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This section has included the answers for all pre-sales questions, purchase problems, license issues, sales inquires and more. If you're not able to find proper answers here, please send us message to

Pre Sales Inquiry

The installation license allows for Single-User or Multi-User Licenses.

Single-user License

If a Single-User License is bought, the installation is limited to two PC's owned by the license owner. This allows installation on one home computer, and one work computer, or two at home or work. However, only one installation can be used at a time, at no time should both be in use simultaneously. In addition, if the software has been installed more than five times, it will prompt you with a warning, letting you purchase a new license to continue using the software.

Multi-User Licenses

This option allows you to install the software on the specified amount of PC's in one location, such as at work or home. The overall price depends on the number of users that will be using the software. In addition, the purpose of the license can put them into different categories: Academic License, Commercial License, or Personal License.

Personal Use

Under the personal use license you are allowed to install the software on PC's in your home, office, academic or government setting, but have the intension to use it for private, or employment only. You do not have permission to sell or profit off the software, the activities or any output that comes from use of the software.

Academic Use

Under academic use license, you are allowed to use the software for academic research, administrative, instructional or charity purpose. We also provide discounts for government ran institutions, non-profits as well as students and school employees. Any commercial use is still prohibited.

Commercial Use

Under commercial use license, you are allowed to install the software within your home, office, government or academic environments. The software can be used with the intent of creating output for commercial purpose. This includes selling and additional activities with the output with the goal of generating revenue.

No, we do not provide CD's with our products anymore as we changed to a fully digital delivery method. If needed, you can contact us to help retrieve your product.

Yes, our site is protected with McAfee security. We guarantee your privacy any time you are on our site, rather it be browsing, buying or downloading our products. We receive payment through trusted online gateways such as PayPal, Avangate, Digital River and others. The checkout process is secured by using SSL encryption, this keeps all your information and data protected.

For more information on SSL encryption, visit this page ( for helps.

For more information on McAfee, visit here (

Of course, we are here to help both registered and trial users with any technical issues that you may run into. You can contact us and our tech support will respond within 24hrs during the week, and within 48hrs if it's on the weekend.

We have trial versions of the majority of products we offer, this lets users get a feel for the software and an idea of what to expect prior to buying. In order to begin your evaluation, visit our download center and get the trail version of your preferred software.

Usually the trial versions only have very few functional differences compared to the registered versions. To view the differences, visit the software’s individual FAQ page, they will be listed there.

No, the price you see for the software includes the VAT in it, so you don't need to make extra payment for VAT.


When your order has been successfully processed, you will receive a confirmation email from the payment platform that you used when buying. If the email has not arrived, be sure to check in your Spam/Junk folder before following up. If you do not find the email in that folder, check with the payment platform you used to see if the payment has been recorded with them. You can also look at the order status within the payment platform to check on the status of your order.

If you used PayPal to order, simply login to your account and check your transaction history to see if it has been completed. Buyers purchased through Shareit or other eCommerce platforms can provide us the order information for further assistance.

The shopping cart allows the payment methods including but not limited to Paypal, Master card, Visa, Euro card, AliPay, Discover/Novus, American Express, Ukash, JCB, Bank/Wire Transfer, Qiwi Wallet, Diners Club, Chinese Debit Card.

Please note: E-check payments will be subject to a hold of 3-5 days to allow time for the bank to clear the funds. PayPal will send out an automatic notification that will alert you to the check being cleared. Software delivery will then be made at that time.

There are a pair of solutions available to customers who mistakenly selected the wrong product when ordering:

1) A 20% discount on the correct product will be offered if you also plan on holding on to the wrong product. Just contact us and we will get that set up for you.

2) You can contact the software publisher directly to request a refund, or we can help you request a refund from the developer’s company.


In a situation where you haven't been provided the registration code quickly, or your software needs to be reinstalled and you don't have the registration code, you can contact us to retrieve the code. We can help you with your issue quickly.

Note: In order to get quicker results, please contact us using the e-mail address the license is registered along with your order number. If you are no longer able to use the e-mail on record, please refer to it within your e-mail. In addition, if you can attach the original confirmation e-mail, that can also help speed up the process.

There are usually two different ways when it comes to upgrading:

Upgrading via Software

Upgrading on Windows: To look for available updates, click on the software's menu in the top right corner. From here you will be able to click on “Check for updates”, then it will look for any updates that are available and prompt you to do an automatic upgrade.

Updating on Mac's: When it comes to upgrading with the Mac version, first open the software and then navigate to “Preferences” in the top left corner. From here click “Check for updates” in the list, and proceed as prompted.

Download and Reinstall

This method requires you to download the updated software from the official website and then reinstall. Once you've updated your software to the latest version, if you are not prompted to enter a new registration code then it's registered already and you're good to go. However, if you are prompted to enter a new code, simply contact us and we will get you updated.

In the situation that the code is coming back as invalid, try the following:

1. Double check that your product is the same one that was purchased by first uninstalling it, and the downloading and reinstalling. To do this, use the link from the registration e-mail that was sent upon purchasing.

2. If that doesn't work, make sure your spelling everything correctly as the e-mail and code are case sensitive. To be sure it's correct, it's suggested that you copy and paste them into the boxes.

If neither of these methods fixed the situation, just contact us. By providing us a screenshot of what you're seeing in the registration window it can help us provide a faster solution. The screenshot should show the registration and e-mail fields.

If you made your order and have not received a code, check to ensure the payment was successful. Usually once the order goes through successfully, the confirmation e-mail will be delivered shortly after that. If your payment went through, give it a few minutes.

If you are trying to purchase a product which we are reselling, we won't have the order information within our database due to privacy concerns. However, you may contact us with any issues you may have and we can contact the correct people to get it corrected. Please include the following information: Name or e-mail address registered on the order, Order ID, Site name you placed the order with, Date, and order amount, Name of ordered products.

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