How to Convert Video MP4 to MP3 for Free

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How to Convert Video MP4 to MP3 for Free

MP3 is a digital audio format that is widely used as it gives the ability to store audio in a compressed format, saving important memory. MP3 compression is commonly used for movies and videos as it reduces the size of the file while maintaining quality. Due to its compactness, MP3s are easily downloaded and shared, so it is an attractive option if one wants to store MP3 files. However, there are times when a song is not readily available in an MP3 format. Think of a music video clip in MP4 format, which contains the song you need, but you somehow need to extract it from the video itself. MP4 to MP3 converters are designed to do just this. With the help of a well-designed converter, you will be able to strip only the audio file from the video. Here we will briefly introduce to you some online and offline best MP4 to MP3 converter programs. If you wish to convert mp4 to mp3, read on..

AceThinker Free Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter Main Page

AceThinker’s Free Video Converter is an mp4 to mp3 converter online that converts to a wide range of audio formats, including the most common MP3 and some other common presets for your devices. Everything is being done online, so no additional software is required. You can not only choose the output format, but you can also pick the bitrate (quality) of the output audio file. If you want to strip a specific part of the audio, or the sound you want to extract is at a particular interval within the video, you can use the built-in trim tool to cut the video to the desired length.

To use this tool, refer to the steps below:

Step1 Accessing the tool

Video Converter Online can be accessed through AceThinker’s official website. Once you are on the site, click “Select files to start” which will launch the converter for you.

Step2 Uploading your video

Now you will be prompted to select the video to be uploaded and converted. Locate the video in your directory and click “Open”.

Step3 Managing the settings

Once you have the video loaded, select MP3 from the output audio formats and choose the desired quality for your audio. Make any other necessary changes to the settings to match them to your needs. Finally, hit the conversion button to convert MPEG4 to MP3.


Zamzar, the free online file converter is a versatile tool that can convert a wide range of image, document, video and audio formats either from your computer or from online URLs. Unfortunately, you cannot download your files directly after conversion, and you have to wait to receive an email containing your download link which is only valid for 24 hours and can take some time to arrive if the site is experiencing high traffic. The interface of the site is simple enough for users of any level to be able to use it, but it does not feature conversion settings that would allow you to choose the output quality of your audio file for example.

The steps below will show you how to use the program:

Step1 Open Zamzar’s website

Open Zamzar’s main page where you will be able to choose whether you want to convert files from your computer of
from an online URL.

Step2 Choose the right output format

Once you have your file uploaded, select the format for your output file from the drop-down menu. Under the audio formats find MP3 and click on it.

Step3 Converting

After entering your E-mail address into the given field, just hit “Convert” to have your file converted and sent to your Email address from where you can access it through the download link provided.


CloudConvert is a free online conversion tool that you can use to convert virtually anything to anything. The over 200 file formats it supports makes it an excellent choice for conversion tasks for example if you want to change mp4 to mp3. Conversions are done in the cloud, meaning that you do not have to download additional software to convert which makes the process significantly more comfortable. When switching from MP4 to MP3, before you start the conversion you are given the option to configure the conversion to match your needs adequately. You can choose the output quality, the audio channels and many other things such as trimming your original video to only have the part downloaded which contains the audio.

Below we provide a brief guide on using CloudConvert:

Step1 Open CloudConvert and upload files

Open CloudConvert from your browser and in the middle of the screen, click the “Select Files” button to upload from your computer, or if you wish to add files from your Dropbox, Google Drive or in the form of a URL, click the arrow button next to it and choose from the list.
upload files

Step2 Choosing the output format

Once your file has finished uploading, choose the output format for your file by clicking the “MP4” text on the top of the screen as illustrated below. This will bring up a list of file types, with each giving further options if hovered over by your mouse. Choose MP3 from the list of available audio formats.
choosing format

Step3 Managing output settings

After selecting the output format, click the gear icon on your uploaded file to access the advanced settings related to your output audio file. Hit “Okay” if you are happy with all your settings.
manage output

Step4 Convert

The last step is to start the conversion. Do this by clicking the red “Start Conversion” button in the bottom-right corner, and the program will turn mp4 into mp3 automatically. The progress of your conversion can be tracked on the top of the screen next to your file. Once converted, save the file to your computer.

AceThinker Video Master

Video Master is a high-end multi-functional media tool. With Video Master you can convert video and audio files between over 50 formats, and presets so you can take your music with you on any device. Video Master provides many useful configuration options to match the output audio file to your needs. Apart from conversion, Video Master comes with a premium video editor and a built-in screen recorder which you can use to record any part of your screen. Unfortunately, the free version of the software comes with some limitations

Find out more regarding the use of Video Master by reading the guidelines below:

Step1 Downloading Video Master

Based on your operating system, choose the right version for you and download it using one of the links provided below:

Try It Free

Step2 Preparing for conversion

Once you have successfully installed the program, launch it and click the “Convert” tab on the top. By clicking the “Add Files” button load as many files for conversion as you wish.

add video files

Step3 Select output profile

After having added your videos, select the output format for your videos, which in this case will be MP3. Also, choose the destination for your converted files.

change the format

Step4 Convert files

Once you have everything set, only hit the big blue “Convert” button in the bottom-right corner. The progress of the converting process can be tracked in the interface.

start the conversion


Overall, convert video MP4 to MP3 is incredibly useful if you have a movie or music video or any media file that contains a specific song that is hard to get but you want to download it anyways. The online and offline programs introduced above all do a great job at converting MP4 to MP3, however, different programs offer different features and while most converters are rather simple, with minimal configuration options, there are ones such as AceThinker’s Video Master which come with a vast array of high-end, versatile and easy to use premium functions apart from the simple conversion tool. If you want to make the most out of your conversions and even more, Video Master’s built-in video editor and screen recorder will be the ultimate media managing tool for you.

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