The Best 4 Ways to Unlock iPhone Without Password

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It can be quite the emergency if you don’t remember the passcode to your iPhone and don’t know how to unlock iPhone without passcode. This can happen for all kinds of reasons, such as if you regularly chance your passcode you just forget the passcode anyway for some reason, your spouse changes the passcode without telling you, or a child accidentally locked the iPhone. Normally you would just enter the passcode to open up the device. If you fail to get the right passcode ten times in a row though, then you are presented with an error message that the device has been disabled and you have to connect to iTunes. The only way to unlock a disabled iPhone is to restore it using iTunes. That’s a situation most people would rather avoid. That’s why today we’ll be looking at ways to unlock an iPhone without using a passcode or restoring it.

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AceThinker iOS Unlock

As the name suggests, AceThinker iOS Unlock is a handy tool that you can use to unlock iPhone without password if you forgot it for any reason. This tool can be used to quickly and effectively unlock an iPhone in a matter of a few steps. Just follow these instructions to use the tool to unlock iPhone without passcode.

Step1 Download the AceThinker iOS Unlock

Download and install the AceThinker iOS Unlock software on PC and launch it. Connect the iPhone to PC with a lighting cable.

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Step2 Connect phone to PC

Click on “Unlock Screen” on the computer. Acknowledge the tips and boxes that appear and then click on “Start.” After the computer recognizes the iPhone, choose the firmware for your iPhone and click “Start Downloading.”


Step3 Unlock iOS device

After the firmware downloads, you can choose “Start Unpacking” and then “Start Unlocking.” After the firmware has been successfully unpacked, you can unlock the iPhone screen.


Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is another great tool to get into iPhone without passcode. It can have your device cleaned up in a matter of minutes. It unlocks the iPhone without the need to go through a passcode screen. It’s also a good option to restore your iPhone data. Here’s how to use “Find My iPhone” to unlock your iPhone without a passcode.


User Guide

  • Start by opening iCloud on your computer or through another device. Sign into the service using your Apple account.
  • Click on “All Devices” to continue. Given that your phone is already connected to the service, you just need to click on the iPhone in the list of devices.
  • Choose “Erase iPhone” to erase all of the data on the iPhone – including the passcode. You can now access your iPhone.

NOTE: Please note that your device will now boot without a passcode, but there is still a way to restore your data. You can also reboot it as a fresh iPhone.


Another option on how to get into a locked iPhone without the password is to use iTunes. It allows you to unlock your iPhone without a passcode. Just bear in mind that all of the data is deleted, as well as the passcode. Here’s how to use iTunes to unlock iPhone without passcode.


User Guide

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer and open up iTunes and enter the correct passcode.
  • After the synchronization process is completed your files are backed up. From there you can click Restore Data to reset the iPhone.
  • You’ve now unlocked your disabled iPhone using iTunes.

For this next part, we’ll explain how you can use Siri to unlock your iPhone without a passcode. This can be considered a trick or a tip because you aren’t going to lose any data on the phone. It works 100% of the time in even the trickiest of situations. We’ve tried it out on iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3 and surveyed other users who all agree that this is the best way to unlock iPhone without passcode. It’s a simple method that will soon give you back the power to read and post messages across social media and check your messages with the help of Siri. Here’s how to unlock iPhone without passcode using Siri.


User Guide

  • Start by enabling Siri on your phone. You can do that by holding down the Home button. This will activate Siri on the phone, ready to respond to your voice and requests. Ask Siri to open the clock. It’s through here that you can get past a disabled iPhone. Once the clock as been opened up, tap on it to move on to the next step.
  • The world clock will appear along with a list of sounds you can use as an alarm clock.
  • From here, you can choose the “Buy more tunes” option which opens up the iTunes store.
  • From here, click the home button to open up the home screen of the phone.


AceThinker iOS Unlock is a great option to unlock iPhone without a passcode. This handy piece of software gets straight to work as soon as it’s downloaded. We’ve got proven results and consider all of the methods discussed above to be user-friendly. There’s no need for any specialist knowledge or technology to unlock an iPhone without Siri. We would have to advice that you try using AceThinker iOS Unlock because it can unlock your device without doing any damage and without any data loss. However, you’re more than free to choose any method according to what suits you best. Let us know how your experience goes by leaving a comment below once you’ve unlocked your iPhone without passcode or Siri.

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The Best 4 Ways to Unlock iPhone Without Password

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