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Top 10 Android Video Player Apps 2017

Last updated on June 1, 2017 by Christina Green

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Top 10 Android Video Player Apps 2017

Player iconAndroid provides you with lots of entertainment options with games, music and videos. Among all these options, what most millennials like is to spend their time watching movies on their phones. But the inbuilt video player in most Android phones is not up toscratch and you will need to download apps that provide you an amazing movie watching experience. The reason that you will need to download video player apps from the playstore is that the default video app doesn’t play HD or MKV format videos well. There are hundreds of video player apps out there for android and you’ll be spoilt for choice This is the reason introducing you to the top 10 video player apps for Android.

1. MX Player

MX player has been one of the most popular video player apps for android having the most number of downloads compared to other players. MX player is the one app that has been supporting a large number of video formats for a long time and it’s set the benchmark for other players by bringing in hardware decoding, support for subtitles, kids lock and supports for almost every codec out there. You can also add more plugins to enhance the features of this beautiful video player for Android.

mx player


• All-in-one player that can play both video and audio format

• Easy zoom feature to zoom-into objects you want

• Supports all types audio and video codecs

• Adjust volume by scrolling the side of the screen

2. Mobo Player

MoboPlayer is another video player that has been around for a long time and supports a lot of video formats. With the help of software decoding, the MoboPlayer also plays video formats that your mobile phone normally doesn’t support. Like most other video players, the MoboPlayer also supports multiple audio tracks and subtitles. It also supports streaming media from the internet and has a media library management system to manage all your audio and video files with a cover flow view for easy access to your files.

mobo player

Key Features

• Supports various video formats

• Software decoding enabled

• Supports multiple audio tracks and subtitles

• Media library with cover flow view

• Supports media streaming

3. VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is quickly becoming a household name with people having desktops, mobile and tablets. If you can’t play a video with any other player, no need to worry, as VLC media player will definitely play that video file without any issues. You can stream videos by entering the URL of the video or play obscure video formats like DVD ISOs. Most the codecs are built-in, so that you don’t need to download any additional codec to play your video file. It is free to download as well.



• Play all kinds of video formats

• Built-in video codecs

• Subtitle support

• Full media support

• Multi-track audio support

4. BS Player

BS Player is another popular Android video player application that has found it’s place in many android mobiles across the world. It is simple, lightweight, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store and it’s free to download as well. BS player supports both ARMv6 and ARMv5 devices too and also has support for quad-core and dual core processor Android mobile phones. There is also a paid version available, but you can see all the features available in the free version. The only down side to the free version is the ads and you can enjoy an ad-free movie watching experience with the BS Player paid version.

bs player

Key Features of BS Player

• Totally free to download

• Free version has all the features of the paid version too

• Supports ARMv5 and ARMv6 devices

• Various playback modes are supported in the playlist

• Supports subtitles and various audio streams

• Subtitles can be downloaded easily

• Playback speed can be controlled easily

• Lock screen during watching videos to avoid any disturbances

5. V Player

V Player is another new entrant in the Android Video player market. The new look and striking design have already attracted many users to download this amazing video player application. Watching HD videos is an awesome experience as hardware acceleration is excellent so you never see a glitch. V Player also supports most of the popular video formats. The latest version of V player launched recently has been upgraded with a lot of new and exciting features. V player is free to download from Google Play Store or any Android market.

v player

Key Features of V Player

• V Player also supports network stream videos

• A built in audio and video library to store all your favorite media file

• Supports most of the popular video formats like .avi, .mov, .wmv, .3gp, .flv, .avi, .mkv, .mp4, .m4v, .tp, .ts etc

• Available to download for free

• Supports multiple track audio with subtitles

6. QQ Player

QQ video player for android phones is another advanced application that supports all major video formats including .mov, .mkv, .mp4, .flv, .avi, .3gp etc. The QQ player had advanced subtitle control functions so that you search subtitles for any movie easily and download the .srt files on to your mobile phone. QQ player also supports thumbnail generation for videos and also to allows you to create .GIF files from your videos. It is available as free to download. The smart core technology allows detecting corrupted or defective video formats easily. QQ player also supports multiple audio tracks.

qq player

Key Features of QQ Player

• Enables you to generate thumbnails for your videos

• Create .GIF files from your videos to share it with your friends

• Search and download subtitles easily

• Supports all popular video formats

• Easy to use and clean user interface

• Supports multiple audio tracks

• Free to download

7. Rock Player 2

Rock Player 2 is an all-in-one popular video player app for android that not only plays video files but also plays audio files too. The user interface of Rock Player 2 is stunning and also has gesture support, so that you can increase or decrease the volume with just a swipe of your finger. It also supports all popular video formats. It is available free for download and also has various control bars that can be customized according to your requirements. Network streaming is also supported with Rock Player 2.

rock player

Key Features of Rock Player 2

• Gesture support is enabled

• Supports all popular video formats

• Media file manager is also available

• Easy to use and amazing user interface

• Free to download

• Customized control bars

• You can play all formats fluently

8. mVideo Player

If you are looking for a simple no-nonsense video player, then mVideo Player is your best bet. It is a simple video player that plays only video formats supported by your mobile phone. If your phone doesn’t support HD, then you can’t play HD videos as well. Otherwise the user interface is nice and clean, easy to use and has a very good performance. You can create your own playlists and also bookmark your favorite videos to play again later.

mvideo player


• Plays video formats supported by phone only

• Create and manage playlists

• Bookmark your favorite videos

• Easy to use interface

• Very good performance

9. AC3 Player

One of the common problems by many android phone users is that some videos cannot be played or the audio is muted. This is because the AC3 codec is not supported or installed. Even if you have installed the best video players, you still need to download and install the AC3 codecs in order to view some video files. Instead of going through these hardships, why not download a player that supports AC3 natively? Yes, AC3 Player is a simple but powerful video player that plays all kinds of videos with AC3 codec without any issues and provides greater performance and improved frame rate etc.

ac3 player

Key Features

• Supports AC3 codec natively

• Greater performance and improved frame rate

• No plugins or downloads needed to play ac3 codec files

• Playback speed control

• Sleep timer included

• Subtitle support provided

10. Wondershare Player

The last but not the least android video player in our list is the Wondershare video player that also comes with a lot of features like various video players discussed before. Wondershare player enables you to play your local video files as well as provides a hub to stream your favorite videos from the internet from popular video channels like YouTube, Vevo, TED, Hulu, ESPN etc. Wondershare video player supports all kinds of popular video and audio codecs. There is also a Windows desktop version available with Wondershare video player.

wondershare player


• Play local audio and video files

• Stream videos from the internet

• Supports all major video formats

Android Player Review Conclusion

According to our tests and research, we’ve provided you with the top 10 android video player apps 2017. Based on your requirements, you can download anyone of the player and enjoy your favorite videos.

We also recommend you to try out one of the most popular all-in-one video converter and player, AceThinker Video Master that can help you to convert all kinds of video formats. You can even convert HD videos easily and also convert videos to iPad supported formats.

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