Concrete Guide for Taking Screenshots on Entire Webpage

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Concrete Guide for Taking Screenshots on Entire Webpage

screenshot entire webpagePeople find the need to copy an entire web page when they surf on the web sometimes. This may be for various reasons ranging from sharing screenshots of entire web pages or posting articles on blogs or merely recording data from web pages. Some people use these screenshots to display to others what they are seeing on their computer monitors, while others may take screenshots from the internet to save their favorite recipes that they would like to try out at a later time. Webmasters may like to debug their hard work on several browsers. The ability to capture an entire web page is important for business entrepreneurs, website owners, net surfers and web designers. You may need to save a specific image or capture the bugs or complications on a web page. You can save important information such as your bank transactions.However, it is not easy to make screenshots for web pages when they scroll. Normal methods do not usually work in such cases. These conventional methods will help only in taking screenshots to capture current screen but they will not be able to handle a scrolling web page.

Snapshot Webpages on Chrome

joxi for mac

Using rapid application screenshots is an option that is provided in your browser when you have to capture scrolling pages. ‘Joxi’ is an excellent tool for Google Chrome as it enables you to create and edit cloud storage screenshots and deploy longer web pages that will essentially have to scroll as you capture. This plug-in is a component of free service and it acts as a speedier tool for the purpose of sharing screenshots and long files over networks.

Take Webpage Screenshot for FireFox


Screengrab is another solution for creating a screenshot image of an entire web page In Firefox. There is no need for piecing together a couple of images together, anymore. Screengrab is a simple method to accomplish this but it is possible only in Firefox as your search engine tool. Once it is downloaded, Screengrab allows you to take the screenshot of a complete page and you can save this image on a file; it need not be a clipboard. You have to label the file with an extension of .png to avoid problems while opening it later.

Capture Webpages on All Browsers

fireshot for chrome

You can capture screenshots of entire web pages in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Sea Monkey, Thunderbird or Opera and then edit them before saving with the help of just few clicks. FireShot will help you capture full web page screenshots and manage quick edits. You can add annotations and save these screenshots as image or PDF files. You can also send these captures to emails, copy or print to the clipboard and export on the web or you could also upload to FTP.

You can expect an output of high quality. It is possible to capture a visible part of the web page or any selection you want. You do not have to run external editors if you want to crop or resize or erase certain elements.

Capture the Entire Webpage with Snapito


Last but not least, if you don’t want to install any plugin in your computer, you can try the free screenshot website called Snapito. This smart site allows you to quickly take complete webpage screenshot by simply entering the URL of the web page you want to take a screenshot. After a few seconds, it will provide you the full webpage screenshot URL that you can use to share or embed. You can also click the Download Original Screenshot to save it to the local hard drive immediately. To capture full screenshot of any webpage, Snapito is really a nice quick and quality option. However, it’s function is only limited to full webpage capture via link. If you also have other capture requirements, you will have to turn to others.


You see, there are many online ways to take screenshots of the entire webpage and most of the services are free. You can now select one according to your specific needs. If the whole webpage capturing is just an occasional need, you can just take the online screenshot tool. But if you frequently need to take screenshots either in full page or just a part, it’s recommended that you get desktop screen capture programs as they are generally much more powerful. By the way, if you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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