How to Take Screenshots on Google Maps

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Google Maps is an online map service that can help you find your location and your desired destination. It shows detailed information about geographical regions, cities, and sites around the world. Thanks to its aerial and satellite views, it adds conventional road maps and street views with clear photographs of it. It is very helpful whenever you plan to travel and not familiar with your destination. However, Google Maps needs a good internet connection before you can use it. Not all places provide internet connection. That is why we are going to show you how to take screenshots on Google Maps, which is very convenient when traveling. Keep on reading below to see the methods.

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Use keyboard to take screenshots

In case you want a quicker way to take a screenshot of Google Maps on Windows or Mac computers, you can do it by using your keyboard. It is faster than opening an application on your computer. However, you won’t have the option to edit the image like putting annotations or cropping it. To begin, you can follow the steps below.

1. For Windows keyboard

Extra tips: You can also press the “Windows + Shift + S” keys and use your mouse to specify the area that you want to capture.
What is it best for? Since it does not require you to open any software for taking screenshots, it is best to take screenshots of movies and games quickly.

Step1 Buttons to take screenshots

Once you are in Google Maps, you can take a screenshot easily by pressing the “PrtSc” key of your keyboard. You can find it at the upper rightmost part of the keyboard. It is usually beside the “ScrLk” and “Pause” keys. You can also hold down the “Alt” key and then press the “PrtSc” to take a screenshot of a single active window.

windows screen shot

Step2 Paste the screenshot

After that, the image is copied on the clipboard. You can paste it on documents, chatbox, and editing software like paint by pressing “Ctrt+V” on your keyboard. From there, you can send, edit, or save the captured image.

paste the image

2. For Mac keyboard

Extra tips: Press “command + shift + 6” keys to capture the entire touch bar and save it as a file on the desktop.
What is it best for? This tool is great for taking screenshots on Mac applications in HD quality. It will not reduce the quality of the image.

Step1 Needed keys to take screenshot

You can start taking screenshots in full-screen on your Mac by pressing “command + Shift + 3” at the same time. You can also press “command + shift + 4” to choose a specific area before you can take screenshots.

mac preview screenshot

Step2 Find the capture image

Once done, the image won’t open automatically. You can find it on the desktop with a file name “Screen shot (date) (time).png.” Also, you can find the capture image within the Finder.

mac locate screenshot

Take screenshots of Google Maps on Windows and Mac

If you don’t want to use a 3rd party app when taking screenshot on Google Maps, Windows and Mac computers have a default way to do it. These tools are pre-installed software on both Windows and Mac platforms, which means you don’t have to pay anything to use these tools. It will surely help you take a picture of Google Maps in HD quality. Now, let’s continue reading below to see both of them.

1. Snipping tool

Extra tips: Snipping Tool can send the capture images to Paint 3D to edit it using advanced editing tools like blur, watermark, adjusting contrast, and more.
What is it best for? It is best for taking screenshots when you need to send it on chats because you can copy it quickly and paste it on the chatbox.

Snipping Tool is a screenshot utility on Windows Vista, and later that can take a screenshot on Google Maps in full-screen or region mode. It has the necessary editing tools that have different colored pens, eraser, and a highlighter. Besides, it can save images without reducing its quality. To know how to use this tool, check the simple steps below.

Step1 Launch the Snipping tool

The first step on taking screenshots on Windows is easy. You can open the “Snipping Tool” by searching it on your “Start” menu. This tool is installed on Windows 7 to 10 defaultly.

snipping tool interface

Step2 Take screenshots

Once launched, you can click the “Mode” option to choose if you want to take screenshots in full-screen, region mode, or window mode. To start, click the “New” button at the leftmost part of the tool and select the area that you want to capture. A new window will appear once you took a screenshot. You can keep the image by clicking the “Save” icon in the upper middle part of the preview window.

snipping tool screenshot

2. Preview

Extra tips: This tool can also import images from the scanner and camera, and you can print them along with the captured image.
What is it best for? Preview is best for taking screenshots on Mac, especially if you don’t have an internet connection for downloading 3rd party apps.

Preview is a pre-installed tool on Mac computers that can fill out and sign forms, combine PDF documents, protect confidential documents, and more. You can also use this tool to take a screenshot of Google Maps and transfer it to your iPhone to use it when you travel. All images taken by Preview are in HD quality or retain the original quality showing in your Mac screen. You can follow the steps below to start using this tool.

Step1 Open the Preview

Open the “Finder” on your Mac, and then select “Applications” at the leftmost part of the folder. Then, double-click on the “Preview” to open its app. You can find it at the top of your Mac’s desktop screen.

open preview

Step2 Begin taking screenshots

Next, click the “File” menu located on the menu bar of Preview at the top of the screen and hover your mouse over “Take Screenshot.” Then, choose “From Selection,” “From Window,” or “From Entire Screen,” depending on your liking. Once you took a screenshot, the image will be saved automatically on your Mac. You can find them on your Mac’s desktop screen.

preview screenshot

AceThinker Screen Grabber Online

Extra tip: This tool also has a blur tool to cover the private info on the screenshot.
What is it best for? Since this tool can take pictures in HD quality, it is best for maps, lessons, thumbnails, and more.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Online is a free online application that allows you to screenshot from Google Maps in HD quality. It can take screenshots on movies, games, presentations, video calls, and more with just a single click. You can also choose if you want to take screenshots in full-screen, region, or window mode. Another good thing about this tool is you can put annotations on the image like shapes, lines, texts, and arrows. Besides, you can share the pictures directly to Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter afterward. To start using this tool, you can check the steps below.

Step1 Visit the website of Screen Grabber Online

First, go to the official website of Screen Grabber Online, and click the “Capture” button at the center of its main page. For starters, click the “Open Apowersoft Online Launcher” to launch the tool to your Windows. After that, it will show you a clean and easy-to-understand floating toolbar that is used for taking screenshots.

fsgo main interface

Step2 Start taking screenshots

Next, click the “Screenshot” button at the leftmost part of the toolbar to start taking screenshots. You can select a specific or take a shot of your entire screen. After you choose, a sidebar will appear on the area you selected, showing the icons for annotations, upload, copy, and save.

fsgo screenshot

Step3 Edit and save the image

Lastly, you can click the “Pen” icon to change the size and color of the shapes, lines, and arrows. You can then put the annotations on the images. Once done, click the “Save” icon on the right side of the toolbar to keep the picture on your computer.

fsgo edit image

Comparison Chart
Taking screenshots on keyboardSnipping ToolPreviewAceThinker Screen Grabber Online
Editing FeatureNoneYesYesYes
AccessibilityIt is the easiest way to take a quick screenshot with just a few press on your keyboard.You can take a quick snapshot of your entire screen or part of your PC screen, and add changes or notes before sharing or saving them.As long as you launch the Preview on your Mac, you can use it by referring the toolbar at the upper part of your Mac, making it simple for you to take screenshots.It has a clean and straightforward user interface that lets you take a screenshot with just one click.
Is it free?YesYesYesYes
Rating: 4.3 / 5 (based on 94 ratings) Thanks for your rating!

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