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5KPlayer – A Real Free Media Player for Mac/Windows

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5KPlayer – A Real Free Media Player for Mac/Windows

5k player featureAs a multi-functional player, 5KPlayer gathers all the fantastic merits of online video downloader, Airplay media streamer, HD video player and more. 5KPlayer is the real one that can be able to deal with all kinds of videos or movies. It is an integrated software which blends all amazing features, fantastic interface and video playback function, which also indicates that these features are hardly to be supported by other media players. Let’s have a review of 5KPlayer. Below you’ll find a comprehensive evaluation of imperative features about 5Kplayer.

Brief Introduction of 5KPlayer

Although 5KPlayer is a totally free platform for downloads, some features can only be permitted after registering. The registration is also free and you can obtain your permission through your email box.

As a really powerful media player, 5KPlayer supports many different video formats such as MP4, M2TS, MKV, FLV, WMV and AVI. What is more, MP3, DTS stereophonic sound, WMA, AC3, AAC, and other lossless audios.

A great number of formats are supported in 5KPlayer. The most important technology to assure the best quality of the formats is True Theater. 5KPlayer is created to improve audio / video quality. As a result, it can support lossless 8K/5K/4K UHD video presentations.

5k player starter interfaceThis media player contains all key features that other common players have. Users are not only enabled to subtitle through an “srt” document, but also able to verify the audio tracks. Moreover, the subtitles can be customized by changing its text size, font and colors. It is also possible to make video screenshots and save them to specified file. As a multi-functional media player, you can both visit video or audio files and keep media library within it.

AirPlay Service

With the embedded AirPlay technology, the computer can be turned as both AirPlay Sender or Airplay Receiver. You can stream audio or video from each other among iPads , iPhones and computers. Another attractive feature of it is that this player can configure Airplay Mirroring to make replication of the audio and videos on your iPhone/iPad/Mac screen and enables you to enjoy directly on AirPlay speakers or Apple TV.

Cover-all Online Video Downloader

There must be a time when you need to get videos online. This free media player is an powerful online video music downloader that supports tons of online video audio sites. It is better than any else downloader. When you decide to download one, just paste the URL of your desired video and then you can get the video instantly. Please note that the default mode is 1080p videos and you can reset it according to you own needs.

5k player online downloaderThe free media player is such a cool downloader that it supports as many as 300+ online sites. You can free download videos online from not only YouTube, but also Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook and many others. What’s more, it is also possible to get audios from SoundCloud and other top music sharing websites. In addition, 5K player also can convert online videos soundtrack to MP3s or any other music formats.

If you want to know what the main points that make 5KPlayer be such a multi-functional tool are, you can visit its website to learn more details about it.

Radio Player

Unlike outmoded ways to listen to the radio, 5KPlayer is a modern tool to help you enjoy the radio. It can receive radio from many hot channels, such as CBS Sports, Hotmix Radio, NBC, BBC Sports and many others. What you need to do is to input a radio URL or choose your favourite category among the preset stations recommended for you. Note that if you cannot find your beloved one, please enter the radio’s URL and then you will get it.

5k player radio streaming

Hardware Acceleration

There might be something that hinders you when you want to play VHR videos, but you don’t need to worry about that if you choose 5KPlayer. The main reason is 5KPlayer’s powerful support of Dxva2 hardware acceleration, which you can get easily through its settings.

5k player radio streamingIf you still haven’t heard about Dxva2. Here is a brief introduction from Wikipedia. As a Microsoft API, DXVA is created to support decoding operations to accelerate hardware for Xbox 360 platforms and Microsoft Windows. Some CPU-enhanced manipulations are provided within it. For example, motion compensation, offloading to GPU and iDCT. DXVA 2 also supports many other operations, and it can be used not only to capture and process videos, but also to accelerate hardware operations. As a result, thanks to the hardware equipment, 5KPlayer can enhance the video presentation and guarantee the lossless playback of HR videos. That means 5KPlayer can be able to play various videos without any hinder on PC and make sure the perfect experience of every user.


To sum up, 5KPlayer is a great combination of every modern features, which cannot be caught up with by other tools. With the help of its AirPlayer equipment, you are enabled to stream any videos between you smart phones and computers. Besides, you can fee download any video online with no need to install any plug-in. Also, its user-friendly and intuitive interface make it much more easier for every user.

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