The Best 5 Methods to Unlock iPad Without Password

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If you get locked out of your iPad and you don’t remember the passcode to get back in, then you can find the right solution for you here. It’s a common occurrence for people just to forget the password for their iOS device and be unable to access it. While Apple doesn’t have a way to let you unlock an iOS device without losing all the data, there are some ways you can get around that. Even so, your settings and data are still at risk. Here we will show you 5 ways to unlock iPad without passcode. By following these steps, we’re sure you won’t be bothered by a locked iPad any more.

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AceThinker iOS Unlock

There’s a handy little reliable app that allows you to how to unlock iPad without password. It’s called AceThinker iOS Unlock. The great tool lets you effortlessly unlock a disabled iPad. It comes with a simple user interface that anyone can use. It outlines the guidelines for every step in the process too. Just follow these instructions to unlock your disabled iPad.

Step1 Download and install AceThinker iOS Unlock

Download and install the AceThinker iOS Unlock app on your computer and connect your iPad via USB cable. Then, click “Unlock Screen” on AceThinker iOS Unlock and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Step2 Begin unlocking your iPad

Next, click the “Start” button to begin. After the tool detects the iPad, click on “Start Downloading” to get the compatible firmware for your device.


Step3 Finish unlocking your iPad

Finally, open the firmware and then click “Start Unlocking” to begin the unlocking process. You’ll then have access to your iPad once again.


Find My iPhone

Apple made it easier for users to find their iPad and iPhone with the helpful “Find My iPhone/iPad” service. This service is connected to iCloud, and it can be used for a host of other services and features too. Before you go ahead with this solution, you should already know the login details for your iCloud account connected to the iPad. Here’s how you can unlock an iPad using Find my iPad.


User Guide

  • Open the iCloud official website and enter your Apple ID and password to log in. Be sure to log in to the same account connected to the iPad.
  • After opening iCloud, click on the “Find iPhone” option.
  • This will take you to a new interface. From here, just click “All Devices” and choose the iPad.
  • This will show you the iPad and some other information associated with it. You can unlock your device by clicking on “Erase iPad.”
  • Confirm the choice and wait for the iPad to be erased.
  • Once your iPad has been erased it doesn’t have a lock screen any more and you’ll have no trouble accessing it. Just be warned that using this method to unlock iPad without passcode means that the data on the iPad is deleted.

Just about everyone who has used iOS has also used iTunes to manage the media and other data on their device. iTunes can also be used to backup and restore iOS devices too. iTunes is a great way to unlock iPad without passcode. It restores the iPad entirely, so you should always make a backu ahead of time. Here’s how to unlock your iPad without passcode using iTunes.


User Guide

  • Open iTunes on your Mac or Windows computer and connect the iPad.
  • Once your iPad has been detected by iTunes, choose it from the Devices section and open the Summary page.
  • Click on “Restore iPad” on the right.
  • Confirm the operation and wait for the iPad to be restored.
Recovery Mode

If you still can’t access your iPad with any of the other methods, then you could use Recovery Mode to unlock your iPad without the passcode. This restores the iPad entirely and will remove the native passcode on it. Here are the steps on how to unlock iPad without the passcode. That is why this tool is one of the best ways on how to unlock iPad passcode without restore.


User Guide

  • Open up iTunes on your computer. Turn off the device and leave it for a few seconds.
  • Press the Home button and Power button at the same time to start the iPad in recovery mode. Keep the buttons pressed for at least 10 seconds. The screen should display the Apple logo.
  • Release the power button but keep pressing the home button. Connect the iPad to the computer and it should display the iTunes symbol.
  • Once you have opened iTunes with the device connected, it should recognize that it is in recovery mode.
  • Click the confirmation box and iTunes will instantly get to work restoring the iPad.

If all else fails, iCloud does have another option for unlocking iPad Mini without a passcode. It’s Siri to the rescue with this one.


User Guide

  • Hold down the Home button on the iPad until Siri is activated. Once you have activated Siri, ask the question “What is the time now?” Siri should display the local time on the iPad for you.
  • Tap on the clock icon to open up the Word Clock menu. Tap on the + sign to add another clock.
  • Type anything you want in the search box and choose “Select All” and then tap “Share.”
  • Tap on the “Message” tab. You should be presented with a new message window. Hold down the “To” field to choose the “Paste” option. Wait a few seconds and then press the Home button to access the Home screen. You have now successfully bypassed the passcode entry to unlock your iPad.
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The Best 5 Methods to Unlock iPad Without Password

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