How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock Without Password

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Having an activation lock on your iPhone is a big turnoff for thieves. When setting up your iPhone, it is linked to your iCloud ID. As a result, if your phone gets stolen, no one can set your iPhone up and use it unless you remove the activation lock; simply put, your iPhone will be useless to them. Unluckily, activation lock on iPhones can frustrate not just criminals, but people who buy used or second-hand iPhones. For instance, if you purchase a used or second-hand iPhone without realizing that the phone is locked, you may end up frustrated as you will not be able to access your new device. Removing iCloud activation will not be a problem any longer, provided you read this post to the end. Do you want to know how to remove iCloud activation lock without a passcode? Simply follow the tips below.

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Activation lock – What is it?

When activating your iPhone for the first time, Apple will make a note of your iPhone’s unique identifier and Apple ID. It then connects your device’s unique identifier to your Apple ID, which prevents other Apple IDs from accessing or using your device. As a result, nobody can use or reset your iPhone without your Apple ID username and password. You may not notice this activation lock feature in an iPhone until you install a major upgrade for iOS or reset your device. When this happens, you will need to verify your identity by signing in with your Apple ID to activate the phone.

activation lock interface

How to Remove iCloud Account without Password

If you have an iPad or iPhone that’s linked to an account on iCloud and you don’t know the password, you can rectify this issue with AceThinker iOS Unlock, which is a computer-based lock screen removal tool and Apple ID bypass software. Follow these steps to learn how to use it for iCloud activation lock removal.

Step1 Download and install

On your computer, download and install AceThinker iOS Unlock by clicking one of our download buttons below. Open the program on your PC and connect your phone to your computer.

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Step2 Choose Unlock Apple ID

Click on “Unlock Apple ID” and select “Start to Unlock” to initiate the process.

choose unlock apple id

Step3 Initiate Unlocking Process

Follow the steps on the screen to reset all settings on your device before this program can initiate the unlocking process.

initiate process

Once the process is completed, it will remove any existing Apple ID and iCloud account from the iPhone. You now have access to use a new Apple ID and enjoy your device to the fullest without any restriction. To know if your device is supported, use LockWIper’s free trial.

How to Remotely Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

What can I do if I bought a second-hand or used iPhone, and I discovered that the device is locked with an iCloud account? The best way out is to contact the previous owner of the iPhone to deactivate the activation lock by removing the iPhone from the current iCloud account. Contact the initial user of the iPhone and ask him/her to follow the steps below.

User Guide

  • First, visit
  • Sign up with your Apple ID and passcode on the site
  • Select “Find iPhone”
  • Click “All Devices” found at the top
  • Select the device to remove from iCloud account
  • Select “Erase iPhone,” if necessary
  • After deleting the device, click “Remove from Account.”

activation lock interface

How to Bypass or Remove iCloud Lock Using DNS

To Bypass or Remove iCloud is not a regular task, but a time will come when you will want to remove iCloud, and you will be pleased you learned how to do it. Follow the steps below to know how to unlock iCloud activation lock.

User Guide

  • Restart your iPad/iPhone or Turn it on
  • Finish the setup process till you reach “Choose Wi-Fi network”
  • Tap the home button and select “More Wi-Fi Settings”
  • Click the “I” symbol close to the Wi-Fi network
  • Click “Configure DNS.” Select “Manual”
  • Tap “+Add Server,” A blank will appear
  • Input the server address of your location. See examples
    Africa, Australia, and other locations:
  • Tap “Save”
  • Click on the back option and tap “Join this Network.”
  • If required, input network password and select “Join”
  • Click on the back button when the iPhone tries to activate
  • Now, you can continue your iPhone or iPad set up as normal

Note: This method may not work for all devices, like recent iOS versions such as iOS 10 and later and higher

bypass dns image

Ask Apple to Help Remove iCloud Activation Lock

Under specific circumstances, Apple can help you to unlock your iPhone from iCloud account.

User Guide

  • Proof of ownership. Apple will ask you to show evidence that you own the iPhone. Show them your receipt.
  • Show proof to Apple that the phone ownership has been transferred to you from the previous owner.

Apple will also check to see if the device has been reported missing or stolen. If reported stolen or missing, Apple will not help you. Apple will not unlock the phone if you can’t prove you are the rightful owner of the device. Therefore, try your best as much as you can to show that you are the true owner of the iPhone.


How to Unlock iCloud Account with Paid Service

If you have tried any of the methods listed above and no result, you can use paid service to unlock your iPhone from iCloud activation. However, there is a limit to this service.

  • You can only use this service for iOS 11.3.1 and lesser versions. It does not support iOS 11.4 and later versions.
  • Ensure your device is connected to either GSM or Wi-Fi
  • It will not work for any iPhone that has been reported as stolen or lost
  • You need complete access to your iPhone settings, which means it won’t work if your phone is stuck at the iCloud activation lock screen

If you meet with the requirements above, you can use iRemove Tools. Follow the steps below:

User Guide

  • Download and install the latest version of the iRemove app on your computer.
  • Open the app on your Pc and connect your device to it. It will check if your phone meets the requirement to bypass Apple ID
  • Place the order and pay
  • Once you are done with payment, follow the instructions provided by the app. After completing the process, you can set your iPhone as normal.

iremove tool interface


Now you know about iCloud Activation lock and how to bypass or remove it, having full access to your phone will no longer be a problem. We highly recommend AceThinker iOS Unlock; it is the best tool so far to remove Apple/iCloud account from any iOS device. If you have an iPad or iPhone that you want to erase, but you don’t have access to the Apple ID or passcode, you can use this iOS unlock to remove iCloud activation lock without password and set a new one up.

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How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock Without Password

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