people know about FLAC since most commonly MP3 is used. You may not notice, most websites are incorporating this kind of format than MP3. Although they provide the same functions, FLAC provides better sound quality compared to MP3. That said, you might want to download FLAC music. Here we have compiled some of the best apps for FLAC file downloading.

Free Converter and Downloader by Acethinker

The most practical way to download and convert FLAC files is by using a free tool. Since the internet is an ocean of information, you may find several tools that can help you with that kind of need. However, not all are flexible enough to download from different sites. Only a few can actually. One of them is Acethinker’s free online downloader and free video converter. Although these are two separate apps, it can do the things that a paid app can do. You can freely download and convert videos without registering for an account and having to spend a dime for it. Simply have a working Internet and a browser, you are good to go. To demonstrate the process on how to download, follow the steps below.

Step1 Copy and paste the video link

First, find a music video you want to listen to, and then copy the video link from the address bar. Next, to start the downloading process, paste the video link into the Download bar below. Tick “Download” to get the video. From there you will see different formats. Choose any format then, hover your mouse to the “Download” button, right-click and for the final touch click “Save link as”.

Step2 Convert the video to FLAC

Since the video is now saved on your computer, now get it converted by using the converter below. Choose the file from your computer drive by clicking ” Convert Your Video”.

Convert Your Video

Step3 Change the format and convert

Next, another window pops-up where you change the format of the video. From the tool interface click on “Format”, then look for FLAC under the “Audio Format Section”. Finally, click “Convert”.

Download and Convert FLAC with Video Master

Another way to download FLAC file online is by using AceThinker Video Master. It’s a professional tool that can convert, record audio and even a slideshow maker. All of these features are incorporated to make it easier for you to convert videos that are not compatible with other devices. Also, this tool can download videos almost on all sites. Just in case that the site is really restrictive, you can use the screen recorder of the tool to record the screen while watching instead.

Step1 Copy and Paste Video Link

To download the application, click the shortcut buttons below. Once downloaded, click the package and install the app. Afterward, launch the application.

Try It Free

Step2 Add the file to convert

Click the “Add files” button from the home screen, and select the video that you need to convert into FLAC format.

add the video

Step3 Extract FLAC from the video

Once the video is uploaded, look all the way down of the interface, click the “drop-down icon” > “audio” > “FLAC” and finally click convert.

change the profile

If you find the steps a little lengthy, you can use the other way around. You can record the audio file in FLAC format instead. It is a good alternative since it records the system sound.The same quality as of the original is produced. To do so, use the same tool and follow the simple guide below.

Step1 Record audio in FLAC

First, click the “Start” button, choose “Audio only” and choose the format. Once the format is to click, the recording automatically starts. You will see a floating bar then that will appear.

select the flac format

Step2 Finish recording

To stop the recording click the “Stop” button then the file is automatically saved in the interface.

end the recording

Download FLAC with OnlineVideoConverter

Online Video Converter is a free online video downloader and a converter that works majority on most common browsers like Chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox. This can download videos from different social networking sites like Facebook, instagram and a lot more. Aside from that you can extract the audio of the video into different audio formats including FLAC. Follow the steps below to save FLAC audio files from online easily.

Step4 Copy and paste the video link

First, go to the site where you can find the video you want to convert. Copy the link of the video, then add another tab so you can go to the official site of the online converter. From there, paste the video link into the URL bar

copy  and paste the video link

Step2 Choose a format

Next, choose the right format of the output. In this case, we will choose FLAC since we are looking for FLAC converters.

check flac format

Step3 Start Conversion

Once formart is chosen click on the start button to initiate the process of conversion.

convert the video

Step4 Download the converted file

Finally, after conversion is compoleted , yhe tool will add another tab that contains the download button. Click it to save the FLAC file to your PC.

download the video


Downloading videos and converting them to FLAC file is now easier through the help of the best video and audio converters online. All the above methods are effective to grab FLAC from online. You can just select one and start to download FLAC audio files. After that, you will be able to get more music files on your iPod, and mobile phone while you are on the go. Moreover, if you find this article helpful, help your friends know more about it. On the other hand if you have comments and suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave us a message below the comment section.

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