iPhone Screen Recorder FAQ

This part has the troubleshooting for iOS users to record their mobile screen on Windows/Mac computers without hassle. Find details below.

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Troubleshooting for connection issues and more

Q: Why is my computer unable to detect my device?

Before you jump into troubleshooting what the issue with AirPlay is, make sure to check the following things:

  • – Your device is compatible with AirPlay and is up to date with the most recent iOS version.
  • – Your device is not faulty.
  • – You have iTunes installed on your computer.

Some of the issues that you may run into with AirPlay are difficult to deal with. Issues such as AirPlay not appearing when it should be or the Control Centre not working properly. However, AirPlay issues are common and therefore, there are a few possible fixes for the issues that you run into.

Before jumping into each of these possible fixes, make sure that the “iOS Recorder” is up to date with the most recent versions. If you don’t do this, you may not receive optimal results.

1. WiFi Connection

If the AirPlay feature does not appear, the first thing to look into is the Wi-Fi connection. First, make sure that your computer and device are both connected to the same network. Next, try restarting your router. Just like your computer, if your router isn’t turned off every once in a while, it can begin to get slow.

2. PC Windows Firewall

Another common issue with AirPlay is that the default Windows Firewall is blocking some of the key functions of the “iOS Recorder”. In order to remove the precautions placed on the program, follow the steps below.

Start by following the path, “Control Panel”, “System and Security”, “Windows Firewall”, and lastly “Allowed Apps. Once you’ve arrived here, scroll until you find the “iOS Recorder” program on the list, and make sure that both “Public” and “Private” boxes are checked.

Note that if you use an alternate firewall, you will have to look into how you can manually make an exception for the program.

3. Bonjour Service

The “Bonjour” service is installed by Apple upon installing iTunes, and it can be a bothersome program to deal with. If the service isn’t installed on your computer by default, then you will without a doubt have issues with the AirPlay feature. Of course, you have to manually install the Bonjour service yourself.

First, make sure that you have iTunes installed and that it is installed properly. Open up the Task Manager, click on the “Services” tab, and scroll to find whether or not the “Bonjour” service is currently running. If the service is running, to make sure that there are no issues with it, right-click on it and click “Restart”. If the service isn’t running, right-click on it and click “Start”. If the service isn’t on the list at all, then you will have to download it manually.

If after testing out each of the fixes that we’ve discussed today yields no successful results, sent us what your specific problem is and we’ll see what we can do.

Q: There's mirroring issue that the sound is delayed on computer?

At times when using the AirPlay features, you may notice that either the connection is lagging behind or the mirrored display is choppy. There are a few reasons for this.

One reason is that your Wi-Fi connection may be unstable, although more commonly it is found that other devices are interfering with the connection. To deal with this, try the following:

  • – Move other electronic devices away from your computer and iOS device.
  • – Rather than connecting your computer through a Wi-Fi connection, try using an Ethernet cable.

Q: I don't see pop-up when connecting my iPhone to computer?

If you don’t receive a pop-up when you first run the “iOS Recorder” program, you must change some settings manually.

Head over to the Control Panel, and follow the path: “System and Security”, “Windows Firewall”, Allow apps to communicate through Windows Firewall”. Now, simply scroll until you find the program, and make sure that both the “Public” and “Private” boxes are checked.

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