Best 5 Ways to Screenshot Whole Webpage

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“While browsing the web I came across an interesting article that caught my attention. I thought my friends need to know about it. Is there any way for me to capture the whole web-page, instead of taking one by one screenshot of it?”

There are situations that we need to capture information from pages that we read over the internet. At times, taking full page screenshot of the entire article takes time and memory on your computer or mobile device. As we all know, we can only capture whatever information fits on our screen. Will it be nicer to be able to capture the whole content at once? Of course, it is. These days, many are becoming technology-driven and mostly depend on what is easier for them to use. Now, you can capture the whole article or content on a page with a single shot from your PC or phone. This article aims to provide ways on how to capture an entire page from different platforms.

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Capture Entire Web-Page Online

Free Screen Grabber is a versatile web-based free screen capture tool that works perfectly with Mac and Windows. This has the capability to capture a region or screenshot entire webpage. Not only that, you can annotate the captured image with the use of the built-in editor. Capturing and editing images has never been this easy and safe. You do not have to worry about bugs or malware since you don’t have to download the tool. You can use this tool in three easy steps.

Step1 Launch the application

Click “Start” to launch the application. Then, a “Floating tool bar” will appear. See picture below to see the how it looks like. To directly try it click the button below.

Step2 Set the region to capture

Once the app is launched, click the “Capture” button as shown in the photo below. Choose the “Region” using the cross-hair to cover the whole page, then use the mouse scroll to keep scrolling down.

Take screenshot

Step3 Export the image

Release the crosshair when done. From there, you can annotate and add shapes or lines by using the pencil icon. Once done editing, click the “Save” button.

save the file

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is a Windows application that screenshot entire page from a website. The tool is lightweight, making download and installation fast and easy. Aside from capturing clear screenshot images, FastStone Capture is also capable of recording screen activities. However, quality is not that smooth since the tool is not primarily made for screen recording. On the other hand, for capturing and entire web-page, FastStone Capture will be sufficient enough because it is free. Also, there are lots of screenshot capture modes that can be used, and produces different results. This is the reason why it is highly-recommended for website screen capture. To learn how to use FastStone Capture and take a screen shot, follow the steps below.

begin the recording

User Guide:

  • Install FastStone Capture by visiting its official website.
  • Run the installer and then continue to launching the tool from the setup wizard by clicking “Launch” button and the main interface will appear.
  • After launching the tool, start capturing the screenshot by opening a web-browser and then switch back to the tool.
  • Choose the capture mode from the toolbar, and then start capturing the entire web-page.
  • The image will be saved to the PC after clicking the “Save” button.
Full Page Screen Capture

Full Page Screen Capture as the name implies, can screenshot whole webpage from a Google Chrome browser. This is a full page screen capture Chrome extension that can be installed from any Google Chrome browser. Since the tool is an extension, it will be accessible from Google Chrome alone, and is a good way to capture the entire web-page of a website. The tool captures high-quality images despite being an extension, which is why it is one of the most sought-after tools for the job. Installation is not a hassle because it is lightweight and does not require any complicated installation process. To learn how to use this great screenshot tool, follow the steps below.

full page screen capture

User Guide:

  • Open a Google Chrome web-browser and open the Chrome Web Store from a new tab.
  • From the search bar of Chrome Web Store, search for the extension name.
  • Click the “Add to Chrome” button from the top result and wait for a couple of seconds for the installation.
  • Once the extension is installed and enabled, a camera icon will appear on the extension toolbar of the Chrome browser.
  • Click the “Camera” icon and the tool will automatically start capture the entire web-page. Once the image is processed, it will open from a new tab and then save it as an image on the PC.
Capture Webpage Screenshot on Android

Apowersoft Screen Capture is another screen capture app that work with Android and iPhone devices. This app can capture your phone screen and entire web content page. One good feature that this app has is the built-in browser where you can directly search for the page that you want to capture; cloud drive, and editing feature upon capture. Also, you will have direct access to your photos or media content. To try it, follow the simple steps below to take webpage screenshots entirely.

Use Apowersoft Screen Capture to take screenshots

  • Go to your Google Play Store and Look for Apowersoft Screen Capture and install.
  • Once the App is launched, click “Start.” Next, use the web browser and search for contents.
  • Look for the overlay tap “Full capture” represented by a green icon as shown in the photo below. Wait until the tool capture the screen.
  • Prior saving the file, you can also edit by using the tools below. Finally, to save the file on your device click the “Disk Floppy icon” or If you want to share the content to your social media account click the “Cloud” icon.

full screen capture

iOS Webpage Screenshot Tool

You might be wondering how you can capture an entire webpage, that won’t fit in your tiny phone screen. Do you know that your iPhone is capable of doing that even without downloading a third party application? Though it is not called screen capturing, it has a similar concept on it. You can easily capture the content of the web-page by scrolling and save it as a PDF file. As we all know PDF files are commonly used format to save more space on your device. To take screenshot of entire page on iOS follow this simple guide on how to use it.

How to use webpage screenshot tool for iOS

  • First, open your Safari and open a web-page and click the “Upload icon” located at the bottom middle of the phone screen.
  • Next, tap “Create PDF” and you will be routed back to the webpage. You have to scroll up to capture the whole webpage.
  • Once done with the capture, click the “Share” button located at the bottom left-hand side of the interface.
  • Then, choose “save file to”, choose your drive location, click “Add” and finally hit “Done”.

capture using ios


You see, there are many online ways to take screenshots of the entire webpage and most of the services are free. You can now select one according to your specific needs. If the whole webpage capturing is just an occasional need, you can just take the online screenshot tool. But if you frequently need to take screenshots either in full page or just a part, it’s recommended that you get desktop screen capture programs as they are generally much more powerful. By the way, if you have any suggestions or questions on how to take screenshot of entire web page, please let me know by leaving a comment below.

screen grabber free online

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