Smart and quick webpage screenshot tool that lets you take high quality full webpage screenshots easily!

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Capture Full Webpage in Clicks

This webpage screenshot tool makes it easier than ever to screenshot a webpage. Just copy and paste the webpage URL in the target bar and you will get the entire webpage screenshot with high quality. With it, the need of visiting the webpage you want to capture is even eliminated - as you just need the URL of it and it will do the rest for you. Whether you’re using Firefox, Chrome, IE or other browsers, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility issue. Moreover, you can take snapshots of websites to fit any type of device - be it an Android smartphone, your iOS devices, tablets, etc.

Copy and Paste URL to Capture Any Webpage


Copy Webpage URL

First, you will need to get and copy the URL of the webpage that you want to capture. You do not have to visit the page or open it on your browser - its link is all that you need.


Paste the URL

Paste the URL in the Target URL area. You can then select the type of device that you want the URL for - Android devices, Windows and iOS devices among all others are there.


Capture and Save

Now just click on the Capture button and the screenshot will be generated in a few seconds. Right click on the image and save it to your preferred location - and it's done!

User Anabella
Customer Manager
Toronto, Canada

Save Time and No Hassle

All I had to do was copy-paste the URL to get a high quality image. That was it! This tool helped me save so much time and hassle by providing such high-quality screenshots within seconds!

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User Joanna
New York, USA

Easy to Use and Efficient

After trying numerous unsuccessful ways to take screenshots, I came across this software, which is so easy to use and efficient. Just copy and paste the URL link and i get the webpage snapshot immediately.

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