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The Safari browsers popularity stems from its ease of use and reliability. It is used most often on phones, tablets, laptops and computers running the Mac OS Panther. Although this browser is very user-friendly and accessible to people of all skill levels, it still may be difficult to determine the best way to take a screenshot. There are multiple options from the default keyboard combination to various applications and programs. Read on to learn about the various methods of taking a screenshot on Safari.

Capture with Default Print Setting

1 Min
Very Simple
Basic Capture

When you’re working with Safari on Mac, you can use the default configuration to print current screen.

Capture webpage in full screen

Just press these three keyboard buttons at the same time: “Command”, “Shift” and “3”. Once done, the screenshot will be saved on your desktop in the PNG format.

Capture only part of the webpage

  • 1. Press these keys at the same time: Command, Shift and 4. The standard cursor transforms into a crosshair.
  • 2. Click and drag the crosshair cursor to select the part of your screen you wish to capture. You can hold down the spacebar, Option or Shift keys to make adjustments.
  • 3. Simply release the mouse or trackpad button and the partial screenshot will be saved to your desktop in PNG format.

Webpage Screenshot Capture

2-3 Mins
Webpage Only

If you want additional control over your screenshot capabilities, we recommend Webpage Screenshot Capture application. It is very easy to use in the Safari browser, is completely free and there is no registration or installation needed.

Follow these basic steps to use this powerful online app:

  • 1. Use Safari to navigate to the website where you want to take a screenshot from and copy the address or URL.
  • 2. Return to this page where the application is displayed and paste this URL in the appropriate slot.
  • 3. Click on the “Take Screenshot” button. After a brief moment, the page will be displayed.
  • 4. You can “Save Image as a File” or “Save Online” depending upon where you want the screenshot to be kept. Edits can be made as desired.

Mac Preview Options

mac preview
2-3 Mins
Arrange Only

If the screen shot keyboard shortcut lips your mind, just click on the “File” menu and select the “Take Screenshot” phrase from the drop-down menu. From here you can take a capture of the entire screen. A preview of it will be displayed before you can save it as a file.

Use Mac Grab

1-2 Mins
Very Simple
Basic Snapshot

Navigating to the Finder or Preview tools can often obstruct the part of the desktop or file you want to take a screenshot of. Using the “Grab” utility from the Applications menu is a viable option.

The “Grab” app allows you to take a screenshot after a timer has run down. This is extremely helpful and a powerful tool if you need up to 10 seconds to properly arrange the panels properly for the screenshot. You can close pop-ups, get advertisements out of the way, line up graphics or separate browsers or files more neatly or just have time to get the screenshot application out of the way before you capture one.

Use Awesome Screenshot (iOS Application)

awesome screenshot plug
3-5 Mins
Webpage Only

Diigo Inc. developed a completely free tool for the Safari browser called Awesome Screenshot. It provides an extension in Safari that helps you quickly and easily take a screenshot of any open website. Many people find it necessary to share full site screenshots with their peers or professional contacts. This application allows you to do just at with a minimum of fuss.

At launch, the Awesome Screenshot app guides you through the process of setting up this Safari extension. The process is simple. All you have to do is open a Safari window, click on “Share,” then click on “More” and turn the “Screenshot” toggle to the on position.

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