How to Take a Google Maps Screenshot

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How to Take a Google Maps Screenshot

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Many people use Google Maps every day to find their way around the streets in their hometown and when they are on vacation or a business trip. This mapping program gives street maps, directions, best route suggestions and satellite images to help you plan your trip. There is also the powerful Mind Maps feature which lets people add lines, arrows, markers, written directions and measurements to any map they choose. Since 2007 when this was implemented, Google Maps continues to add powerful capabilities and options.

While Google Maps can help you plan a trip or find the best route to where you need to go, it is sometimes necessary to share a particular piece with someone else either on a mobile device or through email or social media. It isn’t possible to save the Google maps image with a right-click or a link in the file menu. The only thing you can do is capture a screenshot of the part of the map you wish to save for later.

This article covers three of the main methods for capturing a screenshot from Google Maps. Read the summaries and recommendations to find out what works best for your particular needs.

Freeware to Take Google Map Screenshot on Windows/Mac

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Screen Grabber Free is a nice program for you to capture Google Map screenshots in different modes. You can either take a snapshot of the entire image on your computer or just choose the part you need. Both Windows and Mac versions are available. Taking Google Map screenshots now is just a few mouse clicks away. Moreover, it allows you to record any activity on your screen. You can download the program and follow the instructions below to create screenshots from Google Map with ease.

Download and install the software and launch it. First configure some necessary settings like the output image format and output folder.

Then display your Google Map on your screen and choose a capture mode to start the screen shooting. Full Screen, Window and Region modes are available. Here you can choose Manual Screenshot and select Region as the capture way. Simply click the camera icon and drag your mouse to specify a particular part of the Google Map you need to capture and start the screenshot creating. And the images will be saved to your hard drive.

Screenshot Extension for Google Chrome


Google’s Chrome browser offers a free extension called Webpage Screenshot. It is easy to use for capturing any screenshots on any sites including Google Maps. Simply follow the steps listed below:

  • 1. Locate and add the “Webpage Screenshot” extension to your Chrome browser.
  • 2. Find the Google Maps section you wish to grab.
  • 3. Click on the Webpage Screenshot icon on your browser toolbar.
  • 4. Click “Visible Screenshot” to capture the entire map.
  • 5. Make any edits, additions or crops to the screenshot window that pops up next.
  • 6. Click “Save” near the top right edge to save the Google Maps screenshot to your computer.
  • There’s also an online appplication which requires no installation and works similar to this tool, you may click here for details.

Mac Screenshot Built-In Tool


Mac computers make it easy to take a screenshot. Pressing the “Command” key with “Shift” and “3”/“4” allows you to do this. While this gets you a picture of whatever’s on the screen, you cannot edit it or make any additions. For more flexibility, get the bundled app named Grab. You will find it in your Utilities folder. This tool lets you take a screenshot of anything that is currently showing on your screen. The process for using it with Google Maps is simple:

  • 1. Load the part of Google Maps you want to grab a screenshot of.
  • 2. Click “Finder,” then “Applications,” then “Utilities.”
  • 3. Locate Grab in the list and click to run it.
  • 4. Click “Capture” to open a menu that lets you select either “Window” for the entire screen or “Selection” for part of the screen you select with your mouse.
  • 5. Click “File” and then select “Save” to keep the selected Google Maps screenshot on your computer.


While we have covered various methods to grab a screenshot from Google Maps, we recommend the Free Screen Capture program because it is easy for everyone to use and supremely flexible in what you can do with it. It also provides many different options for managing the screenshot before you save or share it. The professional version allows for even greater flexibility including multiple screenshot modes and editing.

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