Guideline for Capturing Screenshots on Facebook Pages

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Guideline for Capturing Screenshots on Facebook Pages

Facebook is the social network everyone knows about.  Being started as a simple way for making communication easier, it has turned into the powerful system that has a certain influence on all spheres of life. Facebook and Messenger are the first apps people open in the morning. There are hundreds of Facebook advantages. Having understood how much influence this network has got on our life, many people decided to use it as a basis for business development. Communicating, chatting, and discussing important issues, people often need to make a screenshot. However, not everyone knows how to do that. There are several tips that may be helpful.

Basic Ways of Doing Screenshots on Facebook (without tools)

print windows screen

The first and the simplest way to do screenshots on Facebook is to use keyboard shortcuts. If you’re using Windows, just press the”PrtScn” button. It will capture the active window. After that, you should open “Paint”. Save the image in this program. Don’t forget to save it as JPEG or PNG. This simple method has one disadvantage. This method allows you to get the whole window captured.

If needed, you may edit the image with a help of “Paint”. Clicking the “Select” tool, click and drag the certain area. When you select the needed area, click “Crop”. After that, click the main paint button and point to “Save”. Don’t forget to choose a certain format, for example, PNG or JPG.


If you need to take a screenshot on Mac, hold down these keys at the same time:  Cmd, Shift and 4. When you press the spacebar, there will appear a camera icon. In order to take a screenshot, tap the touchpad. Voila. You’ll see that the image will appear on the desktop or in another folder that you’ve already selected.


Many people use certain tools that help them make screenshots more efficiently. You may also use some of them. Let’s start with the most popular ones. There is such useful app as FreeScreenshot Capture. How does it function? It allows you to make screenshots of anything you need. After that, you can edit the picture using different functions: lines, shapes, texts, watermarks, stamps, etc. Besides, you can set a certain time there.

Online Snapshot App for Win/Mac


If you want to take a screenshot on the Facebook page, use the following guide. Visit the site Click the button “Take Screenshot”. Hit the “Allow” button when a java notification pops up. In order to capture the page, click the “PrtScn” button. After choosing the part you want to capture, you can proceed to editing it.

Standalone Program for Mac Only

screen grabber pro for mac

A popular program for taking screenshots is called “Grab”. It allows to make screenshots on Mac. One of its main advantages is the support of all iOS versions.  Similar to the previously mentioned app, this program is also free as it comes with every Mac OS. You’ll like this app even due to the fact that you can make multiple screenshots, save them in different formats, etc. Such function as the picture dimensions customization is also useful. If you want to use this app for making Facebook screenshots, find it under the “Utilities” folder under “Applications”. By going to “Grab”, “Capture” and “Selection”, you can capture a specific area on the Facebook page you’re viewing or just any part of your screen.


Another app that is worth mentioning is “Skitch”. It allows ti save screenshots on iPhones and Macs. You’ll like it because of a bunch of editing functions. You’ll be able to annotate, blur, highlight, add text, etc. The attractive interface is another feature you will like. The app is easy to use so you won’t find any difficulties when making screenshots. The process of using “Skitch” for making Facebook screenshots is also easy. Install the application on your device. Log into your Facebook account. Choose the picture you want to have printscreened. Tap “Snap” button. Consider the fact that this app doesn’t capture the whole Facebook page.


Creating Screenshots for Facebook on Mobiles

snapshot iphone screen

Many of you may have faced the following situation. After using Android device for some time, you change it for iOS. Or vice versa. In these cases, you need to find out more information about the new system and learn all the tricks of making cool stuff with a help of it. For example, if you need to take a screenshot of the Facebook page on an iPhone or iPad, press and hold the power and home buttons at the same time. When you hear the shutter noise or when you see the screen flash, release it. Now you’ve made a screenshot. You can check it in the Camera Roll.


On the other hand, if you need to take the screenshot of the Facebook page on an Android, press and hold the power and volume down buttons. There are some phones where you have to hold the volume down and home buttons (Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5). When you hear the shutter noise, release the buttons. You can check the screenshot in the Gallery.


Extra Tips for Uploading Screenshots to Facebook

If you want to upload a screenshot on Facebook, use the same principles as for uploading any other pictures. Click “Add Photos” at the top of the News Feed.Select the photos you want to upload. You may choose many screenshots. Post the uploaded images. If you want a certain person to know about the upload as soon as possible, you may tag him/her. Besides, you may hide the image from certain people.


If you want to make the process of uploading screenshots even easier, consider using some apps. For example, Greenshot allows you to take screenshots and send them directly to the Facebook page. This app uses emails for uploading images. You may check it out to realize whether it’s helpful or not.


There are different tools for making screenshots on Facebook. You may use the certain keyboards combinations on your laptop or special apps. Most of these apps are free. You will easily decide whether you want to use them or not. Besides, most of them are free, so you won’t have to spend money on such apps. Another benefit of using apps is the possibility to edit the captured image and save it in a certain format.

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